Month: October 2016

October 2016, Issue #5 with Neil Patel

Marketing is always evolving as technology and human habits change. However, what doesn’t change is the need that anyone running a meaningful social enterprise, business or organization has to build awareness of their solution.

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EP16: Reducing Waste and Eating Beer with Dan Kurzrock

Listen to our exclusive interview with Daniel Kurzrock, co-founder of Regrained. Dan grew up on the Bay Area Peninsula, and graduated from UCLA with a degree in Economics and a Masters in Sustainable Business from Presidio Graduate School. Dan realized a passion for entrepreneurship early. ReGrained is telling an exciting environmental story, at a time when the food industry is grappling with a mountain of food waste. That’s where Regrained steps in. They use the spent grain leftover after the beer development process and repurpose it for food products. The left over spent grain is like an oatmeal and of course it’s terribly...

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