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As the conditions of the world rapidly change so is the way we approach business.

It’s no secret that business has a tremendous impact on the world and now more than ever people are using it as a force for social change.  This is the era of the purpose-driven entrepreneur. However, unlike becoming a doctor or lawyer, there is no clear path for people to follow for success.

Arianna Huffington said it best in our interview, “I think social entrepreneurship is incredibly important and will play a vital part in redefining the role of business in the world, which we urgently need to do.”

As a growing leader in the purpose-driven entrepreneurship space Change Creator is Redefining Good Business. Through generation-to-generation and peer-to-peer education, we empower a range of people ready to transform their life by starting a business that matters to them and the planet.

By connecting to global icons, award-winning social entrepreneurs and young Change Creators on the front lines we bring our audience premium forward-thinking startup content that they won’t find anywhere else. And, we deliver it with style.

By highlighting the tools, products, and brands they need to know about we strengthen the purpose-driven entrepreneurship community.

As they say – “rising tides lift all boats.”

We have made big strides and are just getting started.

Are you ready to become part of the business revolution?

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A Few of Our Featured Influencers

Tony Robbins
American author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and life coach

Arianna Huffington
Founder of Thrive Global

Dr. Muhammad Yunus
Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Guy Kawasaki
American marketing specialist, author, and Silicon Valley venture capitalist

Russell Brunson
Founder of Clickfunnels

Chuck Slaughter
Social Entrepreneur Awardee

Sonya Renee Taylor
Award winning Performance Poet and transformational leader

Dr Elizabeth Hausler
Social Entrepreneur Awardee

Kathleen Janus
Social Entrepreneur Awardee

Dr. Alasdair Harris
Social Entrepreneur Awardee

Taddy Blecher
Social Entrepreneur Awardee

Neil Patel
Recognized as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by President Obama and a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 35 by the United Nations.

Magazine Editorial Calendar


Jumpstart Your Social Business

Editorial Close: 12/15/18
Ad close: 1/1/19
Release: 1/15/19


Tech Trends For Social Impact

Editorial Close: 1/15/19
Ad close: 2/1/19
Release: 2/15/19


The Activism Issue

Editorial Close: 2/15/19
Ad close: 3/1/19
Release: 3/15/19


Your Guide To Social Business

Editorial Close: 3/15/18
Ad close: 4/1/18
Release: 4/15/18


Why Blockchain for Good Business

Editorial Close: 4/15/18
Ad close: 5/1/18
Release: 5/15/18


Scale Your Impact: Guide to Internet Marketing 

Editorial Close: 5/15/18
Ad close: 6/1/18
Release: 6/15/18


Turning Values into a Global Empire

Editorial Close: 6/15/18
Ad close: 7/1/18
Release: 7/15/18


The Good Business Guide to the Best Tools

Editorial Close: 7/15/18
Ad close: 8/1/18
Release: 8/15/18


Skip the Cubicle and Travel: How to Be a Traveling Impact Entrepreneur

Editorial Close: 8/15/18
Ad close: 9/1/18
Release: 9/15/18


The Art of Crowdfunding

Editorial Close: 9/15/18
Ad close: 10/1/18
Release: 10/15/18


Finding Money For Impact

Editorial Close: 10/15/18
Ad close: 11/1/18
Release: 11/15/18


Change Creators of 2018, Events That Matter Update

Editorial Close: 11/15/18
Ad close: 12/1/18
Release: 12/15/18

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Be the first page they see as soon as they open the app and support it with 4 additional ads throughout the magazine.


Sponsor a feature article to offer the audience deeper educational opportunity and become part of the organic Editorial experience.


There is no better way to highlight the power of someones story than a smart Q&A – CEOs, founders, Ambassadors.


Native placement in our Weekly Roundup email or talk to us about a dedicated email send for your brand.


The Change Creator Podcast interviews a range of purpose-driven entrepreneurs from around the world about their business strategies, life lessons, and advice for meaningful success.

Listeners will hear from people such as Guy Kawasaki, Neil Patel, Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Dr. Muhammad Yunus, award-winning social entrepreneurs, and young courageous Change Creators blazing new trails on the front lines.

Every episode serves a functional purpose for entrepreneurs offering actionable advice that will help them understand how business is changing and learn exactly what it takes to create a company that matters to them and the planet.

Let’s discuss the right strategy for your needs.

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