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"If you're looking to do something meaningful as an entrepreneur, something that impacts lives, you'll love Change Creator Magazine." 

Neil Patel

Founder , crazyegg, kissmetrics, Hello Bar, Sprout

"I love what Change Creator is doing. The magazine is a stunning publication full of insights from social entrepreneurs and other real people making real change. If you want to IGNITE your passion to pursue meaningful work, this magazine is for you!"

John Lee Dumas

Founder , Entrepreneur on Fire

"I have a great feeling about what Change Creator it doing and really believe in the cause. We need more conscious entrepreneurs and this beautiful magazine app is inspiring and empowering."

Joel Brown

Founder , Addicted 2 Success

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Finally! A magazine worth my time.


I love this magazine! The stories are interesting, the information is useful, and it is truly an enjoyable read. Each time I finish reading an issue, I’m inspired and have hope for the future because of these amazing people affecting worldwide change. That feeling alone is worth the money!

Great Read!


I ordered the first two issues and was thoroughly impressed with the content. My wife is looking to start her own business and make a difference so I have been doing some research on her behalf. This magazine has tons of useful information on how to get started with that and lots of great info I can use for myself! Awesome! Love this magazine.



As a small business owner, I have read a lot of books, watched a lot of videos, and magazines on entrepreneurship and Change Creator is ONE OF THE BEST! Not only are the issues laid out beautifully, with gorgeous graphics, but the information is timely, informative, and fun to read. I learn a lot that has really helped my business grow. A couple of issues ago, there was an entire article on SEO principles for your business. I started applying these for my own company websites, and MY NUMBERS GREW! I also helped a client get over 1000 new email subscribers. Thank you Change Creator! Every issue I learn something new, and am so inspired by all the people taking on the world’s problems!

The Best Resource!!!

Business Owner with a Heart

I love Change Creator Magazine. The content is rich with applicable information and spilling with inspiration. The layout is beautiful and interactive. I’m impressed by how much just one issue covers. We all have the power to make a positive, meaningful mark in this world and this magazine could be your catalyst to do so. I just can’t say enough!