Russell Brunson: How to Build a Loyal Audience and Fund Yourself

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Exclusive interview with the founder of Click Funnels, Russel Brunson.

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In this interview we talk with marketing superstar and founder of Click Funnels, Russell Brunson.

He explains how he builds businesses that are funded by his audience

Our last question brings up his travel to Kenya where he shares the incredible work they are doing to support kids in that community and how it’s impacted his perspective.

Brunson is also the author of Expert Secrets and Dot Com Secrets. Both book are making waves in the marketing world and are must reads.

Read our full feature story with Russell Brunson in issue 12 of Change Creator Magazine

In this interview we discuss…

  • What direction does Russell see business going today?
  • What role do vulnerability play in business?
  • Should you tell people about your successes or failures?
  • How did Russell make money before Click Funnels
  • Why he launched 12 companies in 12 months
  • How Click Funnels was built and started building their customer base
  • Why Russell is anti-funding
  • How to approach a new niche get the audience to finance your work
  • What is the difference in selling a product versus an offer?

Plus much more!

Russell Brunson is full of energy and expertise. If you want to get inspired to take your business and life to the next level you’ll love this interview.

Get a copy of his book Expert Secrets here!

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