Using Innovative Gaming to Protect Wildlife

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Exclusive interview with 2 social entrepreneurs, Gautam Shah and Anne Miltenburg.

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For many years now wildlife has been under attack and extinction rates are higher than ever before. Today, social entrepreneurs like Gautam Shah and Anne Miltenburg are using innovation to help push conservation of these important creatures.

Gautam and Anne were both separately interviewed for the Change Creator Podcast previously.

Anne has a focus on impact branding. Gautam is pursuing new animal conservation techniques using technology and now they are working together to bring this to life.

You can find our first interview with Anne about branding here.

You can find our first interview with Gautam about his work and hackathon here.

What if you could connect better with animals in the wild? Would you become more attached and eager to protect them? You must might!

What Gautam and Anne are doing is just that, they are connecting people to wildlife so they can actually track them and see what they are doing. How do you make this interesting and will people actually care? They answer these questions and much more during this compelling interview.

You can even check out the augmented reality demo right here!

 “We want to bring an interactive Truman show to wildlife” 

Topics of discussion in this interview

  1. A summary of what has taken place since we all last spoke – going from vision to reality
  2. Who is actually tracking animals and why is this important to their innovative program?
  3. Examples demonstrating how this app technology would help animals.
  4. Why this approach to conservation is important for people and animals.
  5. How they getting the data from partners who track animals to make this app possible.
  6. How did they start building this type of advanced technology and why the lean principles were important?
  7. What steps did they take to start prototyping?
  8. How did they get funding?
  9. What challenges did they have to navigate?
  10. What will the user of this solution actually get to see?
  11. What will make this interesting for people?
  12. What will you know about the animals you track – “we want to make celebrities out of these animals”
  13. How will they make the animals a household name?
  14. How is the branding being approached and what steps were needed?

CAPTION: Insights from enthusiastic 10 year olds about their experience playing the first IoE proof of concept


Augmented Reality Demo

What they learned from the first prototype

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