EP18: Turn Ice Cold Prospects into Smoking Hot Traffic: Interview with Neil Patel


“They took my money, and didn’t do shit!”

That’s how Neil Patel, “a top influencer on the web and one of the top ten online marketers,” according to The Wall Street Journal and Forbes respectively, feels about the marketing support he paid for early in his start-up experiences.

That’s why the co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, KISSmetrics; the man recognized by President Obama as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under 30, a former teenaged vacuum cleaner saleskid and employee of Knottsberry Farm, decided to take what he’s learned about online marketing, and share it, and educate others for free.

He helps companies the likes of Amazon, NBC, GM, HP and Viacom grow their revenue, and he offers up to his readers and followers what he knows, at no charge. And in his Advanced Customer Acquisition Webinar, he promises to explain how he generates 195,013 visitors a month without spending a dollar on ads.

195,013 monthly visitors? How does he do it? He must have tons of people spending tons of time on SEO, and keywords.

Neil says, “No, I just write. I don’t really use any special tools, and I don’t really worry about SEO when I’m writing.”

And as far as relevancy, he suggests personal outreach. Check out what your competitors are linking to, and let them know that you’re covering it too, with more to offer, and an invite them to read it and share it. 

And as far as relevancy, he suggests that checking out what your competitors are linking to, and letting them know that you’re doing it too, with more to offer, and an invitation to read it and share it. If you can get big popular sites like Fox New, the New York Times, or Huffington Post to link to your content, that’s like getting President Obama to endorse you as a presidential candidate.

Converting visitors into customers, generating social media traffic without ads, and ways to grow your business…these are some of the things Patel is focused on teaching.

Listen to the latest Change Creator podcast, and learn how to use Similar Web and SEMrush, for tracking keywords, checking backlinks and to see how your competitors rank.




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