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If you have a passion to make a difference in this big crazy world and want to share your ideas with a like-minded community than you’re in the right spot.

Our contributors are not just writers, they are passionate storytellers who are helping us move the narrative forward — that good business is a social impact business, that business can and should be a tool for change in this world.

If that sounds like something you want to do, great! We’d love to have you contribute to our growing platform.

Our Audience

Change Creators believe that they can change the world, but need help, guidance, tips, and strategies to amplify their efforts. They are passionate activists, socially-conscious rabble-rousers who want to shake things up, start an ethical business, or scale and grow a social impact company but need help!

We’re not interested in hum-drum business advice that you can find anywhere! Our audience wants proven strategies, tips, growth hacks that they can’t get anywhere else.

We love stories from the front lines too — so if you want to write about an impact company or individual who is changing the world through business, this is the place. Don’t be shy about the challenges and struggles either. Our audience loves a good failure story from those who are out there making a difference!

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You have to have some skills as a storyteller.

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