Interview with Kelly Campbell: How She Sold Her Second Company and Created a New Meaningful Business She Loves

kelly campbell

Exclusive interview the founder of Digital Web Consulting.

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In this interview we talk with the founder of Digital Web Consulting about her experience building an agency and how she transformed her life path.

Before establishing Digital Web Consulting, Campbell founded a web development and digital marketing agency in 2003 (sold in 2016)—which was the recipient of several national and international awards for creative excellence and web technology innovation.  She also founded a holistic health and wellness company in 2007 (sold in 2011), to educate consumers and help practitioners gain online visibility, as well as to increase enrollment at related educational programs across the United States.

Working with creative agency leadership, Campbell helps increase productivity and profitability—then devises and implements an innovative business development strategy to bring in more of the work they love—by focusing on inbound, outbound and strategic partnerships.

With non-profits, Campbell works with development and communications teams to increase income and efficiency in order to enable an organization to become self-sustainable. By augmenting the volume, frequency and dollar amount of individual donations—as well as automating manual processes—they decrease reliance on grants, government funding and/or endowments, which can dry up in an instant.

With over 15 years experience in entrepreneurship, business development, project management, branding and all aspects of web technology and digital marketing,Campbell has the breadth and depth of experience needed to quickly recognize gaps in revenue streams and workflow automation, make practical and cost-effective recommendations, and implement solutions collaboratively with individuals and teams.

Some topics we discuss:

  1. How she built a full service agency
  2. What it takes to get clients
  3. Why she sold the business
  4. How she created her new business role – “a unicorn position”
  5. The importance of leaning into your skills
  6. Why she puts time aside for her own passion projects
  7. How to make a business model more impactful – plus a great model tip for charity support
  8. Why she went from CEO to CRO

Plus much more!


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