May 2016, Issue #2 with Billy Parish

billy parish issue 2

The Not So Linear Path

How does one make a living doing something that truly makes a difference? We know how to become a financial consultant or a lawyer but the path to becoming a Change Creator is not quite as clear.

What is the path to pursue a living that is meaningful?

A few years ago I came across a book discussed later in this issue that focused on answering that very question. At the time, I had not seen anything else quite like it. Young authors who walk the walk shared adaptable insights they gained from their awesome experience.

I found this to be very inspiring and full of perspective.

This issue’s cover feature, Billy Parish, now a leader in the fight against climate change, was one of the authors of that book. His story is quite captivating. He was on the “normal” path when life events inspired him to take a chance. He left Yale to follow a passion that later turned into the largest youth advocacy group tackling climate change.

A key learning is to understand that the path to making a living and a difference is not linear like traditional careers. This can make a person uncomfortable because it involves uncertainty and risk. This tends to paralyze people from taking action at all.

Momentum cannot pick up if you never start. Most people have passions they want to pursue. The question is, do they have the courage to take the first step to begin bringing their vision to life on a path that is not so linear?

In the words of Billy Parish, “What separates people who make a change in the world from those who don’t, is the folks who gets started, they take that first step.”

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