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Entrepreneur, Self Development Coach

Tony Robbins is a global icon and an unconventional social entrepreneur. He’s made waves around the literally impacted millions of people around the world with his expertise. Not many understand practical psychology and what it takes to succeed in life than Tony. In this cover story we explore his incredible experience to uncover how to create success in business and life.


Founder, Lucky Iron Fish

Lucky Iron Fish is tackling a problem that impacts over 2 billion people around the world – iron deficiency. In Cambodia, they’ve already seen amazing results as their clinical trials have shown regular use of the fish reduces the prevalence of anemia by up to 46%. In this feature we uncover how Gavin started this business, did market research, and scaled impact.


Founder, Thrive Global, Huffington Post

She’s a global icon that has been shaking things up for years.  Huffington embraces wellness, is a staunch advocate for women’s rights, and is someone who challenges the notion of stress, burnout, and the overconfident belief that we can get by on less sleep. She wrote the forward Skoll Foundation President, Sally Osberg’s book, Getting Beyond Better: How Social Entrepreneurship Works. In this cover story you will learn why “work life balance” is a myth and what it takes to create the life you desire.


Founder, Kiss Metrics, Crazy Egg, Quick Sprout

Neil Patel is one of the most established and highly recognized marketing experts in the world. We had to chat with him about his latest strategies and the art of SEO. In this feature we explore it all and uncover powerful insights to help you scale your business to the next level.


Co-Founder, d.light

d.light is now a global leader in solar power for off-grid families, impacting over 65 million lives! But how did it all start and what did it take to get where they are today? It’s an awesome story and this feature dives deep into the workings of d.light to share their powerful insights and strategies.

Mallika Dutt

Founder, Breakthrough
Skoll Social Entrepreneur Award Winner

She’s charismatic, innovative and nothing stops her. Dutt is a human rights advocate who is tackling a huge social issue in India in innovative ways. Her success developing a hit music video that brought attention to violence against woman has a profound story behind it. One of courage and business savvy. In this feature we tap into her experience to find out how she does it and what she learned working with Virgin Records.


Founder, Sevenly, Startup Camp

Dale is what they call a serial entrepreneur but also a New York times best selling author. He’s started several multi-million dollar businesses and his book “People Over Profit” has captured the attention of many. He’s a family man with strong values who’s figured out the secret sauce to growing businesses. In this cover story, we talk with Dale about his strategies, philosophies and key insights for startup success.


Founder, Blue Ventures
Skoll Social Entrepreneur Award Winner

When you visit Blue Venture’s website the images just blow you away. Dr. Harris had to go from marine biologist to social entrepreneur when it was time to find a way to scale his solution to revitalize the coast of Madagascar. Now he has a thriving for profit social enterprise that has scaled around the world. But how did he model his business and work with the communities who relied on fishing as their livelihood? We uncover everything you need to know!


Founder, Tonle

An estimated 1 million tons of textile waste is dumped into landfills around the world each year. Faller founded Tonle’, a social enterprise based in Phnom Penh Cambodia, which she now oversees as creative director. The company relies on two strategies for zero-waste fashion: creative pattern making that uses 100% of a given material, and producing garments from remnant materials In addition, Tonle’ provides employment for members of a marginalized Cambodian populace, primarily female. Her story is impressive and in this feature we explore how her model works and multiple social issues she’s addressing.


Founder, Ethnotek Bags

Jake Orak has an extraordinary story of travel, courage and success. Plus, the work he’s doing is amazing. His cover story is special because it was our very first one and it’s not be missed. Creating beautiful bags that are hand crafted he uses a business model that ethically sources all it’s materials and at the same time keeps precious cultures alive.

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