23 Self Improvement Tips for Social Entrepreneurs

We all feel lost from time to time and we’reb overwhelmed by fears, challenges, and changes. That’s why we must create our life’s mission to do whatever it’s necessary in order to improve ourselves and boost our well-being. This is the only way in which you can become the person you’ve always desired to be. 

All the self-improvement tips presented below cover all main areas of one’s life, from career to health and personal development. Self-improvement is a lifelong journey so buckle up for the ride! 

1. Develop a Reading Habit

Through reading, you will boost your knowledge base. Moreover, books will develop your vocabulary by exposing you to new words and expressions. Keeping a reading habit will maintain your brain healthy and it will help it grow. You should look at reading as you would to regular exercise, only that, in this case, there are other kinds of “muscles” involved. Even your memory is improved through this particular habit.

According to research, brain function and memory might decline with age. Due to regular reading, we could prevent these problems, or, at least, we could slow them from progressing. Keep your mind sharp with all sorts of books, from self-development ones to fiction and business readings. Make time in your busy schedule to read at least 20 minutes per day. 

2. Meditate on a Regular Basis

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years. It is believed to combat the effects of stress as well as anxiety. One of the most popular and effective types of meditation is practicing mindfulness which enables you to achieve clarity and peace. You can do that by becoming aware of each moment and being present. 

Feel free to experiment with different kinds of meditation techniques. All of them focus on pretty much the same idea: expanding your consciousness. As long as you meditate on a daily or regular basis, you will soon benefit from this practice in all the ways you can think of: mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. It is known to alleviate feelings of anxiety and stress. Moreover, it lowers bad cholesterol, regulates blood pressure, and improves sleep. 

3. Establish SMART Goals

Another way in which you can improve yourself is by setting realistic, achievable, time-manageable, measurable, and specific objectives. Keep in mind different time frames. In other words, you should consider daily, monthly, weekly, and yearly goals. Write all of them down and keep track of your progress. 

Also, don’t forget that success isn’t measured by how many goals you manage to obtain but by the journey you embark on in order to make those goals happen. This journey is truly enlightening and it will make you stronger and wiser. Once you’ve established your objectives, they will become your purpose on which you will focus all year round. They help you remain on the right track. 

4. Visualize Your Success

Unfortunately, many people are demotivated by the obstacles they’re facing in their way of achieving their goals. If you’re in pursuit of a big accomplishment, you shouldn’t ignore potential impediments but instead, you should focus more on visualizing your victory. The real issue here is that most people tend to let their fear of failure as well as the forthcoming challenges cloud their judgment and overtake their dreams.  

Don’t create any more barriers in the way of your success. Envision it as detailed as you possibly can and try to feel as you would feel once you’ve accomplished your goals. Imagine those close to you standing nearby and supporting you with all their hearts. How does it feel and how does it look to have achieved your dreams? 

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5. Measure Your Progress and Celebrate Each Small Victory

An essential part of the process of reaching a goal is keeping track of your progress. Measure your improvement and celebrate each accomplished milestone. This will keep you motivated and prepared to face any issue that might appear along the way. According to experts, we tend to have a boosted drive to reach what we desire when the motivation comes from within rather than from another person or from an external factor. 

By doing so, you can significantly improve your overall performance in so many meaningful ways. Makes sure that, through your actions, you’re offering value to others, in both their personal and professional lives. For all these reasons, doing process analysis is of crucial importance. 

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6. Use Your Time Effectively 

Stop wasting your time, which is the most precious resource you have. Invest your time in meaningful things and activities that bring you close to your desired goals. Use it wisely and by that I mean you shouldn’t waste all your free time watching TV or binge-watching movies. It is essential to create effective time-management strategies and find a balance between working hours and spare time. 

One action that seems to work for most people is to spend a few minutes in the morning to establish your daily tasks, those things you want to accomplish each day. Then, come up with a clear and well-structured plan to make sure those milestones are reached. Schedule your time properly and follow your priorities. 

7. Learn New Skills and Abilities

We all have hectic schedules that don’t allow us to dedicate time to all the things we would like to do. For instance, one great self-improvement method is learning something new, developing a new skill but not many of us have the time or energy to do that. Although work takes a lot of our time, dedicating minutes or hours to develop new abilities provide us with so many benefits. 

In today’s ever-changing world, we must keep ourselves updated with all the technology and innovations that surround us. The entire world is moving forward so why shouldn’t you do the same? There are plenty of skills that can improve your life immensely: new languages, drawing, horseback riding, photography, writing, playing a musical instrument, etc. 

8. Engage in Daily/Regular Workouts 

Respect your body because a healthy body hosts a healthy mind. Besides eating whole foods and avoiding junk food, you should also engage in daily workout sessions. Nowadays, people spend a lot of time sitting down because of their office jobs. The human body wasn’t created for a sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, it is important to move as much as you can. 

Outdoor exercises are essential for a healthy and well-balanced life. On the other hand, most people think that going to the gym for one hour a day compensates all those long hours spent on a chair, in front of a computer. Well, they are wrong. For that reason, you should set an hourly reminder that motivates you to take a short break from work and stand up or do some easy stretching exercises. Walking is also useful. 

9. Develop Healthy Eating Habits

Daily workouts go hand in hand with a healthy eating habit. You should focus on consuming foods that are safe for your health. Avoid eating processed foods or harmful substances. Try not to develop any vices such as smoking or heavy drinking. 

Listen to your body because that’s the way to discover what suits it best in terms of exercises, needs, and nourishment. Consuming plenty of veggies and fruits is a good way to start. Besides whole foods, some people also need supplements like minerals and vitamins but you should take these only after receiving your doctor’s approval.

10. Practice Self-Care

For some of you, the concept of taking care of yourself might sound a bit indulgent. Believe it, it is not! In fact, it is of crucial importance for your overall well-being. If you work too much, you will become exhausted and stressed out, both of which can be toxic and harmful for your body. 

I understand that sometimes, you need to work hard and boost your productivity. However, it’s also essential to rest while taking care or even pampering yourself. Here are some of the best things you can do in this regard:

  • Avoid toxic people;
  • Challenge your brain;
  • Take an occasional nap;
  • Find a new hobby and work with your hands;
  • Buy new books; etc. 

11. Practice Gratitude and Mindfulness 

I’ve talked a bit about mindfulness when I mentioned meditation as a successful technique to quiet your mind. Through mindfulness, you can bring your entire attention to here and now. Accept the present moment without judging it. Let your mind wander without trying to stop it. For now, don’t try to adjust your thoughts. It is well-known that mindfulness lowers stress and might increase happiness. 

Besides mindfulness meditation, you should also practice mindful listening. This can truly help you bond with people at a whole new and more profound level. It also increases empathy and you retain information a lot easier and quicker. 

Gratitude is also something everyone should practice on a regular basis. Spend some moments at the end of each day thinking about the things that went well and the facts that you’re appreciative of. You may also start a gratitude journal where you write down at least 3 things that you’re grateful for, every day. 

Here’s some inspirational content to motivate you:

12. Befriend with Positive People 

Surrounding yourself with positive people has a great effect on your well-being. Keep your distance from toxic people, from those that don’t support your ideals or those who tend to bring you down. As a matter of fact, you should apply this rule in your digital presence as well as your real life. 

Positive people will encourage you to continue your journey towards achieving your dreams. Their energy will vibrate so strong that it can even change your view of the world. Negative thoughts have a way to slip into your mind and make you see things in an unclear way. 

13. Be Kind and Giving 

For a meaningful life, you should definitely be kind to everyone around you. Also, you should be kind to yourself. Treat yourself with patience and empathy and behave well with others, just the way you want them to treat you. Working on one’s self-improvement is something an individual must do on a daily basis. This isn’t an objective you can abandon and then revisit only from time to time. 

Become aware of both your strengths and weaknesses and focus more on those areas that need improvement. Develop some small practices and make them a habit by doing them every day. Once these activities turn into habits, try to create new ones. 

14. Think Outside the Box

If you want extraordinary things to happen, you must break free of your comfort zone. Do something every day that challenges you. Only by doing things that might make you a tad uncomfortable, you will become a better version of yourself. Embrace change and don’t be afraid of unpredictable things. Look at the wider perspective, question almost everything, and set your creativity free. 

Another way to think outside the box is by constantly changing your working space, engaging in regular brainstorming sessions, and changing your routine. Be spontaneous and accept any problem that arises by looking at it from a different angle. After all, problems are nothing else than opportunities in disguise. 

15. Try New Hobbies

Start a new hobby. I, for one, love to play the piano and learn new languages such as German, Spanish, Italian, and French. Another thing that I discovered recently is working with flowers and creating beautiful floral arrangements. So, as you can see, there are plenty of potential hobbies out there that you can choose from. 

Think about the things you’ve always wanted to do but never found the time for them. Discover your true passion and do anything you can to get better at it. Maybe it’s drawing, painting, hiking, or even fitness. Hobbies complete us and make us well-rounded people. 

16. Don’t Compare Yourself with Others 

The only person you should compare yourself with is you. Stay focused on your goals and on your path without minding too much what others do. To become better at what you do you should always compare your present self to the way you were one month or one year ago. 

Don’t worry that much about what others think or say about you. You’d be surprised to know that most people worry about others or their own problems so that they don’t find any spare time to judge you. Focusing on others’ opinions might stop you from becoming better at what you do. 

17. Find a Mentor 

You will face many challenges in both your career and your personal life. Therefore, you will need someone you can trust who’s more experienced than you to guide you and what better person could do that than a mentor?! Good mentors will inspire and support you but they will also have the courage to criticize you. 

Here’s what you have to do to find the right mentor for you:

  • Find a person with great achievements whom you truly appreciate and admire;
  • Study that person – see what he does and how he or she manages all sorts of situations;
  • Ask the question but not from the very start – don’t ask someone to mentor you right from the very first meeting because it can be overwhelming and there’s an increased chance you may receive a negative answer;
  • Allow your relationship with your mentor evolve organically, naturally;
  • Ask your mentor all you need to know without being demanding;
  • Ask him or her for honest feedback and learn from it. 

18. Create Milestones 

Achieving a big goal might be tricky. Therefore, you should split your objectives into smaller milestones because it is easier to accomplish them, one step at a time. Milestones will help you become disciplined, more organized, and better focused. So, dividing big goals into smaller individual tasks will help you achieve your purposes easily and quickly. 

This method works also as a motivational factor because, after each accomplished milestone, you will receive a new boost of confidence and self-improvement. 

19. Accept Failure 

You shouldn’t just accept failure. In fact, you should see it as a new opportunity to grow and learn. See it as a valuable lesson. Looking at the things you couldn’t reach as failures will only make you perceive yourself as a hopeless victim. Therefore, instead of helping yourself, you will always wait for somebody else to save you which is a counterproductive approach. 

Instead, you should always stand on your own, embrace every life situation with acceptance and courage while also face your failures and learn from them. Don’t let your unsuccessful endeavors darken all your other accomplishments. See what your mistakes were and try to fix them because failure is nothing else than the realistic path towards success.   

20. Be Open to Change and Embrace Challenge 

Change is inevitable. During your lifetime, expect to go through all sorts of situations because life doesn’t stay still. There’s a constant evolution and all of us must experience these transformations. Although most of us like familiar things while being reluctant to change, we must surpass this uncomfortable feeling and face all the ups and downs we’ll encounter. 

Embracing challenges brings plenty of opportunities. People who’re willing to do this have higher chances of being successful because they see opportunities in places and situations in which other individuals only see impenetrable obstacles. Challenge yourself but don’t forget to rely on practical and realistic goals. 

21. Prioritize and Delegate 

Not all tasks need to be performed right away. Establish your priorities first. Begin with the most important or urgent projects and then continue until you reach to less important work. Also, you shouldn’t do everything on your own. Even the most responsible and committed managers and entrepreneurs should know how to delegate. 

Delegating tasks comes in handy when you don’t have the necessary skills for those projects or when you have your hands full with too many tasks. This is also a way to show your employees that you appreciate and trust them. 

22. Give up Control 

Stop being a control freak if you want to be happy. In order to be successful and happy, you need to let go of control. This is an issue that stops many people from living their life stress-free while creating new great memories with their loved ones. Living freely and learning to adapt to ever-changing plans will set you free and make you happier. So, you should do the things that make you happy but without stressing so much, every step of the way. 

23. Overcome Your Fears

All humans have fears. That’s completely natural. The most common ones are fear of taking risks, talking in public, and life uncertainties. All these anxieties keep you from growing and make you remain in the same life position over and over again. Those fears of yours are nothing else than reflections of certain areas you need to improve. So, don’t be afraid to address your fears

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 23 Self Improvement Tips for Social Entrepreneurs – Wrapping It Up 

As a final conclusion, I must say that you, as a social entrepreneur and as a human being, should turn all your fears and limitations into growth opportunities. I cannot guarantee that all of the above tips will help you improve yourself but most of them work for all people. I know for certain they worked like a charm for me. As a matter of fact, you shouldn’t expect them to work unless you get up and get started. Without applying them in your daily lifestyle, you won’t see any results. 

Don’t postpone them anymore. Take action as soon as possible to create the best version of yourself and live a happier and more accomplished life

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