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The End of The Zombie Apocalypse

As the conditions of the world change so do we.

The global population is rising, a lot, and automation is relieving us from traditional “jobs”.

The world is facing serious social and environmental problems that impact all of us and future generations, no matter what our race, color, size, shape or beliefs might be.

Looking at the data, we noticed that something HUGE is happening around the world.

The Transition

Less and less people are interested in just “getting by”, unconsciously following the same patterns we are all told to follow like zombies. Times are changing and the circumstances are demanding a change in how we think and approach our lives.

The zombie apocalypse is ending and people like you are becoming more conscious of our global issues, more empathetic, and far more aware that they are the solution.

What The Data Says


of employees worldwide are NOT engaged at work (Source: Gallup)


of millennials prefer to work for socially responsible companies (2014 Nielson study)


considered starting their own business (2016 EIG Survey)

Out With the Old – In With the New

We couldn’t stand by and watch old systems continue to degrade the world around us. It’s time replace them.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” (Buckminster Fuller)

You. Me. Everyone. We are all the solution to the world’s crazy problems.

Change Creator is a response to our need to redefine the role of business in the world.

We are starting with three big goals that tackle POVERTY, WATER and ENERGY. Actually we call them the BIG3.

Our vision is to have 1 million actively engaged Change Creators every year.


Luke Skywalker Style

Luke Skywalker didn’t take down the empire by himself, he was part of the resistance. These goals can only be achieved through collaboration with you. Many social enterprises is a stronger force than one.

We’re not interested in connecting you with another billionaire to learn from. No no, we are connecting you with the best award-winning social entrepreneurs around the world because they are pioneers shaping the future of business and making a great living while solving our most pressing global problems. They are true rebels replacing old systems with new thinking.

Are you ready to join the resistance and Be A Change Creator?