Month: April 2017

How To Build A World-Class Brand That Impacts Lives

Exclusive interview with Change Creator Founder, Adam G. Force. Subscribe to this show on  iTunes  |  Stitcher  |  Soundcloud It was an honor to be on Joel Brown’s famous radio show, Addicted 2 Success. He’s interviewed many of the world’s best such as Grant Cardone and Tony Robbins and is doing amazing work today. We discuss what it takes to build a world-class brand that drives real impact in the world. I interviewed Joel in 2016 and he was on the cover Change Creator Magazine issue 3. In this interview Joel and I dive into a range of topics, including: What is the current shift...

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Creating Change from the Inside Out as a Social Entrepreneur

“When it comes to action” he said, “you have to think about building a team, partnerships, testing your idea, developing your business, a business model, raising funds, creating an advisory board and a board of directors or scaling your work…” James gets nods of agreement from the rest of the Fellows, some offered additional points to consider. All of them had shared ideas of what is needed at each point of the framework underlying the course we call the ‘Inner Journey of the Changemaker’ at Amani Institute. I took a deep breath. This was my fourth year facilitating the...

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Women Leading Social Change: 5 of the World’s Best Female Social Entrepreneurs

Women play a significant role in social change. When women work, economies grow. When women control family income, more is spent on food and children. This has been recognized by many of the world’s leading thinkers and doers including the Dalai Lama, who said: “According to scientists, women have more sensitivity than men. Sometimes I really feel that more women should take responsibility in the leadership of our planet. It would mean less violence.” Beyond the numbers, beyond UN statistics, there are thousands of leading female social innovators who are reinventing how to address pressing issues and effecting change...

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