Felicia Searcy: How to Start Living Your Dream Life

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Why do so many people go through life and never live the life they dream of? How can someone change that? In this talk with award-winning transformation coach, Felicia Searcy, we tackle those tough questions and dig into key insights that will help you understand how to become the next version of yourself towards the life you truly want.

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Transcription of Interview

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Adam G. Force 00:03

Welcome to the Change Creator podcast where entrepreneurs come to learn how to live their truth, get rich and make a massive difference in the world. I’m your host, Adam Force co founder, Change Creator and co creator of the captivate method. Each week we talk to experts about leadership, digital marketing and sales strategies that you can implement in your business and like to go big visit us at changecreator.com/gobig to grab awesome resources that will help drive your business forward. Hey, what’s going on everybody? Welcome back to the Change Creator podcast show. This is your host, Adam Force. hope everybody’s doing amazing. We got some great stuff coming down the pipeline for you. If you missed the last episode, it was with Rob and Kennedy from email marketing heroes. What do we talk about? Email marketing. How do we make more money with email? What do we need to know? Should I make offers every day? Should I not? Bah bah bah. So much goes into it. These guys are super animated. it was a fun conversation with the three of us. If you missed it, definitely go back, you’re going to find a lot of good gold nuggets in there. So today, we’re going to be talking with Felicia Searcy. Now Felicia has quite a background. But first and foremost, she basically is she’s actually an award winning transformational coach. She’s also an author and international speaker and she’s helped, you know, 1000s of people create a path for living their dream life. And she gets really into that mental game, like manifesting things, understanding how to become the next version of yourself getting out of your own way, right? Things a lot of us maybe don’t like to tackle, put it on the cringe list, right? But it’s so important for us to evolve and grow inside in order for things to grow and evolve on the outside. So that’s what she’s really good with. I mean, one of my favorite motivational speakers is Les Brown. He’s just incredible. And she’s shared stages with people like that. So Felicia has a big background, and she’s done a lot. And we’re going to get into some good stuff here. So definitely sit tight, we’re gonna jump into that conversation in a minute. Guys, we always appreciate your feedback on iTunes. So if you get a chance, I know it’s a pain in the butt but really appreciate your view reviews and support on iTunes as that helps the show. So if you get a minute, or you’re on the app, and you can pop in there, that would be just amazing. Goes a long way. Last but not least, we are starting a new workshop that we are going to be running live right now. So we’ll have updates at changecreator.com/gobig. So if you go to that URL, we’ll have some other things there. But we’ll also update you with like some live workshops. And so this workshop is a 90 minute workshop, alright. And it’s all about how to share powerful stories that win hearts and wallets without feeling like a pushy car salesman. The way we communicate, the things we do are so important. And no, you don’t need to be a writer. You don’t need to know anything about marketing, we’re going to show you how to be effective in communicating your business idea, how to engage, people how to get them activated to take action, because what you’re saying is, “Hey, I can help you. I have this solution. Come over here.” But no one’s gonna join you on that journey if you can’t clearly communicate your business, okay. And so this gets really important and understanding how to have that effective, powerful communication. So we’re going to get into a lot of fun stuff in that workshop. And we’ll have a q&a and all that stuff. So you can check out the page with information. It’ll be on changecreator.com/gobig. Alright, so I think that’s it for now. We will dive into this conversation with Felicia. Okay, show me the heat. Hey, Felicia, welcome to the Change Creator podcast show. How are we doing today?

Felicia Searcy 03:55

I’m great, Adam, glad to be here.

Adam G. Force 03:58

Good. I love your energy. And I love the work that you’re doing. So I’m excited to kind of pick your brain and talk through you know, the experience that you have and helping people around this world kind of live their best life, build heart centered businesses, and hopefully build stronger relationships with money, right? That’s the big Matsu ball. So tell us just a little bit of background just to kick things off of like your, your experience that brought you to where you are now today sitting right here. Yeah.

Felicia Searcy 04:33

So I discovered you know, what many people refer to Universal Law at a very dark time and my life began to work the principles deepen my sense of connection to lifeforce energy, and my life got better. I mean, it just got off the chart better and I hit a spot where then I got stuck and went deeper into it. Discovered mentorship, discovered the nuanced practical application of these laws and realized that I really had discovered a level of understanding that I didn’t really hear a lot of in the world, and knew that I wanted to take it and share it in a way that would really make a difference and build a business with it. And so as I continued to discover the power of this and apply it in my own life and share it with others, it’s, you know, it’s that reverberation of transformation, as I share it doing actual business, and so, yeah, so it’s my way of supporting people in a very structured manner.

Adam G. Force 05:54

Okay. And through this learning process for you, on your journey, how long ago did that start?

Felicia Searcy 06:01

I was 22. And I started and I’m 60. I was gonna say 61? Not yet. I’ll be 61 in a couple of weeks,

Adam G. Force 06:11

You’ve been doing….You got some experience.

Felicia Searcy 06:13

I do. Yeah. And I’ve heard a long, you know, long experience of working with people with it as well.

Adam G. Force 06:23

I love that. And so, I’m curious, um, in your now in your experience in working with people? What is something that just kind of stands out? Like, I want to use the word epiphany, but what is the Is there anything that just stands out in that experience? Like, Oh, it’s so common that or I see this all the time? Like, just something?

Felicia Searcy 06:46

Yes. So the big the mistake that I see people make with this, right, is that they mistake insight and Aha, and that, wow, you know, I believe that I get that, you know, when we hear truth, you know, like, we are unlimited beings with unlimited capacity to create, that’s a truth. And when we hear it, people get alive, and they get inspired. They mistake that insight, for the ability to translate it into true internal transformation, and making a difference in their world. Another things that people will do, there’s a difference between what I call episodic manifestation and true transformation, that people will talk about looking at their vision board and having a vision. And they, you know, and they, they can create something, but they not do the work to do the true internal transformation, in order then to be able to be in the experience of it. And so they may have the thing, but their life hasn’t really changed. Yeah. And then they wonder why I got this, why am I still dissatisfied, and I’m not happy, maybe it’s not what I really wanted. So so it’s the mistake of thinking that just because you have the information, you know how to apply it. And then the occasional quote, manifesting as if we can ever turn that property off, right, as if we can ever turn that ability off. The occasional manifest means that people really understand that, but it doesn’t equate to you creating that rich, abundant, fulfilling life that you are meant to live, where you can truly be in the experience of it.

Adam G. Force 08:29

Yeah, no, I think that’s just a really great point. Because, you know, you could read many books, which people should I think it’s extremely valuable. I read as many books as I can, actually, I have such a long list of books, I’m trying to get through it, just like I want, I wish I could read fast out, I want to plug it in my brain just download. But, you know, there is something to be said for the process of actually manifesting transformation in your life with the information, right. And I’ve faced that challenge too. And I think when you said that it kind of resonated with me, because something I have learned the hard way means which means through lots of time going by and nothing happening is that you can have all the vision boards in the world, like you said, and it doesn’t matter, right? But if you could start if you start really obsessing over something like a definitive purpose that you have in mind, you’re going to start like maybe doing you have to start doing stuff, right. And that’s the kickoff.

Felicia Searcy 09:36

Well, actually, I’m gonna I’m going to invite us to back up a little bit.

Adam G. Force 09:40

Yeah, please.

Felicia Searcy 09:42

The thing that I help people understand, you know, and as you’re talking about social change, right, you know, being a social change maker that we’re using is for good. The purpose of your dream is not to achieve things. It’s not to accumulate. It’s not to go check, check. Check. Did this, did this, did this. And so the transformation is really not about transforming your world. That’s an effect. The true transformation, the invitation, the true invitation is the internal transformation.

Adam G. Force 10:13


Felicia Searcy 10:13

It’s right now whatever your dream is, you know, every single one of us, we’re a perfect fit for our current life, we know how to do our current life, we’re perfectly identified with our current life, we’re not identified with our dream life, we are not a fit, we have, we have not, like earned the right so to speak, to be in our dream, because we’re not the person who’s a match for it. And so the dream is not to get things, it’s to invite us to discover more of who we are created to be, it’s to access those dormant skills and capabilities and to reach down deep and to develop elements about ourselves and to deepen awarenesses, and a connection with this life force that animates us. And that is we grow in the awareness of just even more of our brilliance or magnificence, our contribution, and we embody that we, that becomes our beingness, our world has to reorganize accordingly. It’s law. And so it’s the difference between the temporary little fix, and the true internal transformation that’s informed by your dream, our dream informs what the transformation needs to be right and informs who we need to grow into. So then, as we step into, right, that that new, that new identity, that new beingness, that new energetic signature, learn how to speak the language, walk in the geography of that, you know, be that person now and we are grown into a better person, our world reorganizes accordingly. That’s where the transformation is.

Adam G. Force 11:58

You know, I really I like, Yeah, and I always, you know, think about it as like every stage of entrepreneurship, let’s say you’re making zero to six figures, like that’s one version of yourself. Yes, yes, figures to seven figures, that’s another version of yourself. And you have to go through struggle to become those versions, you have to go through some kind of transformational process internally, right, I never really stood out to me for you is you said the world will reorganize itself, I love that, that is a great way to put it. Now, there’s still lots of reorganization that I want to do.

Felicia Searcy 12:36

Always right, because we’re living evolving beings. And so to realize that we’re always in that process, and to not learn how to be fully present for the richness that is as the new, you know, the longing and the discontent speak to us for what’s next, but always maintaining the state of gratitude. But let me talk about that piece about, you know, learning how to accommodate a greater degree of abundance, particularly financial freedom and being able to identify, right, because I will never forget the first month. So, before I stepped into this work, you know, I was making a decent five figure income, right? You know, I was living in a state that you know, how to lower cost of living. And so making a decent five figure income on an annual basis. I’ll never forget the first month I generated in a month, what I used to do annually, my system went crazy. I got excited. I got scared. It’s like, you know, I thought, Oh, my God, what are people going to think? What if I make mistakes on my taxes? Am I getting too big for my britches? Am I going to be able to hang out with the same people? I mean, it was crazy, right? It’s like, we think we want something, but we’re, we’re not identified with it. It’s like, you have to literally train yourself to allow a greater degree of abundance to flow through you. And I think particularly the thing around money because I know this is the one that I really had to lean into. I got to set up for this, right? Because I think it’s a really important piece for entrepreneurs. There’s this love hate relationship with money is that you know, you want it you can see the need for it, but you don’t want to be one of those people. Right? You know, somehow you’re it’s like you’re you’re starting to you know, you got to the dark side kind of thing. And what I had to realize was that money is a tool that allows me the ability to be able to bring this work, you know, it allows me to hire my team. It allows me the lights to be able to be decently lit up. Right. It allows me the ability to get on an airplane. To go travel, it allows me so so it’s it represents freedom. It also there’s a piece of it, I think this is important for every single one of us to realize, trust your, your compass, that, you know, oftentimes what I hear people say is that money. Money does things to people I’m afraid of, it’s what it’s going to do to me. It’s like if people are afraid that you’re going to get lost, you’re going to lose an essential part of you trust the fundamental core of who you are. And that money won’t change you, you change the perception and the relationship with money. What if we change the way that we relate the money, that money actually becomes the symbol of freedom and the symbol of contribution. And that as and it also represents impact, I realize that every single penny that comes into my bank account represents somebody’s life, who’s now being transformed, and that there’s a reverberation, not just them, but the people around them and the people around them. And that I get to do that. Yeah. And that I get to write really healthy checks to organizations that I believe deeply in, and we’re not suffering, you know, and I’ve given myself permission to live you know, a life that feels good for us. You know, we you know, we think about sustainability, we’ve got solar panels, I’m not gonna talk about the car and drive that is my luxury.

Adam G. Force 16:31


Felicia Searcy 16:35

My nemesis, but you see what I’m saying it’s like an entrepreneur, we have to transform a social entrepreneur, we have to transform the relationship and the identification we have with money. Imagine a world of compassionate purpose-filled wealthy people that have formed.

Adam G. Force 17:01

Exactly. Yeah, you know, somebody said this once, and I can’t remember who it was. But it really stuck with me, and it aligns to your money story that you’re sharing now. And it was, they told the story about how their service, like you have a service for people. And you change someone’s life, right? Like you get them on track. And maybe they now live the best life they’ve ever had. So what I would say is you have a moral obligation to sell your services to them. And no, it shouldn’t be free, they invest in themselves, they make a decision, and they’re supporting you for that service. So it’s like, if you and that human, I know Rachel Miller said that, and I spoke to her a few times on the phone. She’s amazing. She says, Adam, if you love your audience, you sell to them.

Felicia Searcy 17:53

Yeah. Oh, I love that. Yeah, I’ve never heard that before. That’s great. You know, it’s understand I love it. When I’m in a conversation with somebody and somebody resonates with what I’m saying. And they get that I can help them right, that I can help them unlock this power, and really understand the power of our thinking and how to use it intentionally and effectively because we’re using it all the time anyway. And that their dream really is possible. Right? And, and, and there’s this thing that just happens inside and they say, you know what, I’m worth this, I’m worth making an investment in myself. And at that point, they’re no longer having a conversation with me, you’re having a conversation with themselves, all you’re doing, all I’m doing is holding the space holding the energy for them, right for them to come into an awareness that they deserve this and that they are worth that investment to places that represent our values. There’s if you really want to know what’s important to places to go Look, your calendar, and your checkbook. Those two things that matter what you say is important. If you want to say if you really want to know what’s important, go look at what’s on your calendar, you are on my calendar today. She talking to you sharing this message and sharing your message is important. And you’re and when I look at my checkbook, I look at you know, the things that I invest in that I say that are important to me, those are those are your two key indicators if you’re really following your values.

Adam G. Force 19:32

That’s an interesting way to look at it. Yeah, what’s on your calendar, like what’s in your bank statement? I mean, come on Felicia, who has a checkbook anymore?

Felicia Searcy 19:44

Oh my gosh. Yes, I’m gonna be 61 in April. I do write an occasional check.

Adam G. Force 19:54

Man, but it’s a great way to put it. It’s a great way to put it. So yeah, I think we’re In a really good topic on the relationship with money, this is something we see all the time. And for good reasons, you know, people have those reservations. But these are internal narratives. Now the stories we tell ourselves that really will just keep us where we are, right? So we have to, how do we flip the script. So I want to get a little bit into the conversation of flipping the script a bit. And I have gone down many, many roads. So I always get excited about kind of like talking about this. And I know it’s not something that someone can just pick up and learn overnight, or read a book and change. Like, it takes time, or, you know, a coach, like somebody that can really help with the process. And I read a lot of books, like I mentioned, and, you know, I got into the idea of like, affirmations and things like that, and understanding. I’ve always been into like philosophy and metaphysics, so I love learning about the inner self and how that reflects the outer world and all these things, but I think people get stuck on will. vision boards, affirmations, that’s all that’s all Bs, and it doesn’t work. And, and my belief after, you know, I’m 40. Now like, I’m, you know, I’m getting up there, too. I have some experience. Is that those things? What’s that?

Felicia Searcy 21:18

You wrote a check a time or two?

Adam G. Force 21:20

Yeah, I did. I did. But I think those things are very important. Okay, because they are, they play a role in getting your brain wrapped around these things, right. And the one thing and I’m gonna let you jump in here, the one thing I learned about affirmations is that it’s not just about saying something in your head over and over and over, right? So if you have a limiting belief around money, and you create an affirmation that now corrects that limiting belief, it’s not about just saying it 1000 times a day, it’s about feeling what it would be like, feel it, like emotionally, whatever that is. And if you can’t feel it, and become it in your thought processes, it’s gonna be really hard to get there. So I’m gonna let you pick up on that.

Felicia Searcy 22:09

Yeah, and I so several things that you mentioned that I want to reference. So first of all, absolutely, it takes time. So here’s the thing about affirmations. And vision boards, right visioning. People think that they’re like, separate functions, like okay, now I’m going to have an affirmation. Here’s the thing, you’re affirming all the time. All the time. You can’t turn your we’re always affirming something. So so if you’re, if you’re experiencing scarcity, and lack and your business not doing what it is that you want to do, chances are you are, you know, you’ve talked about the script, but the script is the affirmation, you are affirming that things don’t work for you. So when people say, Well, this is Bs, it doesn’t work. It’s like saying gravity doesn’t work doesn’t mean you understand it doesn’t mean you don’t know how to you know how to work with it, but doesn’t mean, you know, just because a two year old doesn’t understand that gravity’s working, let’s use a different example. Just because, you know, I want to, I want to get you know, we’re moving here soon. And we’ve got stuff on the second floor. Just because I want to get a piano, not that I have a piano but off the second floor down to the first floor, doesn’t mean that I can stop gravity, or you know, that there’s a, you know, something that may not understand gravity, that gravity is not going to stop just because like a cat or a bird or you know, something drops off, they don’t understand it, gravity still going to do its thing. So to say that affirmations are bs or vision boards don’t work. Doesn’t mean that it’s not reality. It’s law. You may not understand that, right? And maybe you haven’t learned how to unlock the power. So it can serve you. But it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work in the way that you want it to. But make no mistake about it. It’s working all the time.

Adam G. Force 24:15


Felicia Searcy 24:16

So you’re affirming something.World is organizing accordingly. Right? You’re seeing something? Yes. Some Faculty of our imagination. You know, Joseph Murphy, wrote the book, the power of the subconscious mind calls it the movie theater of our mind. You’re always running movies. I read it. So it’s not a matter of visualizing doesn’t work. And oh my god, I don’t want to do this. The question is, do you want to keep running the same default movie? Do you want to keep affirming the same default things and getting the same results or you want to put the the, the work and the effort of learning how Master, hearing and intentionally creating a affirming conversation Yeah. Within transmute and transform the old conversation. So, here’s, here’s how I help people do that. Number one, you’re not going to do it just for the sake of doing that, right? That it just you got to have something to directed toward. That’s why I really encourage people to come up with a dream that you have a burning desire for. And there’s work in even allowing yourself to build a burning desire. But having a burning desire is a really scary, vulnerable thing. Because now you’re setting yourself up to be disappointed, right? And so people kind of, they play with it. Even people that are building businesses, I’ll watch them, they’ll kind of stand on the sidelines, and kind of hedge their bets and see what’s going to happen. Right? And so the universe, this universal intelligence, this energy is hedging your bets with you. It’s like, Alright, we’re gonna, we’re gonna play lukewarm here, we’re gonna play halfway in and halfway out. Even if you’re saying you really want it, there’s still a part of me that’s kind of holding your breath. So the first thing is to learn how to let yourself have a burning desire, you know, think about, um, you know, I think about when, as a teenager youth, I don’t know about you, but you know, I became obsessed about the object of my affection. And yeah, figure out where he was gonna be, you know, because for me, I, you know, heterosexual. It a guy, and I would, um, you know, I go plan drive bys. Just, oh… I didn’t know…. So, so that’s a burning desire. And so it’s to give yourself permission to have a burn. And I do a whole thing on how to build your desire. Because once you have a burning desire, now, the dream will inform the images that you want to work with. And it is a mastery, to hold your image in the face of your world not giving you evidence yet, you want to train yourself to place your attention on those things that that are reinforcing the, the dream, the the vision that you’re holding, you want to begin to see that you’re actually the person who can do this. And so you build, you know, what I call, you’re building a relationship with the person who is becoming the person in your dream, and you start identifying who does that person need to be? And then this, this thing around feeling you ask? If this all worked out? Here’s the affirmation. If it all worked out, how would I feel? We have these two superpowers. One of them is that we can consciously choose our images and our faculty of our imagination. We are the only species on the planet that we are aware of I have a I suspect that dolphins may be able to do this, and maybe even elephant, right. And sometimes I think my dog, because my dog is really smart. But we’re the only ones that we have proven that we have the conscious ability to choose images, we get to change the movie. And to understand that we’ve been given that gift by this lifeforce energy that said, we need to be here. And so to really acknowledge this gift, first and foremost and then dedicate ourselves to learning how to use this effectively learning how to choose effectively. The second superpower is what you alluded to Adam, is that it’s the feeling, right? That we have the capacity to generate feelings, you know, we have the capacity to do what I call generate gratitude on demand. Now, the power of this is that when you really understand this power that we’ve been given, and that and again, once again, we have an accountability to it, we have a stewardship to learn how to use powers, that when you when you work with vision and and understand that very few people, you know, really are able to do this consistently on their own. I mean, there’s just we’ve been so trained, to be directed by what’s happening in our world, we’ve been trained to be directed by our history, you know, we’ve been trained to be directed by how other people see us and what they believe is possible for us. And so to have something outside of you to give something or something, someone access to your thinking, to help you see when you slip back into that, you know, that habit of what currently that when you do what I call generate state by holding image and and you know that’s the affirmation the vision is the affirmation the words that I am the man I’m the woman doing this and you’re generating the feelings here’s the power of this the reason why you want to do this is because you’re doing what’s called generating state it literally changes the way you think you’re literally lighting up different areas of your brain and you have access to a whole nother level of creativity that you don’t have access to think of them same old, same old. So now you can hear ideas that have always been there but they weren’t in your they weren’t in your peripheral they weren’t in your radar because you couldn’t there was no place for them to land right and you can see opportunities and now you can act on those ideas and opportunities because you’re living in the state of possibility while your feet are firmly planted in what currently is. That’s a master skill, that’s mastery.

Adam G. Force 31:05

That’s getting pretty deep. Yeah i mean that’s mastery and and i like some of the examples that you gave so we talked about the burning desire we talked about you know really stepping into what it would feel like and maybe asking the right questions helps us get there so you mentioned something like would it feel like if i succeeded with this dream and if you really want to think about those things maybe through meditation or whatever your process may be for the day and i always think about like our what you know a car can make and like this is happening in our brain right unconscious habits and routines we walk through life just going through these motions in that rut can go deeper and deeper and deeper until you’re just kind of like stuck there and it gets really hard to shift gears and that’s why we need help with someone to kind of like keep us on track because like even i like i like i’m having a fascinating time reading this book can’t hurt me by david goggins you know yeah so i literally was like all right i’m the kind of guy like even years ago back in philly i read eckhart tolle’s book about the millionaire mindset and i had sticky notes all over the house so i would constantly trigger my brain about money. Trigger trigger trigger everywhere I looked there’s the bathroom mirror there’s the refrigerator and now he does the accountability mirror and I do the same thing but it’s easy to go back into your old ways. Oh something came up oh I’m not looking at this anymore or I’m not and you just drift. I gotta get back you know then you’re like oh I’m gonna read the book from James clear about habits and he gave back into habits it’s an ongoing battle.

Felicia Searcy 32:46

Well it’s an ongoing discipline

Adam G. Force 32:48


Felicia Searcy 32:50

It’s an ongoing discipline and understanding that we have been so wired so many reps have a particular way of thinking and being and your dream is inviting you you know the dream of your your business and every single one of you here you’re listening to adam because you’re you know you’re socially aware and you’re building the business to live into you know the cause that you believe in or to be more socially aware and we’ve been so embedded around doing things in a particular way and so so it takes wraps it takes there’s a discipline and i can say that you truly do flip a switch where you don’t go back that that’s something really you know when i think about i think about the level of fear i used to live in and how i looked at my world you know that there wasn’t enough that there wasn’t going to be enough you know and you know when i was in graduate school i was teaching and i was in graduate school you know and here so i’m going to do a little birdwalk here you know here was what i thought social social justice and social change was all about i dedicated my life until i started my business in professions that were noble but didn’t pay very much you know that i wasn’t in it for the money kind of thing you know and i taught i taught inner city i you know several several places where i taught i taught inner city yeah um and so i was you know hanging my clothes on my chairs because i didn’t want to spend 50 cents in the dryer right so those kinds of things got wired into me and so i had to in order to be able to bring the level of the impact that i’m bringing now with my business and with the money that i’m now generating i had to go after those parts of me and i i had to number one own the good that would come from it Right. And then and then understand that there’s a discipline. And and here’s the other piece, Adam, it’s loving the part of us that wants to fight love the part that wants the battle, right? Because that part served us that part of being super frugal. Not that I’m like, crazy now. But you know, the part that, you know, sacrificed, right, that thought that I had to sacrifice income for for impact that the two were diabolically different and how much I identified myself with that. Yeah, that to love that part of me along and know that that part is not lost. We’re just integrating it. Right? Because I think people get afraid that they’re going to lose a part of them and says, I want it I don’t I want it. I don’t Oh, my God, I want that information. But oh my god, do I really do I really? Right. And so it’s like, you’re right, there’s a battle. But the discipline is the integration. It’s the bringing you along. So when you’re working with the affirmation, you know, you’re creating something that you can trust. And that aligns with you.

Adam G. Force 36:12

Yeah. Oh, that’s good. Yeah. So. So I guess…

Felicia Searcy 36:17

I don’t know what the question was.

Adam G. Force 36:20

That’s okay, we’ll keep rolling. I don’t remember either. We’ll just go with the flow.

Felicia Searcy 36:26

We were talking about affirmations and visualizing.

Adam G. Force 36:29

And that’s, that’s been the key here. And that was the next thing I just want to get into. So because I like to help people who are listening and and even selfishly myself, like, I’m always looking to learn more on these perspectives. Because like I said, I, I literally, I got into, like the two key areas in the past, I think two years of my life that have become very important. It’s really studying discipline, and habits. And those things like affirmations and stuff like that fall under discipline and habits as part of those things. So for me, like I was more very creative mind. And I know a lot of these entrepreneurs I work with are and we’re doing our business stuff, but we don’t have the discipline we need to become, like we said earlier, that next version of ourselves, and we don’t have the clarity, and we don’t know, we don’t have the tools. So it’s like, I found that habits and discipline are like the most important parts of this process. Yeah, jumping, jumping.

Felicia Searcy 37:32

Yeah. Um, because I too work with a number of creatives. And, you know, a million different ideas, right? And so afraid. Here’s the thing that I hear consistently, so afraid of leaving something behind or leaving a part of them behind that you’re going to lose some element of yours. Okay.

Adam G. Force 37:57

Okay. I’m ready to let go. I’m ready. Keep me going.

Felicia Searcy 38:02

Yeah, yeah, what I have found is that the fear is that if I decide on something, right, I’m going to lose, you know, there’s such a high value of freedom and independence, especially with creatives. And one of the reasons why people build a business that they go into entrepreneurship is because they have this amazing creative energy. And don’t put me in a box kind of thing, right? I would imagine that when you’re brand new, working with branding and marketing, that this is this is what you hit up against. It’s like, Oh, my God, I’m this and this, and this, how can I now narrow down to this, right? So I think what what I help people do is under is really honor all of these parts of you, before you get into a discipline, let’s get super clear around, you know, who are you and these are not segment parts of you. But this is all of you this, this makes up the beautiful, multifaceted, you know, this beautiful quilt of you, right? And that there’s not a single part of you that you got to leave behind. And that when you’re able to integrate all of you and understand that all these creative ideas, no, you’re not going to act on all of these creative ideas at once. But that when you act on a creative idea, you get to express the fullness of you. And that working with an affirmation working with an element of your vision does not mean that there’s a party that’s going to get lost. I think when people can really trust that and know that they’re not having to give something about themselves up that serves now you know, I’m not talking about the party that watches Netflix till two in the morning. Door, my assistant, and not any I’m not even sure what she’s into. She’s in her 20s but you know, she’s on the east coast and I’m on the west coast. We have three hours, so she Start at noon, which is good for her because she’ll stay up till like two o’clock playing some game. You know, so and she’s, she’s brilliant, but I’m not talking about that part of you, right? I’m talking about the part of you that, you know, is a key essential part of you that you want to bring with you. But an affirmation and even the word, you know, having a discipline, that there’s a disconnect to know that those disciplines give you the structure to live into these amazing parts of you more, that you’re not losing an any part of you. It’s an enhancement.

Adam G. Force 40:36

Yeah. No, that makes sense. I like that. So. So the discipline will enhance the qualities that make you you.

Felicia Searcy 40:46

That’s it.

Adam G. Force 40:47

Right. So you’re going to be basically like, if you have your, we’ll call it the burning desire, your definitive purpose, whatever you want to call it, that that end game in mind. And you’re thinking about this, you start obsessing about this idea, right? Now, you’re really like the thought process. Now your brain is taking over, right? So you’re really thinking about this, and you’re start doing things and you’re visualizing, you’re doing the affirmations. These processes, though, like, it’s easy for what we see a lot of entrepreneurs will get to that point of excitement. And they have this idea, even though the idea still might be kind of like a little all over the place, but they have this big idea. But they get kind of like lost in overwhelm with decision making and direction. And so the discipline and the habits is like, Well, we know, we got to do certain things on a regular basis to like compound over time, like build up, build up. And so but what are those things, I think, and that’s where people start getting stuck on this overwhelm with decision making.

Felicia Searcy 41:55

Yeah, so so couple things with that. And yes, you know, that’s a great point. And I hear that over and over and over. Right. One of the things that I help people understand is that your dream and you know, it’s so I’m going to use a cliche here, that our dream is not a destination that we don’t arrive. Your dream is a routine. And I think people miss that, right? That, you know, this is my routine. I got up and I did a masterclass recording for a group that I’m going to be working in later on. I get to talk to you, I’ve got clients this afternoon, I’m speaking to another group in Baltimore. You know, later on this afternoon, that’s my routine. My dream consists of a routine. My routine is reflected on my calendar back to the two things that matter most your your bank statement, and your account. I won’t say checkbook anymore. You know, you made statement in your Yes, your your calendar represents the blueprint of your life. And so are you putting things on your calendar is your routine, even as an entrepreneur, now I get it that there are things that we do that may not be the most fun, particularly in the beginning. But you want to be super clear that you’re not building, you’re doing things to build a dream, and you think this is what you have to do in order to build this dream. Yeah, and you’re suffering along the way, but that the building is the dream. Okay. But it’s the routine. The routine is the dream. And so when you there, and you don’t have to do the same thing every day, but that there is an element of routine, that when you’re engaged in those things, it’s like, oh, my God, I get to do this, I love this. You want to make sure that you’re building your life around those activities. And that your your business is built around those activities, get help with the things that you don’t like to do, you know, that’s why you need to generate the income go get the help, but the things that you don’t like to do, right. And and and to understand that the what you get to build discipline in is paying attention to what brings you most alive and staying faithful to those daily activities that then build on themselves.

Adam G. Force 44:32

Yeah, so I guess I would wonder, because you hear it a lot. You know, you can hire out for things you don’t like, and I think so I have found this is just me that that could be a very dangerous misunderstood, I think statement because I think you’re right, like you got to do the things right. regularly that bring you joy right like this is why you’re here it’s like you know you’re living this dream but when someone early as an entrepreneur here is to just delegate what you don’t like these might be their weaknesses and it’s on what i will call the cringe list right and that might take them away from actually understanding their business completely like hiring out someone to do let’s say for example like your facebook marketing and ads right if you don’t even have any idea what the heck is going on there because you haven’t really dabbled that you don’t need to be an expert but you haven’t like just learn that part of the business there’s a lot of things that can happen

Felicia Searcy 45:49

I love and adore you already and I’m gonna disagree with you

Adam G. Force 45:52

Go for it

Felicia Searcy 45:53

Thank God I never felt the need to do my books first before hiring somebody because i would be in a hot mess right now

Adam G. Force 46:02

Books first, before you… Say that again. So, books you’ve written.

Felicia Searcy 46:07

No, my financials. Thank God I didn’t say that i had to go in and learn quickbooks before i could turn it over to somebody.

Adam G. Force 46:15

Oh no. No, because financially, I’d be in a hot mess if we did that. Now I do have a responsibility to understand it Yes

Felicia Searcy 46:27

So I hire. What I do is that I hire who then helped me understand to a point that i want to understand so i know what they’re doing but i’m not micromanaging yeah so like i’m starting to enter into the world of facebook ads i don’t want to know how facebook ads work. I don’t I don’t want to know how to do them but i need to have a level of understanding and so I want to hire people who can also help me understand. I’ve also taken courses I know that you do a marketing course. I’ve done those kinds of courses to have a level of understanding absolutely but when you start allowing things that are not your genius to cannibalize your ability to bring your service and you’re you’re doing something that you could pay somebody you know 15-20-30 maybe even $40 an hour to do and and your work is to generate you know the higher level of income right? And I learned this early on. Really own the value of your time yeah learn what you need to learn and then let somebody else do that so you can stay focused on the things that are yours to focus on

Adam G. Force 47:52

Yeah I think I think we’re on the same page in the sense that it’s not going super deep but just like somehow understand what’s going on like what makes it work, like why because I talked to people were like they hire certain people to like code an app and these guys they hired if he didn’t know just the understanding of like what makes a good code or not because he’s in that world right? He would have not known that they were completely screwing up the whole thing right and he’s paying a lot of money for it or like we’ve hired like PR teams and done things early on in our early years. Huge mistakes. We had no idea what we were doing

Felicia Searcy 48:34

That’s the other thing, right Adam. Know this, you’re an entrepreneur you are going to make some bonehead decisions

Adam G. Force 48:44


Felicia Searcy 48:44

Right? I mean all of us. It’s part of being an entrepreneur. That it feels good in the moment, we think we understand that and and it’s like you look down the road like oh my god what was i thinking maybe I wasn’t. You know it’s like oh my god I wasted all that money in doing this. Because i can look at the amount of money that I’ve invested in things that didn’t exactly turn out and you know and then you go generate money the other way to pay for the things that didn’t work but you know and realize it’s all part of being an entrepreneur and then what am I learning from it and you know nothing like hiring bad people. Not bad people but people who don’t do you know what it is that they say that they…

Adam G. Force 49:24

Yeah, that don’t deliver.

Felicia Searcy 49:26

To learn what you need to learn.

Adam G. Force 49:29

Yeah like i tried to dig into Quickbooks once and that was just a nightmare. We have a finance team that runs our Quickbooks and books but they we made sure we understand like how it works what we’re looking at and we know like you know there’s no big red flags at least.

Felicia Searcy 49:51

Oftentimes i’ll hear people say i want to make too much money i want to think about it. You know especially when in a business like you need to understand your numbers.

Adam G. Force 50:01

Yeah, exactly, exactly the point

Felicia Searcy 50:03

You never want to get to a point where you say, I don’t want to think about it. In fact, the bigger you get, the more you want to understand your numbers because there’s, again, there’s a, there’s an accountability, there’s a stewardship, it’s a relationship with money that you’re establishing.

Adam G. Force 50:16

Accountability. That’s an important word. I think a lot of people as we’ll wrap up here in a minute, but yeah, Financial Intelligence, like he can’t really grow as an entrepreneur if you don’t have Financial Intelligence, so people really need to start hitting that. And then the other thing you mentioned is accountability. I see a lot of people want to blame others for the problems they want to justify their situations, you know, complain, and that was one thing I learned early on never complain, blame or justify, and I and that has been a game changer for me.

Felicia Searcy 50:48

That’s it? Absolutely. You know, that’s the beauty about being an entrepreneur, the buck stops with us.

Adam G. Force 50:53

That’s right. But you know, it goes for our lives too. Right? It’s like everything I see it around me and now when you start having these perspectives and I’m sure you see it with people you coach and stuff, like you start seeing changes in how people carry themselves but once you have it now you see other people doing it, right? Ah, man, like you don’t see that you don’t see you’re like you’re cannibalizing yourself with this thought process, you know? Well, listen, Felicia, we’ll wrap up I want to make sure people know how to connect with you and work with you. What do they do? Where do they go?

Felicia Searcy 51:27

Yeah, so a couple different ways. Of course my website Feliciasearcy.com

Adam G. Force 51:31

Woah, we got to say that slower. Let’s spell that out for people. It’ll be in the show notes but just for people listening

Felicia Searcy 51:38

Yeah, so Feliciasearcy.calm My name is in the back

Adam G. Force 51:43

You guys can see. S e a r c y. So, Searcy if you’re just listening.

Felicia Searcy 51:48

The other thing is that I have a Facebook group and the name of the Facebook group is Ultimate Life Now. Ultimate Life Now. And every month I do a free masterclass where we dig into these laws of the universe and how to work effectively with affirmations, how to work effectively with vision, how to, you know, build those new habits that are required, not only to build your dream business, but to build your dream, you know, in every area of your life. I do a free mastermind where you know, we come together as a community and just pour energy and what may be coming up for you. The only thing I ask with both of those is that you make a charitable contribution to something that you believe in, don’t give your money to me make a charitable contribution to something that you believe in and then we dig into other things in that I go in there and I do live and when you join the group, you’ll get a free download that outlines the formula that I share with people of how to work with your imagination and bring your dream into your three dimensional world. So those two things Ultimate Life now the Facebook group and then my website.

Adam G. Force 53:03

Perfect. Thank you so much for your time it was a fun conversation.

Felicia Searcy 53:07

Adam this was great.

Adam G. Force 53:16

Take care. Thanks for tuning into the Change Creator podcast. Visit us at changecreator.com/gobig to get access to free downloads and other great resources that will drive your business forward.

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