Month: July 2016

Risking the Absurd to Achieve the Impossible

It’s easy to ignore an animal that exists in a biome you can barely create in your imagination, which may be one of the reasons endangered species are receiving so little support from the public. People are emotional, empathic creatures. To care, they need connection—the kind that only real encounters can achieve, and where better to build them than online? Digital and wildlife ecosystems rarely intersect beyond what software and the internet can do for NGO administration and marketing. Gautam Shah is ready to revolutionize that by disrupting the way you engage with wildlife. Gone are the days when...

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6 Lessons to Transform Your Habits and Find Clarity With Joel Brown

Interview with founder of Addicted 2 Success, Joel Brown. With a website that has received more than 50-million unique visitors, a popular podcast show, and an upcoming role in a movie, Joel Brown is by most standards, a successful man – some might even say he is addicted to success. Indeed, Addicted2Success is the name of Joel’s thriving self-development brand. It is a name which he admits might cause a little eye-rolling in some people. But this is not the self-serving tale you might expect. Joel Brown’s mission is to pass on the tools, habits, and mindset that make...

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