Thank you for your interest in the Change Creator network. Our platform is a place where purpose-driven entrepreneurs learn the latest strategies and trends for business and social change.

We invite social impact leaders and subject matter experts to contribute as guest writers and columnists.

Brief Background

As the world faces more challenges business is transforming to become a tool that solves social problems. With a mission to change destructive business practices and empower the Change Generation, Change Creator has built a media network and no-fluff magazine app that redefines good business, provides proven strategies, tactics, and solutions for building and growing a financially successful business that drives social change.

The Change Creator network is the leading resource for the purpose-driven entrepreneur and leaders of tomorrow.

Your contribution of expertise and intelligence to the Change Creator community supports the collective effort to drive positive change.

Content Goals

Our readers demand the best. We want our readers to view our blog as a go-to resource that will help them scale their impact and their business. Each blog post should provide relevant research, expert insights and be a credible source of information for our audience. Each blog post should provide applicable advice, perspectives, or guidance and have a singular purpose that is clear and straightforward.

Submission Process

To save your time, please review the editorial guidelines below before writing and submitting your first article. If you have not applied to become a Change Creator contributor, please fill out the application form now.

If you have already applied and have not received a response, don’t fret. It can take up to 5 business days for our editorial team to set up your account and approve you for your first submission. If you haven’t heard back from someone within a week, please email Amy Aitman at to inquire about your application status.

If you have been approached to write a specific post based on your expertise, this does not apply.

Once your application has been approved, we encourage you to submit your first article as soon as possible. You should receive instructions on how to sign into the Change Creator site and submit. Don’t forget to send us your bio pic as well to be included in your byline.

Articles may take then up to 2 weeks to be approved and move through the editorial process.

Editorial Guidelines

Our Audience — Who is the Change Creator?

All articles must be written with our core audience in mind.

The average age of our audience is 33 with an emphasis towards the Change Generation (Gen Z & Millennials). They are socially conscious with an activist spirit and believe in taking a stand.

  • The business owner believes in living a socially-conscious lifestyle and wants to make a difference with their business while earning a financial profit. Money is the fuel; impact is the mission.
  • The business professional works for someone else but they are unhappy and looking for a greater sense of fulfillment in their life. Now they are taking steps to live more consciously and do work that gives them purpose.

Topics and Types of Articles

Change Creator content emphasizes the following types of posts:

  • Thought-leadership: opinion editorial in style (see example)
  • How-to: practical pieces to guide readers through a process (See example)
  • Relevant lists and guides: insightful lists that help our audience (see example)
  • Practical real-deal advice: What do entrepreneurs and business leaders need to know? (see example)
  • Reviews: tools, courses, programs geared toward the entrepreneurial life (see example)
  • Impact business model breakdowns: to help others figure out their business models (see example)
  • Lifestyle articles: digging deep into all areas of life for our audience (see example)

Our categories break down like this:

Good Business (our blog category)

Just Starting

For the passionate few with ideas, an activist spirit who want to take their impact lifestyle to new heights and start a business that matters to them and the planet.

  • Self and lifestyle articles
  • Business planning
  • Goal setting and productivity
  • Business planning

Building Momentum

For the business leaders who are scaling impact to new heights. This is the category where scale and growth happen big time.

  • Impact models
  • Growth hacks
  • Scaling tips
  • Marketing


Our audience knows that the more money you make, the more you can scale your business impact. Tips and strategies on how to make more money are included in this category.

  • Management
  • Self-funding
  • Finding Investment


Showcases and interviews from the most impactful entrepreneurs on the planet, just starting out or making millions.

  • Change Creator stories and exclusive interviews
  • Activism
  • Brands

Our goal is to provide content and perspectives that are applicable and relatable to our audience of social impact leaders and purpose-driven entrepreneurs. Submissions that are too specific to a cause, issue or sub-sector may not be accepted. This goes the same for brands who just want to promote their products.

Engaging Headlines

Headlines are meant to grab a reader’s attention without resorting to clickbaity type titles. Please say no to any kind of deception with our audience! Keep in mind the purpose of your post and make it very clear in the headline. Be specific, to the point. We might update your headlines to reflect our brand from time to time.

Good headlines are critical to your success.

  1. You can check headline quality here
  2. Please use initial caps format (The first letter of each word is capitalized unless it’s less than two letters such as, “to”.)

Key Takeaways

For longer posts, we always end the post with key takeaways and lessons from the article. Keep these strategic and to the point so they are valuable resources for our audience. We may also post 3 of these at the top of the article as a high-level outline for what the reader can expect.

Style and formatting

In order to provide compelling (and sometimes complex) content to our audiences, the structure and format of a piece can make or break the depth of understanding of a particular topic.

In addition to being strategic and informative, posts should use clear and concise language and be written with “scannability” in mind, this includes:

  • Word counts of 600 – 800 for shorter opinion pieces
  • Word counts of 2000 or more for in-depth, highly researched articles and opinion pieces
  • Write using short sentences and brief paragraphs
  • Break up large blocks of text with headings and subheadings
  • Bullet your major points where possible
  • Use visuals, videos where appropriate

Linking and Source Attribution

With the goal to be a credible, reliable source of information, you must do your research and use external links and source attribution for every blog you write.

Link only to outside sources that are credible, reliable and have a safe online reputation. If you mention a brand or company, you may link out the brand but we will remove any deliberate brand promotions, so be smart about your outbound links, please.

If you are recommending or reviewing a product, please show expert use. You must have used, or use the product in order to write a review or comparison article. We may or may not add an affiliate link to programs we feel are relevant for our audience.

Please keep the following in mind:

  • Guest bloggers from nonprofits can link to your organization’s website in your author bio and, if relevant, in the body of the post.
  • Guest bloggers from businesses or elsewhere can link to your company’s website in your author bio and, if relevant, in the body of the post.
  • Internal linking to other Change Creator blog posts and website content is encouraged and appreciated.


Images have to be high quality, edgy, geared toward a younger audience. If you want to source your own images, please make sure they are high-resolution, clear and on brand. Make sure you have all rights to any images you use or use a free rights image service, such

Size Requirements:

  • Feature Image Size = 965w x 650h (max 175kb)
  • In Article Image Size = 965w x any height (max 150kb)

Content Review Process

To maintain the integrity of our content, Change Creator will review all submissions prior to publishing, even from approved contributors.

If revisions are required, someone from our editorial team will contact you with specific feedback.

What we won’t publish

While we encourage free-thinking and provocative submissions, we will not publish just anything:

  • That is blatantly self-serving and self-promotional.
  • Deemed to be hateful or disrespectful to causes or individuals.

Republishing your article and copyright

While we are looking for original features, we do, at times, take reposts from trusted brands and partners in the space if we feel that these blogs are valuable to our audience. We are also happy to allow our contributors to repost their work elsewhere, with the following stipulations:

  • There is at least a 2-week window between the time your blog post goes live and when you repost it somewhere else.
  • All reposts must give full attribution to Change Creator as the originator of the post and provide a link to the original article.
  • Change Creator does not provide monetary compensation to all contributors and guest bloggers. Contributors are compensated by the exposure to our network, social media outlets, and partnerships.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Change Creator contributor! If you have any further questions, please email Amy Aitman at