Author: Makana Eyre

A Look At Social Business Models and NGOs

The social business is not new. It has existed for decades in different forms with many definitions, some having been more effective than others. It has long been seen as an alternative to the NGO, a model that streamlines impact and eliminates bureaucracy. And yes, from many perspectives, social business is a model for the future. It allows quick growth and broader impact than the traditional NGO. With a social business model, staffers do not have to fundraise, engage donors or work with government. They can focus on work without the burden of grant writing or taking donors on...

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5 Things That Will Kill Your Social Enterprise Startup

There are endless articles listing 5 or 10 or 20 things that will kill a startup. But what about those of you who are launching a social enterprise? What’s out there for you? That’s why I want to discuss the things that will kill your social enterprise startup. You are doing important work. Don’t let some of these things sabotage your success! Some might argue that the early stages of business and social startups are essentially the same – that you need a strong vision, a product or service, a market, passion, creativity, and so on. But there are certain...

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