How Envirofit Provides Cookstoves For People Around The World

ron bills

Exclusive interview with award winning social entrepreneur, Ron Bills.

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Ron Bills is an incredibly smart guy that’s easy to talk with and is full of insights. In this exclusive interview, we talk with Bills about how he built, Envirofit, the incredible impact they are creating and the mission behind it.

ron bills

Envirofit was founded on the idea that enterprise principles can transform the development of household and commercial energy technologies for people living in extreme energy poverty.

In 2003, Envirofit set out to change the way energy products were developed for people living in remote parts of the world.

With a goal of improving harmful traditional cooking methods, Envirofit innovated a product line of aesthetic, high performance cookstoves tailored to the needs of customers in emerging and underdeveloped markets.

Years of consumer research and product development proved that people who lack access to electricity and clean cooking solutions do desire and will buy high quality products that can improve their lives.

Today, Envirofit has grown from a business with one product toa global company serving over five million people, with over a dozen user-designed products and regional headquarters in East Africa, West Africa, Asia, and Latin America that offer the local production and distribution of clean cookstoves.

Topics of discussion in this interview

  1. How the idea started and why
  2. Why they call and talk to every person that buys a cook stove
  3. Marketing segmentation
  4. Marketing strategies
  5. Why they focus on customer satisfaction
  6. How long they did market research
  7. How they built a prototype
  8. How they build partnership for different reasons
  9. How to strategically approach a partnership
  10. The importance of planning and validation

and of course much more!

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