Month: July 2017

Belief is Irresistible: What You Need to Know About Belief in Your Mission

In this new segment of the Change Creator Podcast, our founder, Adam G. Force, is taking a shot at a fresh idea in response to questions from the audience by sharing his experiences with Change Creator unedited. Hear the good to learn from successes and the bad to avoid the same mistakes. You got something to share? Stop by our website and send us note, let’s have that conversation.

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What it Takes to Achieve Something Great

Experiences in our life shape who we are and many times some of the greatest lessons of your life take place, whether we know it or not. But when you look back and analyze it you can discover that lesson. Here’s something powerful I learned from an intense situation when I was wrestling at the age of 12.

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Lean Business Planning With Tim Berry: Get What You Want From Your Business

Thud. On the table in front of you in a stack of papers 4 or 5 inches thick. It’s everything. It’s your bible. For the past 5 months, you’ve anguished and agonized over this document. You’ve worked late into the night and on weekends, pouring over each word and phrase, tweaking your financial models, and researching competitors. This is your business plan. You’re finally done. Well, actually, no, you’re not done. And you probably spent too much time working on the wrong things, at least according to one entrepreneur and angel. “For eight out of ten companies, we dismiss...

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