Interview with Daniel Levine: Exploring Future Trends That Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Exclusive interview with trends expert, Daniel Levine.

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When you’re an entrepreneur or any kind of business leader you need to stay ahead by knowing the trends in your space.

What are the behavioral trends? What are the tech trends?

Daniel Levine is the Bruce Lee of trends so we decided to talk to him and find out his take on the future.

This is important because his insights around trends help you get inside your customers head so you can communicate effectively using the right language and tools. No matter what industry you’re in, understanding trends helps you see what’s next — giving you clear vision and new opportunities for innovation your competition doesn’t even know about yet.

  • Founding Director of the Avant-Guide Institute trends consultancy
  • Bestselling Author of 11 books on trends, business, travel and marketing
  • Keynote Speaker with over 266 presentations in 37+ Industries
  • Corporate Consultant for American Express, Intel, HBO, NBC, BMW & many more
  • Global Editor of WikiTrends for business professionals and entrepreneurs

“Levine is the ultimate guru of cool…. He has a remarkable ability to distill trends to their essence and articulate them in a way we can all benefit from”~ CNN

Some of the topics we discuss include…

  • What to expect in 2018
  • Will corporate social responsibility grow or fade
  • What role does activism have in the future and why
  • What is impacting the trends in the USA now?
  • Examples of technology that is coming down the pipeline and driving social impact.
  • What are the big ideas that are impacting every industry?
  • Trends in media
  • Sharing economy
  • Automation

Plus much more!!

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