Interview with Rachel Renock: How Wethos Raised $1M to Fund a Nonprofit Revolution!

Exclusive interview with the founder of Wethos, Rachel Renock.

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What if you could work for yourself as a freelancer helping companies that have a social impact mission? Well, thanks to Wethos, now you can!

In 2016, Rachel Renock start the company to build a platform that connect social impact companies with socially conscious people freelancers.

In a short period of time they build the platform, proved it worked, connected with some investors who “got” what they were doing, and landed their first $1 million in funding.

Since then they have been featured in Forbes, the NY Times, NBC and more.

Wethos nonprofits range from small budget grassroots community causes to some of the largest and well-known organizations in the country. They turn applicants around in 24-48 hours with the promise that each freelancer is hand-picked based on talent and reliability for your cause.

Give it a shot! Even Rachel used her own platform at one point to make some extra cash during her journey 🙂

Some topics we discuss:

  • How she got started with Wethos
  • A big mistake people commonly make when starting a company
  • How did they validate their idea?
  • Is competitive analysis really helpful?
  • How did she approach funding and when?
  • Does funding solve your problems?
  • How do you find and connect with the right investors?

Plus much more!!

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