Adam G. Force: The One Most Powerful Reason Entrepreneurs Get Stuck

Adam G. Force: 1 Powerful Reason Entrepreneurs Get Stuck

“Growth can be painful. Change can be as well. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck.”
– Anonymous

Life of an entrepreneur – it’s never easy. The road to success is filled with hurdles. Entrepreneurs are captains of their own ships. And to achieve the best possible results, they need to steer it right and head in the right direction.

Sometimes, you may find yourself without a clear roadmap – stuck in one place. And while such periods are a part of an entrepreneur’s journey, you need to make sure that they don’t drag on too long. It’s critical to build a fool-proof plan that not only helps you steer in the right direction but also move forward.

No matter what stage of business someone is in, they get stuck. And there are 3 core reasons that entrepreneurs get stuck. In this episode, Adam lists down these three reasons and laser-focuses on the one most powerful one to help you on your journey forward.

As a father and entrepreneur with 20 years of professional business experience, Adam is an expert in branding, storytelling, and online sales. After working 10 years at WebMD as Director of Strategic Marketing Adam started his second business, Change Creator, supporting social entrepreneurs with premium branding & high-converting websites, the Change Creator Podcast with 230+ expert interviews, and 30+ editions of Change Creator Magazine reaching over 140+ countries including exclusive interviews from the most impactful entrepreneurs on the planet such as Seth Godin, Arianna Huffington, and Richard Branson.

Throughout This Episode, Adam Sheds Light On:

  • The 3 core areas that are the driving forces behind entrepreneurs finding themselves stuck
    • Area I – Belief
    • Area II – Missing character trait
    • Area III – Lack of focus on mastering a certain skill
  • Belief – The 1 most powerful reason why most entrepreneurs find themselves stuck
  • Why it’s important to believe in yourself and your journey?
  • How can your beliefs shape your entrepreneurial journey?
  • Adam shares his childhood story revolving around positive and negative beliefs.
    • Adam’s background as a wrestler
    • Adam’s final match against Luke during one of his wrestling tournaments.
    • How Adam’s negative belief cost him his match against Luke?
    • Adam’s journey to redemption
    • Adam vs Luke Part II – How Adam’s positive mindset and positive beliefs helped him conquer victory over Luke?
    • The difference in Adam’s belief during his first and second match
  • Why having a positive mindset is important?

Final Thoughts:

Throughout your entrepreneurial journey, the one thing you should never stop doing is believing in yourself. Most businesses fail within the first five years of kickstarting their operations. And while various factors contribute to the failure, it’s the lack of belief that drives the final nail in the coffin.

It’s really important to believe in yourself and your journey. And when you do that, you’ll see yourself driving in the right direction and steering forward.

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Episode Transcript (unedited, will likely have typos):

Adam G. Force  0:00 
How do social entrepreneurs and small businesses create an authentic brand people love so they can get the edge they need to stand out, create Predictable Revenue and compete against the big guys. That’s what we’re here to discuss. I’m Adam forest, the founder of change creator, and this is the authentic brand mastery podcast.

Hey, what’s going on everybody? Welcome back to the authentic brand mastery, podcast by change creator, this is your host enforce. Last week, I did a solo conversation, just talking about how branding really ties into earning revenue. I think there’s lots of misconceptions, because it seems a little less tangible, sometimes as like lead generation and converting sales and how does that actually impact our business? And why is it so important? So, you know, we put a lot of emphasis on brand strategy and just your brand in general, which is the culmination of many things. So without going into too much detail, you could check out that episode and and learn more. And I’m going to, I’m going to be talking a little bit more this week, just about, I work with a lot of entrepreneurs. And I’ve heard many instances where like, you know, we all get stuck, right, we get stuck in one way, or shape or form in our business. And there tends to be three core reasons why we get stuck. And I wanted to address what those three reasons are. But then also, I wanted to really dial into one of them. And I’m going to share a story just to kind of share how powerful that one reason is. And these three reasons are applicable to you. If you’re making, you know, 5000 a month, or you’re making a million dollars a month, either way, as as entrepreneurs going through these different stages, we, we have different kinds of situations where we get stuck. And it’s always one of these three things. So we have to acknowledge these things in order to address them. And so I want to make some really key points with the story that I’m going to share in today’s discussion. So this will be a shorter little discussion, where we bring you in on some guests, but we are we’ve had some good feedback, I think people are for what I’m hearing they enjoy kind of just when I do a deep dive on certain topics. So I’m going to be doing some more solo discussions. And we will be bringing in expert guests as well. So we’re lining up some new expert guests, we have a couple that’ll be coming up soon. And then we’ll be bringing on some more clients so you can hear perspectives of people in the process and what they’re doing, working with us at the brand studio here at change creator, just give you a real hands on look, right? So we’re gonna dive into this conversation, we’re gonna talk about three reasons with one powerful reason that we get stuck as entrepreneurs, Hey, show me that he know, you go, Hey, what’s going on everybody? I’m foreseer, founder at change creator. You know, I feel like a lot of the entrepreneurs I work with, you know, we, I think any entrepreneur, really, we come to a place in our journey where we feel stuck, right? It’s a very uncomfortable feeling. And especially when we don’t know what might be holding us back. And we have to figure out how we can actually diagnose that situation and kind of figure out where where the problem is. But there is some clarity I want to share that I think will be helpful for you. And that’s what I want to talk about today, there’s three areas, I believe that tend to be the primary causes that will make you feel stuck. So those areas are you have a belief, that is not right. It’s it’s not correct. Alright. So some belief you have is false, okay. Or you are missing a character trait about yourself, like the way you carry yourself. And the last but not least of the three is you don’t have a certain skill or you have a skill that’s very weak that you need. This could be some kind of business skill, like, you know, maybe your master of your craft, but you don’t really have business skills around the area of marketing and promotions and things like that. One of the things I really want to dive into is more along the lines of the first one, which is the belief.

This is such a powerful one. And it’s actually one of the primary ones I see as a struggle for people. I mean, I literally was in one of our quarterly masterminds recently. And you know, this is what we do, we do hot seats, we have a two hour meeting and you know, I will be talking about something around money, okay. And the clients I work with in our Brand Studio, and, you know, I get a response St. Adam, do you have that validate? Is there evidence of what you’re saying about your audience? And you know, the finances and things like that? Or is it something you made up? Right? And we always need a little outside perspective, because we get so close to our businesses. So having that outside perspective can be very valuable. So people can like, kind of get you in check. So you might know of this stuff, I guess, I know, beliefs hold us back and things like that. But we still get close. And we think that we know, and then we don’t know, right, we have someone step in and say, Well, no, no, that’s not how I’m seeing your situation. And that was, and since that conversation, you know, I’ve, I’ve tripled my revenues because of that support, right? Just kind of getting me in check, right? Getting myself when that belief was knocked out, down. It opened the doors for me to to progress. So I wanted to share a story about belief, because it’s such a powerful story that has stuck with me forever. And I think it will help you and give you some perspective. Okay, so this dates me, you know, this is back in 1991. I literally have a picture of myself.

back then. And I was a wrestler, I wrestled for 10 years in my life. And I remember being extremely nervous, I was at a wrestling tour. And I was extremely nervous. I literally wanted the I wanted to disappear. Whenever I got really nervous. I was like, I just, I’m gonna go take a nap. And I’m gonna go hide. I was doing these tournaments every week. And I never will forget this moment, because I had all these thoughts racing through my mind and a lot of adrenaline, a lot of fear. Because I just watched, you know, I was in the semi finals, right, that’s the match before the finals, I won my semi finals, and I was going to the finals. And then I saw the kid I was going to wrestle, I was watching the semifinal match to see who it was going to be. And within that first period of wrestling, he broke the kid’s collarbone by throwing him right. And, you know, at a young age, that scared the shit out of me. Okay. And so, you know, my mind was going 100 miles an hour, and I really got in my head. And now I was just waiting for the announcers to say, okay, you know, we’re getting to that final match. It’s a big gymnasium, Adam force, and Luke, you know, please meet at Matt, whatever. And then, you know, you run out to the center of the mat, you’re ready to rock and roll. And finally, here we are, we shake hands, and he blows the whistle. And in less than 60 seconds, I was on my back, I was pinned and the match was over. That was it. All the worry, all the fear, just all of that pain. I was in, was over. And I was I was not at that age, I was not a wrestler that lost very much, I was actually pretty good at what I was doing. And so it was kind of a heartbreaking moment. For me, I was very disappointed in myself and you know, got the pep talk from pops and stuff like that. But this is not where the story ends. Okay, so where is the big mental flip. So the big mental flip is, the very next day. I had to go to a team meet. So that was a tournament, and then we do a team match, right? And the very next day, guess what team? It was the same kid. I had to go and wrestle that same kid the very next day. Now again, I’m young. And this has a high impact on who I on how I felt, right? I was that made me extremely nervous. And so to me. And so I went home that night, and I had to I was like, oh my god, I gotta wake up tomorrow, get on a bus and go wrestle this kid again. After what just happened? You know, not only did I see him break a kid’s collarbone, he pinned me in less than a minute I got my butt kicked. So you can only imagine the the whirlwind of thoughts going through my brain. So what did I do? I actually, you know, I had no idea what a mantra was, obviously. But I you know, the very next day showed up and that night I was just saying to myself, I was like, and I don’t remember exactly what I was saying. But I know I sat there on repeating your your justice, you’re better than this kid, you’re just as good. You could do this and I was just kind of like amping myself up. Right like getting trying to distract myself from all the worries some stuff and keep reminding myself like dude like you are a good wrestler like you can you can beat this kid you can do it. I’m just like saying these things because it made me feel better, right? It kind of got my mind feeling made me feel more confident. Right. So the next thing you know, the big day arrives here’s the next morning and you know I’m standing at the edge of the mat we stand there we do the Pledge of Allegiance. And you that the one to each team is on each edge and you look at each other. And so my heart is like pounding out of my chest that it’s like the moment you know I was a small kid so I was the very first mash as soon as that national anthem was over, it was go time. And of course, I was terrified of this moment. And I’m still just saying, just don’t stop. He’s a kid like you, you could do this. And I would just go over and over and over. So next thing, you know, we run out to the mat. And we shake hands, and we’re ready for the second match. Okay, so I, you know, the whistle blows off, and boom, it was just like one of the best now, I’ve done that was early in my career as a wrestler. But it was one of the best matches of my life. And it was significant, not just because I scored 16 points, that’s a lot of points in a wrestling match, I scored 16 points, and I won the match, I won the match. So the day before he pinned me in less than 60 seconds, the very next day, I won the match. And it was one of the best matches in my life. So this was obviously a great feeling. There’s nothing better than that in the world, because you kind of overcome a fear in your life, you break through a new barrier, which is exciting, right? And so what changed that what changed from one day to the next, nothing changed, except what I believed, right I, I started recognizing, like, I do believe I can beat this person, I believe in myself, you can do this. And that was kind of like I was amping myself up. And so nothing really changed. I didn’t learn a new skill I didn’t learn, like in business, a new tactic that’s gonna get me across the finish line, it was really just a matter of me, getting out of my head and getting my head in the right place to believe in myself. That was the belief. Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe that you can do this? And I guess I did enough convincing myself in that situation. So, you know, that stands out to me as a really important lesson in my life. I mean, it just couldn’t be any more blatant about how powerful it is that what we believe will dictate the outcome, right? What we believe did dictate him. So it does shape the world that is around us. And by becoming more self aware about the beliefs that we have that are incorrect, right? We what, where if you see yourself saying, Oh, I’m making a million dollars a month, and I nobody in my space can make more than that I’m stuck. I mean, that’s like that kind of thing is a belief, right? There’s so many ways to break that down. And you have to start acknowledging these things, you tell yourself these internal stories and narratives, that are beliefs, and a lot of mine are around money, too, like I mentioned in my quarterly mastermind, how they kind of called me out.

And when you can become more self aware of these beliefs, or get help from, you know, a mastermind group that you put together that people on the same level as you, you know, you can start acknowledging them. So if you can’t figure them out yourself, maybe you need someone else, like a coach or someone to, to kind of tap into that and help identify these things. Because then and only then can you make the shifts, you need to unlock that next version of yourself to move forward, go bigger, go better, and all that kind of stuff, right? So the doors open, every time we acknowledge one of these beliefs that are incorrect, remove it, flip it on its head, whatever, and then we can move forward. And that’s how we grow and we grow and we grow. So I hope that’s helpful. And it’s just been a very impactful lesson for me in my life. And I thought it was a good example to share with you guys. And yeah, little wrestler Adam, big, big message for future Adam. Catch you on the next one. Thanks for tuning into the authentic brand mastery podcast. Don’t forget to stop by change creator calm for more information, fresh articles, content and our services if you’re looking to build a brand that people love, and please stop by iTunes, leave us a five star review. We appreciate your support.


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