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Congratulations, we're so grateful and excited to have you here. You're already one step ahead of other people not only because you invested in yourself but because this is truly the future of marketing! Check out the notes below for more information, next steps and access to Change Creator Magazine.

Read Me First!

  • The only people that get results are the ones that commit to doing the work. 
  • Each module should take you about 1 week, including the work that is assigned. However, we found that in some cases people need two weeks for a module.
  • Join the Facebook Group to connect with other students.
  • Partner up with another student – we found this is a HUGE help for the process. They will offer you perspective and help with accountability. This was something previous students really found helpful.
  • Be open-minded and willing to become vulnerable.
  • Let’s do this!

You Joined Early!

Smart Move. Here's What's Next.

Doors will open for you to get started on March 1, 2019. An announcement will be shared over email and in the private Facebook Group. Please review the 3 steps below for more information.

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The program is made up of 5 modules that typically take someone 6-8 weeks to complete, including:

  1. Lessons – Each module is made up of a set of lessons that take you through the process step-by-step
  2. Assignments – Each module has required assignments designed to help you learn the material and start flexing your story marketing muscles
  3. Partners – Find a partner that you can go through the program with if possible. It will be a huge help for feedback and accountability.
  4. Office hours – Once-per-month our team will hold office hours to answer questions
  5. Story-Stage Sessions – Every quarter we will host live presentations through our story-stage sessions program



We will use two primary channels of communication:

  1. Email (For Gmail, make sure our emails show up under the “Primary” tab)
  2. Join the Private Facebook Group
    1. Materials and important links
    2. #QQ – Use this hashtag to ask a question in the group
    3. #storystage – Use this hashtag to let us know you’d like to take part in the next round of live presentations
    4. Monthly office hours will be held in the FB group
    5. Network and find an accountability partner
    6. Get updates, schedules and news here as well
    7. Join the group here >>> JOIN GROUP



Your results depend on your actions:

  1. Commit – go through every lesson and do the work!
  2. Engage – Ask questions in the Facebook Group, get feedback, share feedback, network, get involved
  3. Read – take advantage of your free subscription to Change Creator Magazine, it’s packed with valuable information. Scroll down for access instructions.

We are here to support you in the Facebook Group but you must take action and do the work. You control your destiny.

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