Issue #10, Dr. Elizabeth Hausler 156

July 2017

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In this edition two award winning social entrepreneurs explain how they scaled their impact. Where it all started and why it’s so important. We cover health, economy and human rights.

A glimpse inside this edition

  • Take a look at a new approach to capitalism
  • 2017 Skoll award winner and cover story Dr. Hausler shares her secrets to social innovation and finance as she builds homes to save lives in the developing world
  • See how Chuck Slaughter is scaling life-saving products and stimulating economies
  • Dive into your decision making and what might be holding you back
  • Explore up coming social entrepreneurs initiatives to find new inspiration and ideas
  • A Look at poverty Today and Our Goals for Eradication

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During April of 2017, the famous Skoll World Forum took place in Oxford, just 50 miles north of London. The goal of the forum is to accelerate entrepreneurial approaches and solutions to the world’s most pressing problems by uniting social entrepreneurs with key partners.

While many amazing people shared their incredibly inspiring stories of change, we had the honor of connecting with one of the 2017 Skoll Social Entrepreneur Award winners, Dr. Elizabeth Hausler, founder of Build Change.

Unsafe and informal housing in developing countries causes hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths when disaster strikes. Build Change has helped revolutionize how the relief industry rebuilds after a disaster.

“This is a man-made problem,” Elizabeth Hausler said. “So there must be a man- or woman-made solution.”

Dr. Hausler is not only an incredible engineer but also a charismatic leader with a great spirit. Her accomplishments are nothing short of impressive and her lessons are priceless for any entrepreneur.

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Adam G. Force

Founder & Publisher

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