Welcome to issue 21!

There is a movement taking place around the world to fight for our environment and stop the inhumane treatment of animals. It’s giving birth to a new emerging market in the food category that some of the biggest brands in the meat industry are even investing it now.

To learn more about it all we interviewed the founder of Mercy for Animals, Milo Runkle and their first female president, Leah Garces. How did they go from activist to an organization literally changing the way the food industry works? What are the latest trends we need to be aware of as entrepreneurs? Find out in issue 21.

Also in this issue:

  • Part 2: Your Definitive Guide to Video Marketing
  • Marketing: What the latest Google updates mean for your online business
  • Interview: With Mercy for Animals new CEO, Leah Garces
  • Spotlight: The Business of Compassion, with Jodi Monelle, Livekindly Founder
  • Feature: Turning Tires into Progress, Interview with Cristal Earle, Brave Soles
  • Money: Land Better Investor Deals

And much, much more!