Month: May 2016

7 Social Entrepreneurship Conferences to Look Forward to In 2016

Facebook Twitter Google+ Buffer Are you a social entrepreneur or just someone interested in the idea of setting-up a social business? Why not learn and build your network by attending an event geared towards social entrepreneurship?   You might be surprised with the number of social impact conferences happening every year. This is a good sign as it means more and more people are engaged in businesses and projects that could bring lasting positive impact in the world. Although some events come with a hefty registration fee, they are worth looking into, especially if you have the budget. For...

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6 Simple Ways to Become an Effective Leader

Facebook Twitter Google+ Buffer Leadership is the art of persuading others to complete a goal or task. A boss is just the person in charge, but a leader is someone who inspires and guides. Are you a leader or a boss? We often use these words interchangeably, but they mean very different things. A boss is the person in charge giving orders. A leader may also be a superior, but they are invested and engaged. A leader has a positive effect on workplace culture in ways a boss can not. Here are our tips to help become an effective...

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How Catlin Powers Uses Solar Cooking to Combat Deforestation and Indoor Air Pollution

Facebook Twitter Google+ Buffer Dr. Catlin Powers, a social entrepreneur, is the co-founder and CEO of One Earth Designs, a social enterprise that produces solar cookers. up. The daughter of two teachers, she grew up in many places around the world: Peru, Mexico, China, South Africa, and California. Dr. Powers received her doctorate from Harvard University, holds two solar energy patents, and serves on the technical advisory committee to the International Standards Organization. A Harvard School of Public Health graduate, she went to the Himalayas as an undergraduate to study climate change. She found that due to smoke from...

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