June 2016, Issue #3 with Joel Brown

joel brown issue 3

Publisher’s Note

Always Changing

Have you ever thought to yourself, “If I can just do [enter your thought here] I’ll be all set, I’ll be successful?”

My guess is that you have. The interesting part is that most of us probably have different answers because it’s whatever someone decides success means to them.

People have studied success for many years to understand the traits, mindsets and behaviors of successful people. Since we all have different experiences, we have different habits and thoughts. When you see someone living the life you want, why not get a few tips?

This leads you to make some changes, right? We call it self-development, and we are always changing. But what direction are we going, and who do we want to be?

In this issue, we feature Joel Brown on the cover who knows habits for success and how to transform your life.
For example, experiences such as traveling the world, might offer us great wisdom and change our lives. Or simply becoming aware of everyday habits and changing them can change your life.

As Joel’s states in our interview, “We must take control of our own lives.”
Get a clear picture of where you’re going; just start, and embrace change.

Inside This Edition

Why Nature is Essential for Good Business
Learn the benefits of nature and how to take advantage

The Challenge and Resolve of Becoming a Social Entrepreneur
Learn how this nonprofit is changing live with travel excursions

5 Things That Will Kill Your Social Enterprise Startup
Save time and headache by avoiding these pitfalls.

Six Lessons to Help You Transform Your Habits and Find Clarity
Joel Brown shares priceless insights for living a life you love and finding success

What it Takes to Change The World
Jennifer Gresham explains how to take the pressure off and change the world one moment at a time.

10 Secrets to Success from Podcasting Guru John Lee Dumas
John shares game-changing lessons from his personal experience.

Risking the Absurd to Achieve the Impossible
Learn how Internet of Elephants is revolutionizing how people interact with animals.

A Facebook Advertising Formula with Proven Success
Learn how to win with advertising on Facebook

How to Identify and Reach Out to Your Influencers
Who are influencers, and what should you consider before reaching out?

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