Issue #9, Dale Partridge 125

May 2017

In our interview with bestselling author and entrepreneur rockstar, Dale Partridge, we explore his insights and strategies for starting a successful business. Dale has launched over a half dozen multi-million dollar companies, everything from a rock-climbing gym and a conference company to a branding agency and a multi-million dollar e-commerce business.
Now he has shifted his mission from starting companies to teaching others how to start theirs. To help people create the business and family they love. To chase their dreams and fulfill their purpose.

A glimpse inside this edition

  • Explore the Environmental Challenges of 2017 and Perspectives from Global Leaders
  • Ned Tozun explains how he built a solar brand helping over 65 million people globally
  • Opportunities Beyond Sweat Equity to Move Your Business Forward
  • Organizational and Financial Structures for Non-Profit and For-Profit Enterprises
  • A Look at poverty Today and Our Goals for Eradication

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Most people grow up being exposed to various forms of advertising every day of their lives. Over time, many learn to put their defenses up as soon as they sense they are being sold to.

When you think about advertising, you might imagine product shots, commercials, infomercials, banner ads that follow you everywhere, pre- and post-roll on video, and the list goes on. Advertising has become so intrusive that some service providers offer ad-blocking technology. Services like Netflix offer membership fees so you can enjoy commercial-free entertainment. Needless today, things are changing due to the evolving technology.

By now, you’ve probably noticed that we don’t have any advertising such as that in this magazine and that’s because we want you to be able to focus on the content and have a great experience.

So, what are people looking for today? How can you tell someone about your product or service without making them run for the hills?

People want to connect with people and they want authenticity. Who is the face behind the brand?

We reached out to serial entrepreneur and author, Dale Partridge—a family man who has mastered this new environment.

Partridge might be best known for founding Sevenly, an advocacy apparel outfitter that has now raised over $4.7 million for numerous charities or his incredible book, “People Over Profit: Break the System, Live with Purpose, Be More Successful”. Breaking the system is exactly what social entrepreneurs do in order to produce new results. He’s accomplished a lot over a short period of time and is someone I’ve personally admired for a few years now.

In this edition of Change Creator Magazine, we share insights from our exclusive interview with Partridge and uncover his thoughts about building trust and creating a successful business that puts people before profits.

Of course, that just scratches the surface of this edition’s incredible insights as we bring you insights from the latest Nature Conservancy Report and . Explore the amazing work of d.light and listen to our exclusive interview that discusses how they went from idea to helping over 65 million people. Ned Tozun is on a mission with his co-founder Sam Goldman and offers priceless startup insights and inspiration for the clean energy movement we so desperately need.

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Adam G. Force
Founder & Publisher

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