4 Tips to Get Out of Your Own Way And Create Next Level Success

Think of yourself as a thermometer. What temperature of success are you set for and why?

There are so many external variables that contribute to how we think, behave and in turn the level of success we have in our life.

I have always loved to study human behavior and debate my sister who’s a Ph.D. in Psychology. When I interview people for the Change Creator Podcast, I usually like to ask what they were doing before they had their business. The conditions that surround a person – family, friends, location, school, anything you can think of – impacts your perspective and behavior.

One of my favorite books by T. Harv Eker is – Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth.

Successful people think in similar ways. And unsuccessful people also think in similar ways. The way you think will determine the results you produce.

If you’re not getting the results you desire then you must consider these two things:

  1. What thoughts are holding you back?
  2. What strategies can you implement to recondition your mind so you think like a successful person?

“It’s not what we don’t know that prevents us from succeeding; it’s what we know that just ain’t so that is our greatest obstacle.” ~Josh Billings

Below I outline 4 tips to get out of your own way and create next-level success

1. Forget Instant Gratification

In today’s technological climate we have all adopted a desire for instant gratification. How can I become a millionaire in six months or what can I do to make $5k this month! This is not big picture thinking and holds you back from hitting long-term goals. There are no overnight successes or tricks for fast success. So many people jump from one business opportunity to another thinking if they just get in on the right idea they will explode. That’s like the lottery and is super unlikely to happen. Stop being sidetracked by new opportunities, bells, and whistles or when things get tough. Focus and commitment to a real strategy is an essential step.

2. Understand The Difference Between The Tools and The Toolbox

In Eker’s book, he talks about this and it’s one of the most important lessons to understand. You can share strategies, marketing tips, SaaS programs, and a million other things to two of the same people. One will go and crush it while the other falls flat.

But why would that be?

Well, you can have the best “tools” in the world but if you got a leaky “toolbox” (your mind), you’re in big trouble. The tools are the outer game and the toolbox is the inner game. Like most of us, you probably have bad thought patterns and habits that set your success thermometer to a temperature you’re not happy with.

I always say that if you hate black jelly beans you probably will never have any, right? Well, if you have financially negative thoughts and believe that what your mind tells you is always true, it will be a huge obstacle to reaching the next level of success. If you believe money is the root of all evil, you will never have much of it. You have to learn to not entertain thoughts that do not empower your vision for success.

Training and managing your own mind is the most important skill you could ever learn, in terms of both happiness and success.

3. Become the Person You Need to Be

If you’re just starting a business great if you’re already doing six figures, great. We all are pushing to the next level and have goals we wish to achieve. These insights are essential no matter what your situation is if you want to continue growing your success.

“It’s not enought to be in the right place at the right time. You have to be the right person at the right place and time.” ~T. Harv Eker

That quote is one of my favorites. It begs you to consider who you are. You have to be honest about the answers to that question and some of the others listed below.

  1. How do you think?
  2. What do you believe?
  3. How do you feel about yourself?
  4. What are your habits?
  5. What is your level of confidence?
  6. Can you act in spite of fear, worry or discomfort?

This is like taking a self-inventory which we talk about a lot in our mentor program. Most people don’t want to deal with this stuff, they just want the next overnight success idea or that magical investment. But if you can take this seriously, you will see where you need to start transforming yourself and then you can define the steps you need to take to do it. Again, your toolbox (inner game) is critical to your success. The tools (outer game) will not matter if you have a leaky toolbox.

Think of it as a house. If you have a blueprint for a 900 square foot bungalow made out of straw, then that the house you will get. And it will suck and fall apart which is stressful and requires you to build it over and over. But what if it took some time to learn how to build a new house that is 3,000 square feet and built from steel, wood, and concrete? Now you can change your blueprint and the result will be a new solid house that you truly wanted. But you have to take the time to learn how to build it.

Years ago, I acknowledged some serious thought patterns holding me back and had to create new ones. I had sticky notes all around the house where I would see them the most. My wife thought I was nuts but it was a huge help! Do what you have to do to avoid negative thinking and learn new wealth principles.

So, where do you begin? Well, a good start is to become aware of yourself more. Take notice of your behaviors and thinking. Learn what people at the next level of success do and how they think. Adopt education and action into your daily routine.  Think of it as a system that is a well-oiled machine. This will give you consistent growth.

4. Find Your Circle of Support

At the risk of beating a drum, you’ve heard many times before, I’m going to state this anyway because it’s so important. You must take note of who is toxic in your life and stay away! At the same time, you have to surround yourself with people who lift you up.

This might be:

  1. Friends
  2. Family
  3. Business network
  4. Mentors
  5. Advisors

it’s important that they support your big dreams and ideas and push you forward. For example, stay away from people who only see obstacles and find people that focus on opportunities. Negativity is contagious.

At Change Creator we connect with the best and brightest digital entrepreneurs in the business. We have invested thousands of dollars in the right programs and masterminds that have accelerated our growth and helped us see a better path for our business. We have also interviewed the best mentors around the world for Change Creator Magazine. Sure, that’s part of our business but we also learn priceless information and strategies which we share with you!

Final Thoughts

No matter where you are with your success now, if you want to level up, you will need to push your self to grow more by watering the inner game. Your success can only grow to the extent that you do. That growth is a lifelong process. You cannot change the visible if you don’t change the invisible first.

Are you ready to turn up the temperature on your thermometer? Let us know your best growth secrets in the comments!

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