How Edovo is Disrupting The Prison System in a Big Way: Brian Hill, Founder (Interview)

Interview with the founder of Edovo, Brian Hill

I was sitting in what could be considered a lounge area at a conference in 2018. There was this guy sitting on a little ottoman next to me. I decided to bullshit with him a bit and see what he was working on. That’s how I met Brian Hill, the founder of Edovo, and learned about the amazing work his team is doing.

Brian is not the kind of guy that is worried about being in the spotlight or news. His focus is to change an old broken system that is doing more harm then good – the prison system.

Every year, 12 million people in the U.S. will see the inside of a jail or prison cell. Although education and communication with loved ones are well-documented ways to keep people out of jail, most prisoners don’t have regular access to programming on the inside.

Edovo builds technology to support positive outcomes for incarcerated individuals and their families. We offer a digital platform to meet the education, communication, and rehabilitation needs of justice-involved people and their loved ones.

We are passionate entrepreneurs, technologists, operators, and educators with a firm belief in a smarter, safer justice system for everyone. We work with empathy, integrity, and collaboration to champion this vision.

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