Welcome to issue 27 of Change Creator Magazine!

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With a story so powerful and important to the world, we could not be more excited and honored about the release of issue 27 with the women leading a movement, Nasreen Sheikh, who we met at the Buy Good. Feel Good. Expo.

This is just the tip of the iceberg and if you have not heard buzz about her yet, you will.

Nasreen went from being a child slave to becoming a social entrepreneur that is disrupting the dark world of child labor and empowering women out of poverty.

Nasreen’s story is full of pain, but also hope and inspiration. You don’t want to miss her incredible insights and story.

But there’s more…

We all need a push sometimes to do things we don’t normally do so we can get new results.

We connected with a badass by the name of Laura Gassner Otting who will light a fire under your butt. In the article “Push Your Boundaries,” we uncover Otting’s insights and strategies to help you get unstuck and transform your life.

A peek inside issue #27:

  • Feature: Building Brands Out of Silence: Exclusive Interview with Nasreen Sheikh
  • Business Development: Should I Incorporate My New Business as a For-Profit or Nonprofit?
  • Self-Development: Push Your Boundaries: Interview with Laura Gassner Otting
  • Leadership: Finding Solutions to the Global Water Crisis
  • Marketing: 8 Pieces of Content You’ll Need for Your Marketing
  • Spotlight: The Beautiful Side of Autism
  • Book recommendations, tools, and careers, too!

And much, much more!

Live with purpose.

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