What are the Ingredients to Great PR for Your Impact Company?: Jackie Herskovitz Russell (Interview)

Interview with the founder of Teak Media, Jackie Herskovitz Russell

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In this interview, we talk with PR expert Jackie Herskovitz Russell to understand what makes great PR for your impact company. This is a vibrant and powerful conversation that provides a lot of important insights.

Jackie started Teak Media in an effort to generate good news overall, and more specifically, to bring positive and profitable media attention to nonprofit organizations and socially responsible companies.

As a former reporter for daily newspapers, including the Eagle-Tribune and Connecticut Post, she understood the power of the media and wanted to leverage it to help nonprofits and responsible businesses grow, raise money, change public policy, and continue their good work.

Today, even big companies are learning that good business is more profitable. This is what the people demand.

Some of the questions and topics discussed:

  1. Why is teak pushing for businesses to tackle the triple bottom line?
  2. What is the “so what” concept and why is the critical?
  3. Business has caused problems and now they are trying to clean up a mess, can they go full circle?
  4. Should a business stop what they do if they are creating products that end up causing social challenges?
  5. How is business slowing transforming today and what can we expect moving forward?
  6. What should a company do to keep the public clear about their efforts to make things better?
  7. When is the right time for a company to start considering PR?
  8. What steps does Teak take to establish the relationship and craft their impact story?
  9. Do they work under a results-based model?
  10. What kind of story becomes newsworthy? Are there key elements that stand out?
  11. What’s the formula for a great that gets picked up?

Plus so much more!

Looking for great PR, visit Teak Media and learn more.

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