Explore the amazing stories of a range of people who are blazing new trails using for-profit and non-profit impact business models to innovatively solve social and environmental problems around our crazy world. Hear from social entrepreneurs, global icons, business leaders,  marketing and impact experts to learn from their priceless experience with your host, Adam Force.

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Email from a listener

“I’ve been listening to the Change Creator podcast off and on since December 2016, when social media from tonle mentioned your interview with their founder Rachel Faller. Thank you for your recent unedited podcast on authenticity. Though there is discouragement, this episode has bolstered me to pursue the good that can come from producing music that reckons with society’s brokenness and concerts that open people’s minds to new ideas as they meet living composers.”

Great podcast for those looking to make a difference

“Adam covers an important part of the entrepreneurship space – making a positive impact on the world through our business. I really like how the interviews get into real-life struggles and cover the moral or ethical decisions that owners have to weigh against business performance. I also enjoy learning about other cultures, the challenges of creating lasting social change, and even the unexpected negative effects that we can contribute to as we seek this change.”

Super helpful!

“Adam’s podcasts interviews have been so instrumental in help me stay focused on my goals. His interviews are well thought out, asking all the right questions to learn from owners who have experienced and succeeded in life. Plus, it’s so refreshing to listen to a podcast that is about entrepreneurship with a conscience! Keep them coming!”