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“The best online magazine I’ve ever come across. I love it. The articles on entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship are so insightful. I recommend it for every young ambitious person who dreams of investing and doesn’t know when, where and how to begin.” ~Kudos, Leswamin Caleb [Facebook Review]

Helping young entrepreneurs scale sustainable and ethical businesses that shape a better future.

Issue #11

Pulling Back The Curtain on Startup Success

Guy Kawasaki

In this edition we explore startup success, social enterprise growth, launching impact projects and much more. Our cover story with expert Guy Kawasaki uncovers startup wisdom from his incredible experience and is supported with an exclusive interview you won’t want to miss. Our second interview with social entrepreneur Sasha Fisher taps into her success in the nonprofit space and the importance building long term solutions into your processes.


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Why was Change Creator Magazine created?

There is a new entrepreneur rising – one that is putting values back into business, one that is on mission to move humanity forward. Some call them conscious entrepreneurs, others say social entrepreneur, and we say, Change Creator. The label we give them doesn’t matter but the information we give them does. We are their dedicated magazine because we too are on a mission to move humanity forward.

Who's it for exactly?

Maybe you try to live a sustainable lifestyle. Maybe you have an ethical fashion business? Maybe you love animals? Maybe you have an idea for a zero-waste business?

If you believe in a sustainable and just world and have a desire to help create it, than this is a great magazine for you. Whether you’re just thinking about starting a business or already have one, we want to help you scale your positive impact.


Why would I read this? What's Inside?

Because it will inspire you with powerful ideas and strategies that drive your success.

We track down incredible entrepreneurs who are driving impact and ask them the burning questions. Then we craft them into a beautiful interactive digital magazine experience for you.

Every edition includes:

  • Powerful feature stories exploring topics such as:
    • Social Trends
    • Sustainability
    • Social issues
    • Money
    • Ideation
    • Scaling Impact
    • Business development
    • Mindset
  • Spotlights for up-and-coming entrepreneurs on the front lines
  • Tools
  • Gear
  • Travel tips from our network of social entrepreneurs
  • Impact career board for new opportunities

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Where can I read this?

Change Creator Magazine is where ever you need it. It can be read on desktop and/or on tablet, and mobile phone using the app from iTunes or Google Play.

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What's included and how much does it cost?

We currently release 6 magazines each year and offer three purchase options:

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  3. Single magazine: $4.99/issue

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How do I get a month free?

When you subscribe, you will notice that the dollars are zero. You must subscribe to activate the magazine but you will not be charged for the first 30 days. You can cancel anytime during that 30 days. If you do not it will automatically start a subscription.

Neil Patel

“If you’re looking to do something meaningful as an entrepreneur, something that impacts lives, you’ll love Change Creator Magazine.”


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What Readers Are Saying!

Excellent Resource!

(bydavidlawrence121 – iTunes)

I highly recommend this magazine. It really fills an important gap in the social change movement. It’s great especially for young, aspiring entrepreneurs!


(christineannc- iTunes)

I love Change Creator Magazine. The content is rich with applicable information and spilling with inspiration. The layout is beautiful and interactive. I’m impressed by how much just one issue covers. We all have the power to make a positive, meaningful mark in this world and this magazine could be your catalyst to do so. I just can’t say enough!

Facebook Review!

(Leswamin Caleb)

The best online magazine I’ve ever come across. I love it. The articles on entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship are so insightful. I recommend it for every young ambitious person who dreams of investing and doesn’t know when. Where and how to begin. Kudos

Great Read!

(Biggins77 — iTunes)

A feel good informative magazine. Makes you feel inspired to be and do better. Can’t ask for more then that! Looking forward to the next issue!