From Broke College Student to Multi-Million Dollar Business Owner: Nathan Hirsch Interview

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In this interview with Nathan Hirsch, we cover a lot of topics! If you want to learn how to bootstrap and grow your business and get to the multi-million dollar level, then this podcast is for you.

Who is Nathan Hirsch?

Nathan Hirsch is the Founder and CEO of FreeeUp, a marketplace connecting business owners with the top 1% of freelancers in eCommerce, digital marketing, web development, and much more. Interested in being a client or partner?

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He built FreeeUp to address the frustrations I had. FreeeUp receives hundreds of freelancer applicants each week to join the marketplace. Through interviews, they vet the freelancers, take the top 1% (based on skill, attitude and communication), and make them available to our clients quickly whenever they need them. On the backend, they have 24/7 support to make sure people have a good experience. Lastly, they have a no turnover guarantee covering replacement costs if the freelancer ever quits. FreeeUp has been growing rapidly since and is now a leader in this space.

Here’s a breakdown on what you can expect in this Podcast:

  • Learn how Nathan started his dropping shipping Amazon-based business in his college dorm
  • How he grew that business to a multi-million dollar business in just a few years
  • The toughest lessons he learned along the way

“I was on top of the world, I had decided to take a much-needed vacation after a year and a half of my business. I had trained a manager to run my entire operation and trusted this person to do the operations when I was away. The second day of my vacation I get a call from my largest (and almost primary) supplier saying that they no longer wanted to work with me. That same day, my go-to manager quits on me. Oh, and I also found out that I was a victim of identity theft.”

  • Learn how Nathan took his passion for finding good people and created a new freelancer platform that is disrupting the industry called FreeeUp
  • How he grew FreeUp to a multimillion-dollar business (Did we mention he bootstrapped this too?
  • His best advice for the areas of the business you need to invest and hire first. Here is his top 5:
    • Customer Service
    • Bookkeeping
    • Graphic Design
    • Web Development
    • Content Development

Take it from us, this guy knows how to create a business from scratch, make it grow and find the best people to get you there and he’s sharing his insights with us on the podcast. Here’s Nathan in his own words about the start of his journey:

In 2006, I founded my first online venture out of my college dorm room, selling and buying student textbooks. I rapidly scaled my e-commerce business, bootstrapping from a $20 student – cause initiative to a multi-million dollar e-tailer clocking in revenues in excess of $30 million on Amazon across a 6 year period while serving over 10,000 customers.

I have never had a “real job” besides being a high-school Intern at Aaron’s Inc, a large retailer headquartered out of Atlanta, GA and later with Firestone Corporation in 2006 where I successfully handled a whole suite of critical deliverables from exceeding sales targets, leading the District Credit Card Sales process and managing critical customer touch points. The intensive Customer Service Training at Firestone inspired me to incorporate key elements into both Portlight and FreeeUp.”

If you want to scale your business, learn how to hire the right people, this interview is for you.

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