Author: LarryMager

4 Ways to Turn Passion Into Profit: You Can Start Today!

Working is a necessity of life, but studies show few Americans actually enjoy what they do. Among the 100 million full-time employees in the U.S., 51 percent admit to being disengaged—in other words, not feeling connected to their job. An additional 16 percent fall into the actively disengaged category, meaning they absolutely detest their jobs and tend to bring down office morale. Turning Your Passion Project into a Business Venture: The Basics While some people find solace with a hobby, others turn their personal pursuits into a business venture. Embracing an entrepreneurial spirit is not for everyone, but for...

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How to Start Your Business After a Career Setback: You Can Do It!

If you’ve recently experienced a career setback, such as a job loss or missing out on a promotion, you might be agonizing over what to do next. One option you might consider is starting your own business. It can be the best thing you’ll ever do to have a meaningful life. Here is how to start your business after a career setback! If you’ve never pictured yourself as a successful entrepreneur, imagine what your life might be like if you were running your own business. Although it is a lot of work to start a new business, it can...

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