How Gerard Adams Sold Elite Daily for $50m and Became The Millennial Mentor

Interview with Gerard Adams

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Gerard Adams is on fire.

He is full of inspiration, energy and strategic insights. This discussion was a blast and I know you’ll get tons of key takeaways from it.

In this interview, we talk about how he actually built the media company, Elite Daily, and then sold it for a cool $50m. There a lot to this story. Adams has gone through his own transformation after losing his first fortune. Only through hard work, mentorship and persistence did he get it all back.

Today he’s known as the Millennial Mentor helping others build their dreams.

A defining moment for Adams was when he spent time with Tony Robbins, a renowned speaker, entrepreneur, and mentor (issue 8 of Change Creator Magazine) who has had a world-wide impact. Tony says, “Success without fulfilment is the ultimate failure.”

That statement has become a driving force for Adams. A materially rich life without purpose and fulfilment is an empty dream.

Want Adams to help you build your dream? Shoot him a DM on his Instagram and mention Change Creator.

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