Augie Johnston: How to Make Video an Easy and Effective Tool to Grow Your Brand?

People watch over 16 hours of online video content, on average, each week. And if the numbers are to be believed, videos are 1200% more successful than any other content format on the internet.

And as rewarding as video content is, the editing, uploading, and setup process can turn out to be quite daunting. It’s tiring. But, video is a very good tool for building your brand and connecting with people. Almost 93% of brands have reportedly attracted new customers by posting videos across different social media channels. At the same time, 84% of customers have claimed that videos have spiked their interest in a brand’s product or service and turned them into buying customers.

So, in this discussion, Adam talks with Augie Johnston who not only shares powerful tips for making videos and having them edited for YouTube or other channels so easily that anyone can do it BUT also how you can leverage a channel like YouTube to build your email list.

More About Augie Johnston

Augie Johnston is a 33-year-old native to the central coast of California and a former professional Basketball player. He is currently making waves in the Video Editing Industry as a result of his promising start-up called Vidchops. Vidchops, the brainchild of Augie, aims to assist video creators and digital marketers by doing the heavy lifting of editing their videos. This allows them to focus more on the “content” side of their productions to therefore create more engaging videos that their fans will love. Augie works with full-time YouTubers, online personalities, thought leaders, and anyone that creates online videos for their businesses.

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Throughout Our Conversation, We Discussed:

From a professional basketball player to a YouTuber with 200,000 subscribers and 500,000 views a month, Augie Johnston has been a part of a thrilling journey – and is now on a mission to help brands elevate their content marketing efforts and skyrocket their progress with premier video editing services. In fact, he has helped his clients garner over 2 million monthly views – which is a huge milestone. Throughout our conversation, Augie, the founder of Vidchops shared some mind-blowing insights. During this episode, we discussed:

  • What made Augie Johnston launch his YouTube channel?
  • What is YouTube burnout and what causes it?
  • How exactly did Augie Johnston realize YouTube burnout to be a common pain point of video creators?
  • Why did Augie launch his own video editing agency – Vidchops?
  • How does Vidchops help YouTubers build and launch premier videos in an efficient manner?
  • Vidchops’ target audience
  • How did Augie Johnston & his brilliant team help one of their clients grow from 50,000 views to 2 million a month? Before & After.
  • What kind of services Vidchops offers? Is it just limited to video editing? Or do they help their clients with the setup and upload process?
  • Augie Johnston’s branding process: How did Augie team share his message and start building momentum around his YouTube channel?
  • How did Augie build a 50,000 email list during the early stages of his YouTube venture?
  • Why is it important to build a series of videos revolving around a certain subject over random videos?
  • How is “YouTube Shorts” helping video creators garner millions of views each month?
  • Do you really need to come up with a click-generating text hook and an eye-catching thumbnail image for your YouTube videos?
  • Augie Johnston’s future plans
  • Vidchops’ marketing strategy: How and where does the company’s target audience learn about or discover them?

Final Thoughts:

Augie has achieved a tremendous amount of success in the video world. And with an ever-increasing number of people watching different forms of video (long-form, short-form, horizontal, vertical), the future is only looking bright.

YouTube is a platform of over 2 billion. There hasn’t ever been a time, as far as I can remember, when I didn’t watch YouTube within an hour or two of waking up. That’s how powerful the platform really is. And it’s not just the platform. That’s how powerful video content is.

Every single week, I love e-meeting with marketing experts or amazing business professionals like Augie to help you guys dive deep into stories and gain relevant insights that could, maybe, help you throughout your journey.

And I really hope you guys loved today’s video. And if you did, do support me and my show by leaving a 5-star review on iTunes. Every single review matters.

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Episode Transcript (unedited, will likely have typos):

Adam G. Force  0:00 

How do social entrepreneurs and small businesses create an authentic brand people love so they can get the edge they need to stand out, create Predictable Revenue, and compete against the big guys. That’s what we’re here to discuss. I’m Adam forest, the founder of change creator and this is the authentic brand mastery podcast.

Hey, what’s going on everybody, welcome back to the authentic brand mastery show. Got a really great conversation for you guys today. I know we’re always trying to get our brands developed by sharing our messages, getting our story out there to the world. And one great way to do it is YouTube. So we’re gonna be talking with Augie Johnston, he is the founder of a company called Video chops. And they do some really cool stuff with helping create a lot of efficiency in your process. Because, you know, making those videos posting on YouTube, all that stuff is, you know, it’s cumbersome, right. So it holds a lot of us back. So he’s kind of addressing that key pain point. And one of the great things is he built up his own channel, he was a professional basketball player before this business and in Europe, and he built a channel up to over 200,000 subscribers 500,000 views a month and email list over 50,000 people. And you might be wondering, how do we do that? So he has a ton of insights on how he leveraged that channel as a marketing tool to develop the brand. And how are his clients doing it? He has some clients getting over 2 million views a month and they skyrocketed their their progress because of the efficiencies there. And you know, how do we how do we approach creating videos and make it a little easier on ourselves to plan these things right? So we get into all that stuff. So a lot of good value in in this discussion with Auggie. Now one other thing is we just launched the site, finger licking gutsche with John and John is a super cool dude. And you know him and his girlfriend have this incredible company for stroke waffles authentic shrimp waffles out in the Netherlands. They’re made in the Netherlands and they have a recipe from the Netherlands, a can’t taste any more authentic. They are so good because they sent me some samples and I became an addict. So we launched that site, which means we had a full roster. But now we have one spot open in the Brand Studio. Guys, if you want to develop your brand, turn it into a trusted brand, right? Take your business turn into a trusted brand and start getting more leads and sales on autopilot. That is our goal, right? We want to really create a sales system give you a powerful online presence that really reflects who you are. If that’s you, we would love to talk to you. I’ll jump on the phone and have a quick strategy call with you. So just visit change And you can book a call from there. Awesome. So guys, last but not least leave us a five star review on iTunes. It goes a long way to support the show and keep us moving forward. And if you missed last week’s episode, I spoke about the one most powerful, unique problem that keeps entrepreneurs stuck so you might want to check that out. That’s it guys. Let’s jump into this conversation with Augie. Okay, show me the heat. No. Hey Auggie? Welcome to the authentic brand mastery podcast How you doing today?

Augie Johnston  3:18 

I’m doing good. Thanks for having me on. I’m ready to talk a little bit right now.

Adam G. Force  3:21 

Let’s do it. Let’s do it. Yeah, I was excited to connect with you because you know obviously video is important in any kind of content strategy today but I also think it’s probably one of the bigger pain points for people as a marketing tool. Just kind of feeling overwhelmed about editing and doing all those things. So you know running a live video people are afraid to go live but then when it comes to like editing and actually running maybe a YouTube channel for your marketing it can be really overwhelming so while you’re just give us a little bit of background about you know why you started vid chops and kind of like how you learned it, if you will, and where you’re where it was born from? So we know.

Augie Johnston  4:08 

Yeah, so I back in about 2009 I was living in Europe, I was playing basketball over there. And while I was over there, I was looking for ways to make more money and I did that Google search that so many of us have done where you type in how to make money online and that took me down a rabbit hole man that was you know over 10 years ago and at that time you know I learned how to make an offer and I built a website and I released a basically a course at that time and in the problem was I had this website up I thought I was gonna make a million dollars but I didn’t make a single sale because I had what no traffic right? I had my offer I had no traffic so then I just you know it was diving deeper and deeper and deeper into the Google world and figuring out how to do this and you know, something popped up said hey, you know, you can create a YouTube channel, grow an audience, and then you know sell your product to that audience. So that’s what I did. So I started a channel, you know, it was kind of like one of those up and down things like most most people go through, I started it, I released a couple videos, I stopped, I started it, I stopped. And then eventually, through like a little bit of mentorship and stuff, I was like, Okay, I’m going all in on this. So, you know, I used to wake up in the summers, I’d come home in the summer, so I played basketball for about seven years over there. And in the summers, I would come home and my wife and I would go to the gym at like six in the morning when no one was in there. Because these are I created a basketball training YouTube channel, where I taught people how to shoot jump shots, and do all that. So we’d go out there, and my wife would shoot all these videos would shoot like, I don’t know, 50 to 100 videos in the summer. And then I’d go back to Europe, and I’d start releasing them, you know, one at a time, every week. And I grew that channel. And I grew it to about 200,000 subscribers over 20 million views. And the great thing about it is, I started with the end in mind, meaning that, you know, since I launched it and stopped launched and stopped by time, I was like, Okay, I’m really gonna do this. I already had a product created or a couple products created. Yeah, I already had what we would call like a lead magnet or, you know, website where people could come and enter their email to get a free offer. Yeah. So with that, you know, I launched my YouTube channel, as the views grew that the email list grew. And it grew to about 50,000 email subscribers. And at some point, I was guy a little burnt out. And it’s a typical thing. They call it YouTube burnout. A lot of people Yeah, it’s it. Yeah. And, and I experienced it. And the problem was like, I would go home in the summer, I would, you know, shoot all these YouTube videos, I would shoot all these other videos for maybe a product and a new course. And then I would never find the time to edit them. And I would, they would just sit on my hard drive and stuff. And so yeah, so eventually, I was like, You know what, let me solve this problem. I was like, I’m not the only one that’s burnt out right here. Everyone’s talking about it. And so that’s where the idea of Vid chops really originally came from is I was like, Hey, how come no one’s out here with a, you know, a video editing service for YouTubers that allows me just to, you know, upload my footage and kind of forget about it. And in a day or two, you get the edited video back. And so I launched we launched it chops about four and a half five years ago. And it’s it’s done good. It’s got some traction. And that was basically the end of that YouTube channel. And unfortunately, and yeah, I switch gears. Honestly, I was burnt out. Pivot. Yeah. Yeah, I just like, hey, I’m gonna go focus on on vid chops, which I’m glad I did. Because in the end, I do enjoy helping, you know, other people with theirs with their YouTube channels and that kind of stuff. But that’s where the idea came from. So basically, we edit for YouTubers.

Adam G. Force  7:50 

Okay, cool. Cool. Yeah, um, that’s interesting. Now, you edit for YouTubers. And I’m wondering, can we get a little more focused in on? Is there a certain type of YouTuber, in the sense of you typically are working with people that are, you know, all in and doing like daily videos? Or is it the YouTuber that’s kind of in the early stage where they might be on and often struggling with the editing? Or it’s because they have so much volume? They can’t keep up with the editing? I’m curious. Maybe maybe you don’t segment that way. I’m just curious on if there is a particular focus on the audience there.

Augie Johnston  8:32 

Yeah. Our clients, they range all across the board, but I would say the majority of them are our thought leaders are experts. You know, maybe, you know, one of our clients. She is a dermatologist. You know, she she’s the skincare, I guess. Yeah. And so she does that as her day job. You know, she does skincare, and she’s a dermatologist. And then, you know, she’s an expert in wanting to kind of grow her brand. And she created a YouTube channel. And when she first joined us, she was getting about 50,000 views a month, and you know, releasing maybe one video a week. But with us, you know, she’s been able to release over 20 videos a month now. And her views have gone to like over 2 million a month now. So that’s kind of the power. Yeah, that’s kind of the power. So just to kind of answer your questions. You know, our clients are really all across the board, but most of them are our experts giving advice on there. Yeah.

Adam G. Force  9:30 

Yeah, that makes sense. That makes sense. I mean, that’s a good focus, too. I mean, I think going out to people that have an expertise and they have something to say and obviously what their their skill set is not spending time trying to figure out how to edit the damn video and kind of take care of all that. So does the process you go through does it help with the uploading and setup process or is it just the editing?

Augie Johnston  9:59 

So we do have like an add on service that takes care of everything for you. So imagine that you go, you record four videos in two hours, right? Your two hours on the camera record for this, you can upload those to us. We’ll edit them, you can review them mark them as done, we’ll create a thumbnail image a title tags descriptions, and we’ll get it uploaded on YouTube and everything scheduled it out for you. So it is a done for you service. Yeah,

Adam G. Force  10:23 

yeah, I mean that that sweetens the deal a bit because it’s like it, I feel like you know, you got the upload time, I can’t wait for the video upload. And just those little things in your daily process can be very cumbersome or tedious that that friction will stop you from doing it, right. So when you take that friction out, I can see the power of that because you want to go to be like I’m uploading those and I know, now it’s good, like it’s going to be edited, it’s going to be put up on the channel and Google boom, you’re done. So I think it’s pretty sweet. So tell me, let’s let’s talk about building the brand. Because you kind of went through the exercise with your basketball channel. And you’re also building a brand for bid shots. But I want to give people a little insight from your experience of actually building a channel that got a fair amount of subscribers build the email list, because now we’re talking about actually getting in front of people with a message, and actually building an email list, which in most cases, for people listening to this show, is going to be really valuable, because now you own the traffic, and you can have this conversation with them over email and sell more, you know, down the line. So let’s talk about that process. What was it that you were How are you sharing your message and about what you were doing, that you feel kind of created actual momentum and got subscribers? What was it like anything stand out to you?

Augie Johnston  11:50 

Well, I think, you know, the biggest thing for me was that I was my target audience, you know, so when it came to getting good shops, so I really had an inside look to the pain points, and Yelp and all that kind of stuff. So when it came down to building the brand, I could really look inwards. And and you know, and really identify my avatar, or my dream customer or whatever. So I don’t think that was actually as challenging as it is for most people starting a brand because you’re really you know, trying to spend time with in the avatar stage the customer avatar and, and figure that out when I was already kind of past that when I launched it. So, you know, as far as you know, messaging and stuff like that there is different ways that we’ve tried to, you know, brand our company in one way is, you know, the pain point of editing, right, that’s a big one. That’s the one that’s the one we stick with, because I that’s the one I feel best about. But you know, there’s other there’s other ways that we’ve tested, where we could say, hey, you know, instead of the pain point of editing the pain point of not making enough money, oh, will fit shops will help you make you know more money, like as far as the messaging goes, because you can grow your channel quicker, you don’t have to worry about editing. So there’s that message that we mess around with a lot a little bit more almost like the make money online niche, right, where every headline is, how to earn $10,000 a month without, you know, spending four hours a day or whatever, you know.

Adam G. Force  13:20 

Yeah. It always comes down to the money.

Augie Johnston  13:24 

Yeah, right. Right. Because I mean, that’s the ultimate goal for anybody in this. You know, not maybe not the ultimate goal, but that is part of it. Right? We have to be we need we need revenue to operate

Adam G. Force  13:33 

revenue to work to make it work. Yeah. So I mean, for me, I think about like, so you’re when you’re like I don’t have a significant YouTube channel, and I just started putting some of the podcasts like promo clips and like some other stuff up there and just just kind of gently trying to find like a flow every week and doing things like that. And I do find it cumbersome and like, like, you know, like, and I have a VA but I haven’t trained the VA to like manage YouTube right so I’m like I don’t have a process like outline there. Sure. And you know, that also is not their expertise so to me when I think about a process like this like it money is always an end game. And it’s interesting because I have a little outside perspective right and I always ask people about my own business like outside perspective because I get so close and why the money is the end game honestly if you take just taking away that pain of like editing it and knowing it’s going up there and if I know someone who actually understands YouTube like if you’re going to be helping like you know my business he took the time upfront to know my business and you’re going to help me like make sure that the titles and the descriptions are like consistent SEO driven and like whatever else like that may I’m i I’m like super sold like on those points. You know what I mean? Because I know that if if those things All right, then yeah, I get more followers, I can generate more leads, which means more money and stuff like that. So I love the I love the idea. So that kind of I think it’s a great service that you got into and I can you tell us a little bit about how you were generated? How did you generate the 50,000 emails when you initially were doing the basketball stuff? Where that how did that funnel kind of work?

Augie Johnston  15:24 

Yeah, so, um, like I said, I, I relaunched my channel, I’d started, I stopped and by the time I started up again, and really want to take a serious when I recorded those 50 videos, I, I had the end in mind. So what I did is I had a call to action at the end of every single video that said, Hey, guys, if you guys liked this video, if you want more, if you want the, you know, a complete training workout, not just you know, a one drill or a little bit of shooting form, we got a complete workout for you click the link on the screen, or click the link in the description, head over there. Enter your email, and we’ll ship that right over to you. So, you know, that works great. I mean, we were getting over 100 leads a day, the channel channel was about 500,000 views a month for four years. And you know that that was another thing that kind of led to the burnout is I never was able to make that huge breakthrough, right? And get those 2 million views a month, three, 5 million views. And so, you know, but we had we had slow growth over you know, I was doing it for about four years, maybe five, uploading once a week on to YouTube. Okay. But, you know, with that, you know, it was I was a solopreneur doing it all myself. So I was building all the websites graphic design, all the sales pages in the courses, right. I mean, like, my, the courses that I released, I released about probably like seven or eight courses, some physical products as well. And, and those courses, you know, would have like over 50 videos in them. So like, that was a huge endeavor, anytime I wanted to release a course.

Adam G. Force  16:56 

Brutal. Yeah, it’s a lot of work. It’s a lot of work. And I mean, even just setting up the lead magnet, right? Hey, if you like this, and you want to go a little deeper on it, I mean, that’s a whole like setup in and of itself, right? Here’s more videos, here’s this landing page, and they get to set it all up. And, and a lot of entrepreneurs, I feel like you know, they don’t have all the skill sets. So you were able to figure that stuff out. And a lot of times, you know, people just that overwhelms and and so what it what are you seeing now, now that you’ve done it yourself? Right, you’re doing once a week, you did get to the burnout. So you did pretty good, right? You’re doing 500,000 This month, but you didn’t hit the breakthrough, but you just spoke about the dermatologists who like is kind of who did hit the breakthrough? What’s the difference in what she now obviously different audience I get those variables, right different audience and but if she let’s look at what we what you do know, which is like, is there a difference in her frequency of like delivering videos and like anything that might stand out to you that might be different that allowed her to push a little further?

Augie Johnston  17:59 

Yeah, definitely. So just as quick background info on YouTube and the algorithm basically, you want people to first of all click your video. So CTR is called click through rate. And that’s the rate that people click your thumbnail when that when it pops up. So that’s the first thing you need a good thumbnail good title, good topic. To help help you in the YouTube algorithm, believe it or not, and I’ve heard some creators say that they spend more time on their thumbnail than they do actually editing their video, which is crazy to think but that’s how much detail they put like that. Yeah, so anyways, there’s that aspect clicking and then it kind of the second aspect is you want people to watch your video all the way through or as much as it of your video as possible. And that’s called view duration or watch time, you might have heard that those terms. So so if somebody watches your video that tells the YouTube our YouTube algorithm Hey, this is a great video for this niche this topic let’s promote it out whether that’s in the search rankings or through suggesting that video to other people who are interested in the same topic. And, and kind of like the last factor would be like if someone watched her video and then subscribed clicked on your channel went and binge watched a bunch of your videos that would also tell you to pay this person’s creating great content. So with that in mind, comparing my channel to the skincare channel she’s uploading about 20 videos a month, so the frequency is a lot more so people are probably coming back on a daily basis to her channel watching videos. Maybe Maybe her watch time I don’t know her watch time and all that but I’m sure it’s pretty good. And in kind of the last thing a mistake I was making and I’ve already mentioned it before was I was going home in the summer and I was recording videos for the whole year like 52 videos. Right? Right, right. So first of all, that was a great strategy for me as far as getting it done. I got it done every I never missed a week. I never had to even record when I was in Europe playing basketball because I was pretty busy doing that. But, you know, every video, I was not working hard to make sure that we had good watch time, right? I was hitting record. I was I had a ball in my hand. I had, you know, I was a basketball coach and player I was saying, Hey, this is my favorite dribbling drill. Here it is. And I was getting it done. And my videos, you know, we’re five minutes long, eight minutes long. Okay. Yeah, two minutes long. So they’re kind of short. And in a way you want to kind of be at that 10 minute mark on YouTube. Yeah, yeah. So. So you know, for somebody that is doing this, I would recommend that you do batch record for the ease, right batch record, but you got a batch record and like, for like four videos spent two hours, three hours, maybe one? Yeah. Yeah, create four videos, that’s for the month, right? If you’re doing if you’re a weekly upload, or once a week, you can do it in one day, three hours in one day, for the month. But and then and then you can really, maybe put a little bit more effort towards your videos. And keep in mind that watch time. You can also just maybe be more up to date more relevant, right? With trending topics, right? If you if, like for this time, right? If you are a I don’t know a financial channel talking about finances. Well, Your videos should be about you know, life in COVID. Finances during COVID, you know, finances during I don’t know what month is this? November how to, you know, stay ahead of your budget during Thanksgiving, right? Like that should be your dad’s. But when you’re recording all your stuff in the summer, and it’s just all it’s a one hit. You know? Yeah, yeah. So anyways, that just to answer your question, I think that that was the difference. Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Adam G. Force  21:40 

And have you noticed, do people like that do well, I’m like, one of the things I kind of I don’t like about podcasts, and I’m even looking at kind of changing it up a little bit on my show. Is I go somewhere. I like it when there’s almost like a sequential development like a series like, like, each topic kind of makes sense. So I can make Oh, let me go back to like 10 episodes, they’re talking about this. And I can see how we got to this point of the conversation. Have you noticed to people, is it? Is it one off, like random topics most times? Or do you feel like they are putting out thoughts that are kind of more sequential? You know what I’m saying? Like, basically,

Augie Johnston  22:22 

yeah, no, I definitely know what you’re saying. And that’s a great strategy on YouTube, because I already mentioned binge watching. Right? So yes, yes. So imagine, imagine you you are searching for, I don’t know, some some topic and you find part one? Well, and it’s 10 parts. Well, imagine if you watch all the way through on each one of those videos, that’s huge for the algorithm. So yeah, great strategy.

Adam G. Force  22:45 

Oh, see. And then and that’s where I see like, doing seasons or series and being a little more thoughtful about, like, having a conversation, basically, but breaking it up, like book chapters, almost, you know, and I mean, and then, so to your point, you can sit down for a day, and be like, I want to talk about this big topic, and I’m gonna break it down into like, 15 minute discussions, and I make like five videos, and you could put those up for the month and be like, each month could be like, series, you know, that can be pretty cool. I like

Augie Johnston  23:18 

that. Yeah, I really do like that actually, as well. And, and also to there’s a lot of opportunities on YouTube right now for what’s called YouTube shorts. So these are short videos, and it’s crazy man, I’m seeing these channels now. talked to a guy the other day, who’s getting about his 3 million subscribers now came over how many views he’s getting, I want to say it’s like, in the 10s of million views a month. But all he does is released these little short videos, and it’s almost like little tick tock videos or like Instagram real type videos. Yeah, that’s the only kind of video he has on his channel. And he’s crushing it, he’s getting a ton of views. And yeah, it’s just like a new kind of like a new feature on YouTube. So that’s a good way to just to kind of close out the idea to you can repurpose your content and I’m seeing pod video podcast going taking the best little snippets and then making YouTube shorts and then also making a whole channel out of out of that

Adam G. Force  24:10 

is that of a function when you’re uploading you go to YouTube shorts versus just a regular upload.

Augie Johnston  24:18 

Yeah, so you do it is just a regular, it’s not a regular upload, but it’s kind of the same way that you would upload any video on YouTube.

Adam G. Force  24:25 

Okay, okay. Yeah, take a look at that haven’t noticed and uploading but the other interesting thing that you mentioned is the the thumbnail image because like for example, I would have us like say your this video I’ll take a promo clip here from our interview and put take something that you said that’s interesting and make like a three minute clip, right? And I’ll have like, on top like a curiosity headline that’s kind of like, you know, but is that that’s just on the video and I see people put like separate thumbnail images with like big text or pictures and stuff. So I mean, how how in depth Do we really need to go there? Is it just having a text hook? Or is it like, you know, really blowing up the image and putting some more sounds like you want to put more time into that? Yeah, definitely the so another damn step for development. Yeah, that’s

Augie Johnston  25:14 

another thing, right? And the thing about all this stuff is like, you have to have a little bit of marketing chops. You know, like you like you mentioned, a curiosity headline, like, a lot of people wouldn’t know that, you know, you didn’t want to create curiosity. And that is the main thing, right? When it comes to create a thumbnail, or a banner ad, or a Facebook ad or anything like that the curiosity gets the clicks. So, um, so yeah, I think you’d definitely want to spend a little bit more time on that normally, kind of, like, the best practices for creating thumbnails is to have a big face on there. Because with for whatever reason, eyes get drawn to, you know, faces and connect with faces. So normally a big face and you’ve seen it a million times on YouTube, right? Like the whole face. And yeah, yeah, and then the, the big text and some people say don’t put text some people say do put text, I’m the type that says, you should put like text maybe like three to five words that do create a little bit of curiosity that kind of play off that the title of your video. And then bright colors in the background. emotion in the face. Yeah. And if you can’t do a face, then you know if you’re doing a product review or something you can do, you know, a big product there, but you need a hero shot what people call me here.

Adam G. Force  26:25 

Yeah, just put a cute cat on it. You’ll

Augie Johnston  26:27 

be Oh, those are the good old days, man. Not anymore.

Adam G. Force  26:31 

Yeah, we can’t get by with that. But we are competing with some of those though. I mean, you want to be authentic, you want to build your curiosity. So it sounds like you know, you know, batch your video shots, which would be nice, because you could sit down create maybe a series so people can binge watch the binge factor can create more engagement and watch time. And then they can pass videos off to a team like yours to edit and even set them up. I mean, I because I because as you get more involved in your business, if you’re a thought leader, which is why I think you have a lot of thought leaders like they realize like, I don’t have time for this, like, I’m not sitting here trying to like dilly dally and upload videos or like to have someone say, I can hand this off. And I’m an expert. I know YouTube, I’ll set you up. I can already feel like a relief like, oh, yeah, please take that off my plate like Hell yeah, you know, and then you know, it’s getting done and that it’s getting done, right? You’re not? Because when you do it yourself, you’re like, I don’t know, is this? Am I doing this? Right? Like, I don’t have any SEO, you know, YouTube, SEO knowledge or anything like that? I don’t fucking know. So I like it, man. And I think you know, everyone has these skill sets where like, they’re the master of their craft, as I always say, like the dermatologist, but they, but like making money. That’s a skill in itself, you know, selling and editing and doing the marketing. Like, that’s a skill in itself, right. So like, we all kind of like help each other. So um, yeah, cool, man. So tell me what’s what’s in the plan for bid shops at this point. So it sounds like How long have you been in business now? Over four years? Okay, so you’ve been doing for four years, you get in a lot of thought leaders and clients, people getting over 2 million views a month, which is awesome. I mean, I love the the jump in success, because now they have more efficiency. Right? That efficiency is just a game changer for their results. And you know, what’s interesting to Ashley, before you even tell me your answer of where things are going. It’s like you mentioned you got the 50,000 emails, which I think is really attractive. I’m on like, like taking that expertise. A guy asked you the question, right? I’m a marketing guy. And I’m still like, I’m always asking, like, Well, what exactly did you do to make that work? What you shared your answer of how you did that? That’s good. You have intimate knowledge that some people they aren’t thinking that way. So like, even sharing that expertise, like, that’s pretty sweet for your business. You know, we’ll help you build your list like, well, that that’s that’s where the money is, you know what I mean? I can see that anyway. Sorry. I get all kinds of random ideas. But yes, tell you where where you see it going? Because it sounds like you’re off to a pretty cool start with something interesting here.

Augie Johnston  29:18 

Yeah, thanks. You know, our mission is to help serve Video Creators, right people that are creating videos. So the future I think, is is continuing on that path and finding new ways to help video creators come up with video ideas, whether it’s through software, or helping people with video scripts, right in their video scripts. I think that’s something that that is kind of a missing missing thing in the market right now. And with AI and stuff, I don’t know if you’re familiar with Jarvis,

Adam G. Force  29:51 

or stop seeing this guy promoted.

Augie Johnston  29:55 

I know everyone, everyone’s talking about it. And I actually am a customer there and it’s increased Man, like I would like it. Well, it works. It works as well as it can, right? It’s impressive is what I’ll say I’ve never used it to write a whole blog post or anything like that. But it impresses me for the opportunity that for our clients to be able to help them come up with, you know, headlines. YouTube descriptions, yeah, um, you know, even even scripts, you know, in a way, like a starting script, where they can go in there and punch in some more code and write a teleprompter and record their videos.

Adam G. Force  30:33 

Yeah, okay. Yeah, I love that. And yeah, keep seeing that Jarvis, then free plug for them. I mean, the idea of having content written for you is great. It’s, it’s interesting. I was curious on how well that was working. I saw some mixed reviews. And obviously, it’s probably early stage kind of concept, but I could see where it’s going. I’m sure it’s gonna get better and better. And then we’re all really screwed, because now nobody has to think they’re just gonna have some AI. Right, and all. But, you know, I think that people probably like, what I see is like, people struggle with their content plan. Yeah, what the hell should I even be talking about on YouTube? You know, so like, stuff like that is pretty cool, too. So, and it sounds like you have a lot of that knowledge and now that you’ve been working with all these clients, geez, you have like a wealth of knowledge on what’s working for people what’s not and all that kind of stuff. So awesome, dude, it sounds like a good future for vid chops. So where do people find out more about you and learn about how? How to work with you?

Augie Johnston  31:39 

Yeah, so our website is just vid You can check it out. And you can see the branding I was talking about we’ve really switched it up a little bit. I think our headline now just says add an extra video editor to your team and just a few clicks. So we got away from that make money online world you guys it’s you know, and but yeah, VID chops calm. And if you want to follow any socials, we’re most active on Instagram, avid shops, and feel free to shoot me a DM there. And we can you know, talk more.

Adam G. Force  32:07 

Yeah, and I’m curious is your focus on it is YouTube are you doing video editing? Whether it’s YouTube or not?

Augie Johnston  32:17 

Yeah, yeah, totally. I’m a huge advocate of just online video in general. Okay. So we’re talking about Facebook ad videos, right? We’re talking Yeah. video sales letters.

Adam G. Force  32:29 

Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah, Horse Videos. So gotcha. Gotcha. Okay, that makes sense. That makes sense. And I think for people listening, you know, like, we’re really talking about mastering our brands here. This is a communication channel. This is a vehicle right using video to share your messages. And part of your branding really is the message that we’re sharing to the people that we serve. So this helps kind of create the story that not only you’re trying to share, but what’s even more important today is that what are people saying about you when you’re not in the room, right? And so these messages are powerful and you want them to be aligned to the right people and shared across these different vehicles. So all you appreciate your time just kind of sharing your experience on these different channels and just video editing and the service that you provide. So really cool stuff. I appreciate the insights and the expertise that you dropped on us today. Thanks for having me on. And thanks for tuning into the authentic brand mastery podcast. Don’t forget to stop by change creator calm for more information, fresh articles, content, and our services if you’re looking to build a brand that people love, and please stop by iTunes, leave us a five-star review. We appreciate your support.

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