The Change Creator Affiliate Program

Earn more passive income and scale your social impact!

When you become a Change Creator affiliate, you will point your community members towards a practical solution to sharpen their marketing through the power of storytelling.

Once THEY join the course,

WE will support them in using storytelling to promote their business in an authentic way so they connect with the RIGHT audience… and

YOU will develop a new passive income stream.

Win - win - win!

Here's how it works...

Create your Affiliate Profile in under 5 minutes, so you can automatically collect your commissions
Get your unique link to promote Captivate, so that we can track your commissions and pay you!
Start making sales, thanks to the marketing assets you will be provided (images for social media, evergreen webinar link, emailing sample copy, etc)

We will provide video, social images, and email copy that will make things easy. We are always testing new assets that will later be added.

How Much Will You Get Paid?

You will receive a 30% commission for every student you that signs up using your affiliate link (with today’s price point at $697, that is over $200 per sale!).

For example, by promoting the course today, you could be earning…

1 Customer


5 Customers


10 Customers


50 Customers


Beyond Financial Gain

Money is the fuel for any business to transform lives. Becoming a Captivate Affiliate is a way you can contribute to the impact-space while focussing on your own speciality and zone of genius.

Have you noticed your community members are passionate about making an impact but often struggle to find the right words to effectively communicate the future they want to see so people join them?

Captivate will help, and you can be the one to unlock this opportunity for them!

Your community members will appreciate you for pointing out this powerful resource.

Your Questions Answered

If you don't see your question answered here just contact us and let us know.

Can I have a look at the content of the course first?

When you’re approved as an affiliate you will be provided a walkthrough of the program and what’s included so that you can get a feel for the experience.

That said, please note that, unlike our clients, you will not access the Facebook community (it is a sacred place where we encourage our clients to test and try their story in a vulnerable and authentic way) or attend live events (like our monthly office hours or quarterly StoryStage feedback sessions), however you should have a good enough idea of the content by accessing the course modules.

Am I required to send a newsletter dedicated to the course?

You are free to promote the course in any way you want. However, we have seen that sending a newsletter to your list is often a great way to draw their attention directly to the course and be able to track your conversion rate.

We actually recommend you mix some ‘static’ tactics (like including the link in a blog article and/or a part of your website where you recommend useful resources) as well as a live promotion campaign (with one-off newsletters and social media posts).

Once you become an affiliate, you will have access to marketing assets & template to make your job extra easy.

How long does the cookie track a potential referral?

Each time someone clicks your referral link to learn more about Captivate or make a purchase, they will be a potential sale for 180 days.

When will I start collecting money?

You will start earning your commission from the very first client who enrolls in the course. You will be able to track how many clients have enrolled directly in your affiliate dashboard on our website.

Payouts will be made on the first of each month for all new referrals that have completed the 30 day guarantee period.

There is no limit to how many clients you can enroll, or how much commission you can earn!

We have created the course with 4 co-instructors in order to have a big capacity, and we will scale our team as soon as needed to keep the quality of the course and the experience for our students as high as possible.

We can’t wait to scale our impact together with you!