December 2016, Issue #6 with Dr. Alasdair Harris


On a Mission

Jump out of your chair and start solving a world problem that strikes a nerve with you.

That’s what you’re going to feel like doing after you finish reading this edition of Change Creator magazine.

Around the globe, we face many incredible challenges that are overwhelming and quite honestly might make us feel insignificant. So much to the point that we don’t believe any action we take could possibly help. But, that’s where you would be wrong. We all make an impact every day through the choices we make and actions we take. Change comes in all sizes and it’s ok to start small. But first, you must find your mission.

In this issue, we show you how a guy that loved the ocean took his passion and is now changing lives at great scale while at the same time is protecting our precious ocean environment. It started when he was at a crossroad in his life and had to choose between a stable career or the pursuit of the unknown doing what he loved most, marine biology. Today he is the founder of an award-winning company, Blue Ventures.

His work is based on his passion and a mission. The “mission” based approach is incredibly important to take note of because, while money is important to sustain the business, it’s not the driving force or the big “why” behind the success. It’s when someone is doing what they were born to do. That’s the biggest motivator of all.

Look at the world around you. What problem do you want to solve? What will be your mission?

Make a difference through the living you make!


Inside This Edition

It’s Time to Address the Hot Topic of Climate Change
Considering the impact of climate change and the positive influence of social entrepreneurs

Forging Innovative New Pathways Toward Sustainability.
3 social entrepreneurs building businesses that benefit the environment rather than sacrifice it

Exploration – What are my options?
Getting clear on your purpose and direction

Change from the Inside Out – Moment of Obligation (Part 2)
Why understanding your underlying motifs and values is so important, with Geraldine Hepp

A Reluctant Social Entrepreneur
The biologist who turned conservation into a social enterprise

Know Thy Audience: Customer-Driven Approach for Business Growth
Strike a balance between living the vision and being in the shoes of your customers

Local Effort, Global Impact: 5 Marketing Lessons From Lucky Iron Fish
Marketing lesson to help you navigate the world of social entrepreneurship

3 Tech Trends to Turn Your Side Hustle into a Successful Startup
It’s time to take your enterprise to the next level and truly change the world.

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