Issue #14, Sonya Renee Taylor 141

This issue celebrates those strong-willed, untamed spirits out there disrupting what it means to do good business. We call it the business of activism. In late 2017 we met someone special by the name of Renee Sonya Taylor. She’s a brave and powerful woman who took a stand for something she believes in. That turned into a movement and that movement turned into a business.

In this issue, you’ll learn:

  • How to start and scale an activist business with Sonya Renee Taylor of The Body Is Not An Apology
  • How to disrupt old education models with Gabi Geffen from The Maharishi Institute in South Africa
  • Get insights on how to embrace technology changes in the 21st century
  • Find your work bliss in Mexico City!
  • Learn how to engage volunteers to have more social impact!
  • How one company in Mexico City is using plastic water bottles to build family homes

And much, much more.

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