Issue #11, Guy Kawasaki 117

September 2017

In this edition our interview and cover story packs as much punch as the vibrant cover image with none other than Brand Ambassador and entrepreneurial expert, Guy Kawasaki.

Guy is full of personality and shares the hard truths about startup success. We unpack his strategies and experience to show you how to learn, what you need to know about pride, how to plant the right seeds, and much more.

In our feature story with Sasha Fisher, founder of Spark Microgrants, we explore her strategies for helping communities design and launch social impact projects. Her story is absolutely incredible and full of inspiring insights.

A glimpse inside this edition

  • How to start identifying your key strengths
  • How Atlas is funding causes with their running app
  • How to approach your startup and test markets
  • Why timing matters in product development
  • A hot program tip for hacking your startup growth
  • Uncover if your startup is ready to scale impact

Plus much more!

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Welcome to the 11th edition of Change Creator Magazine!

What does it take to be a great social entrepreneur?

Isn’t that a burning question we all have? Ask several different people and you might get a lot of variation in the answers.

Maybe the question is: What kind of entrepreneur do you want to become?

Every time I interview someone I have the honor of learning from them just as you would any mentor. The more I talk to a wide range of amazing people the more I find a common and consistent message.

Great entrepreneurs are on a mission and they play for something bigger than themselves.

The motivation they have is not spawned by the idea of money. No, it’s from something bigger, a cause, it’s a mission in their life that they become obsessed with. Nothing or nobody can derail them from pursuing it. Their vision is clear.

Passion is an important part of the equation but to succeed in scaling an idea and creating a good lifestyle you also have to know your competency and market.

People like Sasha Fisher will leave you in awe as we unfold her story of leadership at Spark Microgrants. From idea to impact she courageously pursues a mission that is empowering communities in developing areas.

Now, as you might already know, marketing expert, author, and brand ambassador, Guy Kawasaki is no stranger to the startup world.

We had the honor to talk with him on a range of topics and what we got in return was an overflowing amount of priceless strategies that will help any entrepreneur step up their game.

“Great companies start because the founders want to change the world… not make a fast buck. Call me a romantic, but I think entrepreneurs should try to change the world.” (Guy Kawasaki)

Dig into this powerful edition and you will find gold.

Are you ready to become a great entrepreneur?

Adam G. Force

Founder & Publisher

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