How to Build Awesome Email Automation Funnels

Building an online presence can be a challenge, and chances are, that if you want to make it big, you’ve been looking at email funnels.

But how high do you rank the importance of your email list?

Automation funnels are triggers that can send out emails when a particular action takes place.

For example, let’s say you have a list of subscribers.

Now, an email can trigger when there’s a new subscriber on the list, instantly notifying him with a warm welcome message, or when a subscriber leaves, notifying him that you are sad to see him go.

Of-course, it does not end here, the complexity of these commands can vary from the requirement.

No matter the funnel you want to set up, you will need some software, such as Pitchbox for example, to make it work effectively.

What Is a Marketing Funnel?

In simple terms, a marketing funnel is a series of steps a visitor needs to take to become a customer.

In this case, this would be the system that has been made to attract and convert these visitors into actual customers.

What do you usually do when you want to buy something online?

You search up the product on Google, usually followed by visiting a website and finding the exact product you want, then adding it to a cart and placing the order.

A marketing funnel allows you to measure and keep track of each of these steps.

What About an Email Marketing Funnel?

When it comes to email marketing funnels, we have a sequence of emails sent on a schedule of your creation, which leads to potentially converting visitors into customers.

It allows you to track the performance of your email and make the right optimizations you would need to make in order for the campaign to perform better.

Remember, the better your marketing campaign performs, the better sales you have, and this, in turn, leads to better income and revenue gathering.

To successfully run email marketing strategies you must automate and personalize them in order to reach out to the right contacts and provide relevant content to them.

What Is Automation?

This is the process of the software that automates the repetitive tasks that go into email creations and social media.

It saves you time, it manages multi-channel platforms such as websites, emails, and CRM and it even creates personalized communication workflows.

You need to automate or drip your emails in order to create personalized, relevant and triggered emails for individual contacts.

These will be sent based on pre-defined times and actions that have taken place prior to sending the email that you yourself can set up.

This is an effective method for developing business leads and customers.

It can also help you build long-lasting relationships with your subscribers and allows you to supply them with relevant content from your brand and service at regular intervals, ensuring that they do not lose interest.

It basically allows you to customize the email content itself, but on a much larger scale than ever. According to GetVoIP, this is an important feature when it comes to Email Marketing. You can manage these segments from your database: Company Size, Location, Age, Gender, Interests, Source, Title of position and behavior.

Welcome and Engage Your Subscribers

Make sure to thank your new subscribers for being a part of your journey and make them feel like they are a part of something bigger.

Confirm what they have subscribed to and make sure that they understand everything.

Give them other content to check out and multiple choices so they are constantly engaged with everything you have to offer.

Re-Engage Your Subscribers

Keep things fresh and interesting and discover ways to keep your audience engaged.

Many subscribers, over time stop checking the latest updates and news, this is due to the fact that they know what to expect and have noticed a pattern.

Make sure to keep things interesting by writing unexpected and catchy subject lines that will catch them off-guard and intrigue their curiosity.

Develop Leads

Once you have given value to your subscribers, chances are that they will consider coming back to you once they require assistance in a similar topic as the one they initially found you by.

Provide these people with specific content tailored to their needs and specific towards what they opened when they were on your website.

Make hand-crafted emails and ebooks or PDFs in the form of freebies that will give information of value to them.

For example, if they search on how to generate business leads, send them a guide for “The Ultimate Way To Generate Business Leads Online X-Year Edition

Give Them a Reason to Stay

Most users who pay attention to their email list and are consistently active on it may decide to unsubscribe from your newsletter.

Should you let these people go without fighting back?

Believe it or not, there’s still a way to keep these people on your subscriber list.

Once they click unsubscribe, you can redirect them to a page asking them why they are leaving, and also offering something in return for them to stay.

Something that keeps you relevant in their minds and makes them remember why they subscribed in the first place.

This way you are giving them a reason to stay and not just abandon you completely.

Keeping your funnels automated, personalized and up to date can give you an advantage and keep everyone happy in the process.

The main things you should take out if this is to remain consistent, to personalize your content based on different needs and desires, and to constantly pump out unique content that brings actual value to your readers.

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