Jennifer Spivak: Creating Facebook Ads That Actually Resonate

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When should I try Facebook ads? What makes them resonate with the right people so they work? Like most entrepreneurs, you might want to jump into Facebook ads but feel a little lost. We reached out to expert, Jennifer Spivak to get some answers that will help you on your journey.

Jennifer and her team have managed over $3m in ad spend and generated over $10m in return now.

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Transcription of Interview

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Jennifer Spivak 00:03

Welcome to the Change Creator podcast where entrepreneurs come to learn how to live their truth, get rich and make a massive difference in the world. I’m your host Adam Force co founder, Change Creator and co creator of the captivate method. Each week we talk to experts about leadership, digital marketing and sales strategies that you can implement in your business and life to go big, visit us at Change Creator com forward slash go big to grab awesome resources that will help drive your business forward. Hey, what’s up, everybody? Welcome back to the Change Creator podcast show. This is your host, Adam force, hope everybody is doing well and have an amazing week. so far. We’re gonna be talking with somebody who is a Facebook ads expert. You know, we get a lot of people on our captivate program. And then as they start really harnessing and understanding what storytime really is about for their business, and they are starting to ramp up, they they get hungry to run some ads as a next part of their process. So you know, talking with people like Jennifer is important just to start really understanding some of these next steps and getting her insights on the Facebook, you know, process, something that our team has been pretty deep into, we’ve hired agencies like Hersh, marketing and stuff like that to run Facebook ads. And you learn a lot. I mean, there’s so much to making it successful, which is why we want to dive into this conversation because you really want to use in my mind Facebook ads to scale what’s working, not figure out what’s working, you can really burn through a lot of cash. So you really want to be ready to convert people and know that your your sales process is working. So we’re gonna get into that. Now, Jennifer’s team, just to give you a little sense, they’ve managed well over $3 million in ad spend so far, but they’ve earned and generated 10 million in revenue in return. So they definitely know how to get a good ROI. So I’m excited. Well, this is actually an older conversation that we already had, just to be transparent with you guys. We’ve been like digging through some of our files and reorganizing and every so often, we find an interview that has slipped through the cracks and didn’t get live. So this is a good conversation. It’s relevant. You know, there I think that all things as general marketing concepts will be good. There could be technical things around Facebook that might evolve but not much has really changed besides the the iOS update and kind of that big battle going on between Facebook and apple. Okay, so anyway, without further ado, we’ll jump into this conversation. If you missed the last interview it was with Who was that? Oh, yeah, Jennifer kalo Ruskin, we talked about what it takes to win in the retail space. Really important stuff. She’s a super smart girl, somebody that we met in our mastermind back in 2020. January out in California. So yeah, she’s really crushing it in retail. So that’s a good one for you guys, if you’re in the retail space. Alright guys, follow us on Facebook. Check us out there. That’s our main area always stopped by change, credit, calm, lots of good content and fresh things going up there. And without further ado, we’re gonna dive into this conversation with Jennifer and talk about Facebook ads. Okay, show me the heat.

Adam G. Force 03:33

Hey, Jennifer, welcome to the Change Creator podcast show. How’s everything going?

Jennifer Spivak 03:37

It’s going great. Thanks

Adam G. Force 03:38

so much for having me. Excellent. I appreciate you being here. You have quite a story. And you know, for anybody listening, we’ve been kind of hammering away at some some marketing stuff. And this will be our second guests here. It’s a really dive into some of the Facebook ads. But she has a really great story. So Jennifer via just tell us a little bit about like what’s going on in your world now. Like, what’s the latest? What’s the greatest and then we’ll kind of get the background of how you got there.

Jennifer Spivak 04:04

Yeah, latest and greatest. So actually, as of yesterday, we are celebrating our first six figure month, which is super cool and super exciting. Considering I started this business by myself five years ago in my 20s with having literally no idea what I was doing. So I still have these moments of like, oh, how did I get here? I blinked and here we are. But yeah, you know, as as you know, I own a all female Facebook and Instagram advertising agency. Yeah. And we’ve been working primarily with with female clients for the last five, five and a half years. And it’s just really awesome. We get to help women businesses make money while we grow and life’s pretty good over here.

Adam G. Force 04:53

Awesome. No, I love the sound of that. And I’m just curious kind of how you got in to Facebook as a specialty skill to begin with

Jennifer Spivak 05:04

Yeah. So I went to school for marketing and public relations, this area was sort of always in the cards for me. And my story starts with, so I met this guy on Craigslist. And people are always like, oh, that doesn’t sound good. But it’s a really good ending, which is that when I was in college, I connected with this guy on Craigslist, we ended up deciding to build an agency together. And we spent, you know, a couple of years from 2010 to 2014. Figuring out what the hell we specialized in how we were going to grow this company. And, you know, this was sort of like the come up days of Facebook ads, and really even digital marketing in general. So we were just trying on random things like one week, we specialized in SEO, the next week, we specialized in AdWords, it was like, let’s just see and try to figure it out. And at some point, we were like, Oh, I don’t know, let’s try Facebook ads, and the business like practically exploded overnight. So I realized we were onto something. And you know, it’s funny, people are like, well, how did you get training, I’m like, of there wasn’t any like it didn’t exist. We were all just figuring this out as we went into. And so I kind of learned, as people in general, were learning how to use Facebook ads to generate sales and revenue. And when I left that agency at the end of 2014, and to me, it was immediately obvious that this was something I knew a lot about, it was something that was really easy to sell, because it is so quantifiable, and it was also the best way to get results for the types of clients I wanted to work with.

Adam G. Force 06:37

Very interesting, nice little evolution of things there. And yeah, it was kind of leaning into. I mean, it is such a powerful marketing platform. And I think it’s almost like no matter what business category you’re in, you’ll probably have an audience on there of some size.

Jennifer Spivak 06:55

Absolutely. And it’s so funny, because I think one of the most common things I hear is that like, if it’s really truly like b2b, it can’t like Facebook won’t work. And in fact, there’s almost like a joke in the industry that a lot of ad agencies don’t use Facebook ads for their own agency lead gen, which sounds really weird, and counterintuitive. And I’ve actually been crushing it with a funnel, I like accidentally came up with her own agency lead gen. So yeah, I really think that the applications are just incredibly vast, and it’s so freakin powerful.

Adam G. Force 07:30

Yeah, 100%, you know, and it’s kind of like a little bit of a puzzle, you just got to find the right, you know, setup and everything comes together. So it sounds like you got a nice funnel. And, you know, you’re not the first person who’s running an agency. And using Facebook to get clients like I spoke to Travis chambers of chamber media, they do all video ads. And he was like, yeah, we can spend he’s spending like $6,000 for every $6,000 on a Facebook ad. He’s getting like a, you know, $50,000 client for, yeah, for like, but it just shows like a maybe a bigger investment, but the quality he is pulling clients in through that channel.

Jennifer Spivak 08:10

Absolutely. And I mean, just my stats over the last two months, if seriously uncovered this meticulously simple funnel kind of by accident. We’ve spent only about four grand on just this specific agency lead gen funnel in the last two months, and it’s brought in $46,000 in revenue.

Adam G. Force 08:26

That’s awesome.

Jennifer Spivak 08:27

You know, like, Yeah, right. And that’s just on the first three months, by the way, if any of these clients were new, and they’re good clients, I mean, we’re like, well into potentially six figures, just from four grand in ad spend. And I have four sales calls booked tomorrow from that funnel.

Adam G. Force 08:44

Oh, my God

Jennifer Spivak 08:45

We may need to do an update.

Adam G. Force 08:47

That’s awesome. Congrats. I’m glad that you got something that’s hot. Hang on to it as long as you can.

Jennifer Spivak 08:53

I intend to.

Adam G. Force 08:55

Well, tell me a little bit about like, you know, what we’re seeing with, you know, traditional, maybe product based or service based funnels versus and you don’t have to spill your secrets, but maybe a little taste of what your what’s working for you. Yeah.

Jennifer Spivak 09:10

So I Well, what’s what I talk about my funnel and the general sort of like our big picture, so Well, actually, what’s working in my funnel actually relates to the big picture, which is, I kind of believe that this concept of like, what’s the secret? And like, what are your secrets like? Well, there aren’t any, it’s really just about a lot of structured testing, like not to burst anybody’s bubble. But that’s, that’s really at the foundation of everything that we do. And in fact, I’ve found it to be a huge disservice to try too hard to fit into a best practice or the type of funnel that the quote on quote experts say we’re supposed to be using. Yeah, yeah. And now let’s talk about I mean, this translates directly to what I’m doing with my own funnel. It’s like stupidly simple. You know everything about how we’re supposed to use Facebook ads says you kind of warm people up first and nurture them and give free value and do a webinar or a lead magnet or a free audit or all of these things, and then you can get them to a sale. Okay? All right. That’s like what you know, the best practices say and by the way, we have clients where we use that with them that works for them. Sure. But what I was noticing personally, for my own funnel is that I would, you know, we had this like amazing opt in that my team and I put together, it’s almost like a mini course, incredibly valuable. We were getting like $2 opt ins, which is fantastic. But they were primarily freebie seekers or diyers. And so yeah, this goes back to one of the things I’m talking about all the time, which is, especially if you’re high ticket focusing solely or focusing too much on the cost per lead or cost per opt in. It’s just really short sighted and having you missed the big picture. Because, again, if we’re talking about on paper to dollar opt ins, that’s awesome. But the conversion rate to getting people to book a call with me, and then actually closing was really, really low. So I said, All right, technically I want to I’m going to try something that technically shouldn’t work. But let’s see. So put together this like really beautiful landing page. It’s an it’s an apply page, it’s you know, where I send all my traffic to if they want to apply for a call with me. But really like this full, robust, beautiful landing page with you know, this professional video, I had done an information on myself and my team and case study videos, all this great stuff. And I said, Oh, I wonder what would happen if I just sent cold traffic there. I’m willing to spend 10 to $15 a day on like a short little test just to see what happens. Put together a couple of quick ads literally pulled like the most basic look alike audience of people who had been to my website in the last 180 days and just did a 2% look alike. Turned it on. And to be really honest with you forgot about it, because I am the worst at managing my own ads. Yeah. Like just terrible. So I just let it run. And I went back like two weeks, three weeks later.

Adam G. Force 12:08

Two or three weeks. Wow. Okay.

Jennifer Spivak 12:10

Yeah, literally, I’m like, I can’t express enough how bad I am at managing my own ads, because of running a business and you know, handling all my clients stuff. Yeah. And, you know, I knew it was a really broad audience. So when you’re testing really broadly, you do actually want to give Facebook a lot of time to do its thing, let the algorithm work. And in fact, leaving it alone could actually be part of what had it work, because the algorithm did get to do its thing and cast a really wide net and inside of that, find the right people. And what has been able to happen is, I’ve been getting qualified as they filled out my full application qualified book calls for about $60 each, I will say, I have about a 50% no show rate from this particular funnel, which is sure significantly higher than anything else I normally have, I’d normally have a next to nothing. But paying $120 per call is also fine. When I’m selling, you know, a five, a five figure plus service like I don’t care, that’s fine. So it leaves room for not every single person is the exact right person. But at the end of the day, it’s resulted in, you know, getting a lot of the right people in closing three clients $46 in revenue that’s already in, you know, in my bank account, not including their leads that may close the leads I have tomorrow. And the one thing I will say that I think makes this work. And this is the piece people like don’t like to talk about when I talk about Facebook ads, because it’s like not sexy. But all of the back end stuff is a huge part of what makes this work. So I actually have a really robust retargeting sequence that runs after somebody books a call with me, and a really robust email sequence that runs after somebody books a call. So even though they didn’t get warmed up before they applied for a call with me, they’re getting incredibly warmed up and nurtured in the couple of days between when they book Yeah, and when they get on the phone with me. And this always I’ve done this in my business always, by the way, has people get on a sales call with me and say things like, I feel like I already know you. Yeah, yeah. I mean, come on. That’s like not a sales call anymore. That’s like we’re chit chatting.

Adam G. Force 14:26

Yeah, we’re just getting…. Yeah, I love that. Oh, yeah.

Jennifer Spivak 14:30

And that’s how I like to do business, by the way, like a hard sell. It’s just awkward. I like to just connect with people and like, we see if it’s a fit. And I really am very authentic and vulnerable. And it’s, you know, my brand is very much me and my personal brand. And so all of that stuff comes through and all of these touch points after they book. And I think that’s part of what makes this stupidly simple funnel work.

Adam G. Force 14:53

That’s great. Yeah, and you know, there’s I’ve learned this the hard way over the years too, is like there are no That rules like, you know, everyone gets so hung up on what is been preached by a couple, you know, thought leaders and you know this stuff. Yeah, like you said, it works for some people, it doesn’t work for others, but it’s a great idea to try. But you can try other things.

Jennifer Spivak 15:16

Yes. And it’s this idea of really approaching Facebook ads. And I guess Honestly, this would apply to I was gonna say marketing, but also business and life is not just like what the best practices but what’s actually going to serve me best. Yeah, exactly. And being willing to try and test and iterate and put in a little bit of upfront work and you know, get through it, when it’s getting tough and challenging. And you’re worried to find that sweet spot of what actually works for you.

Adam G. Force 15:43

Yeah, no, I love that. I love that. I’ve seen so many variations of different funnel steps and things like that. And, you know, it’s just, it’s incredible what you you don’t even expect like putting the entire webinar on the Facebook ad directory, like, you know, it works for some people. And you’ve never really been told to do that.

Jennifer Spivak 16:02

Yeah, I’ve been talking about that we’ve been doing that with so many clients, because the cost of getting a webinar registration is just like getting, you know, more and more expensive these days, depending on the industry. And with a video view ad, I might be able to get somebody watching a completed 90 minute webinar for like $4 compared to a $13 registration. And that’s not even factoring in if they watched it.

Adam G. Force 16:24

Yeah. And I mean, that would be interesting. I mean, have you seen it that low? like four or five hours for a full watch?

Jennifer Spivak 16:31

Yes. Wow. Absolutely. Absolutely. And again, it always depends on the industry, how good the video is, and all that stuff. There’s so many factors. But we do have a particular clients, we were we were really struggling honestly, to get the webinar redge costs below $16. And, you know, I’m willing to like deal with like, 10 to 12, if it’s the right audience, but 16 just felt like a little much for me, and it made, you know, it made getting volume really challenging. Yeah, and this is this is particularly if I’m not mistaken, it’s about a 35 Minute Webinar. So it’s not like a full length, you know, 60 to 90 minutes. But we’ve been getting people like 100% completed view for four bucks compared to that 16 I mean, it’s like night and day.

Adam G. Force 17:17

Yeah, yeah, I mean, I guess the only thing I see there is you know, you don’t have them on it, I guess. How are you sharing? Because usually have a follow up series. So like, are you doing something to do follow ups then?

Jennifer Spivak 17:29

Retargeting baby all day. And here’s the thing, right at the end of the day, nobody in the world has a 100% open rate on their email system. Right? Like nobody has that. So absolutely doing the follow up sequence through retargeting, I’m not going to say it’s better, you definitely should do email and cross channel and all of that, sure, because it all connects and supports but Facebook and Facebook retargeting ads is actually a better way to have some level of certainty that that message is getting in front of people. So what we’ll normally do, even if we are collecting an email address, and we know that there’s a follow up sequence is we’ll take the already created follow up sequence, and just turn them into a really cool engaging Facebook ads and kind of run the sequence in the same way just to create that everywhere.

Adam G. Force 18:17

Right, right. Right. Nice. That’s awesome. Interesting. And you mentioned earlier, too, that you’re donating to a group.

Jennifer Spivak 18:27

Yes, yes. So, you know, I feel like it’s my personal duty to, you know, as we, you know, grow and make more money. And as I make more money to like, actually make sure I’m being a better person, that’s it make more money, which is often like the opposite of I think, like the stereotype of what we think happens. So that’s just a huge part of everything that I do. And we actually have a partnership with this phenomenal organization, they’re called free from, and they specifically deal with the financial abuse aspect of domestic violence. This is something that is almost never talked about, and I don’t want to get the stat wrong, but it’s something like, you know, 97% of domestic violence victims go back to their abuser, which means being put at the risk of actual death, right? due to due to finances, and all of the resources out there to support survivors and there are plenty are really about having them be physically safe. And thank God for those no doubt. But what about after that? Like, why are we just being like, Okay, well, you’re alive now. And that’s like, kind of surviving as the best you’re gonna be able to do. So. That’s it, like, yeah, nice life, and then they’re back in the cycle of abuse. often they’re in the cycle of homelessness. And so, this organization very specifically works with Helping Survivors get compensated, for example, lost wages of when they were unable to go to work when they were being abused. And it also helps them, start their own businesses learn financial tools, and really go beyond just being a survivor to actually someone that can like live a thriving and abundant life. So we are just so connected and aligned with the work that they do. And we donate, you know, percentage again, of everything that we make for years now to support the work that they do.

Adam G. Force 20:24

That’s amazing. I love that. And it’s just part of, you know, something that’s important to you, and using your skills here with this marketing agency. And it allows you to contribute. So that’s pretty cool. Little setup. Nice system.

Jennifer Spivak 20:38

It really yeah, it’s, you know, for me, everything that I do, in some way, shape or form is connected to how do I put more money in the hands of more women? I think that that’s one of the most important things. No offense to men, I love y’all. That is, to me, one of the most important things that could happen on this planet in 2020. So it’s a huge focus of mine. It’s the reason why I only hire women. It’s the reason why we not exclusively, but very heavily do work mostly with female clients. And then we also have this, you know, philanthropic aspect.

Adam G. Force 21:14

Awesome. Yeah, I love it. And I kind of want to get a little bit into the ideas you have for the future. So where do you see this going at this point? So remind us how long you’ve been active now with the current business, and then we’ll come back the future from there.

Jennifer Spivak 21:33

So it’s been about almost five and a half years now.

Adam G. Force 21:39

Okay, so And now, where do you see this going for the next five years?

Jennifer Spivak 21:44

That is such a good question. You know, I, the one thing I’ll say is that I didn’t see this vision five years ago. So I’m just like, really open to whatever the universe puts in front of me as the next step. But what I really see is just a little bit more growth, I’m actually I actually don’t want to grow to this huge agency, this is a just a big part of like, the vision I have for what it looks like to be able to serve clients at the highest level. And, you know, sometimes as these agencies grow, they have, understandably growing pains, like, totally get it, we all get it. But what ends up happening is client delivery is affected. And the you know, the, the head of the agency, the face of the agency, whoever it is, is not the person that’s actually delivering on the work guiding the strategy, having the face to face time with clients. And, you know, I do have a small team, I’m all for delegating. I’m not like trying to do everything myself anymore. But I do know that having that touch point that face to face time and really being connected to my clients, and like what they’re doing in the world, and what we’re ultimately like, helping them fund, in a way is really, really important to me. So right now we’re a team of six. Again, I don’t know what the universe is gonna put me but the way I it’s hard for me to see us as much more than like a team of eight or 10 at any point in time. Just because I do I love my clients. They’re like, my best friends. I know, that feels like, corny, maybe. And I don’t know if they would hear this and be like, yeah, that’s really weird. But I adore them. I think they’re doing such amazing stuff. And I always want to be connected to them in that way. So I think the vision is to just grow a little bit more continue to provide an amazing service, donate as much money as we can to free from and other domestic violence related organizations that we really care about, and just financially empower as many women as possible.

Adam G. Force 23:54

Hmm, yeah. Well, you got a passion around that, for sure. So yeah, I’d love to see it moving forward. And yeah, you know, sometimes there’s just a value to like, keeping things at a certain level that allow you to have a certain service, right? Because that’s Yes. That’s like defines, like, your values for your business. And what’s important to you?

Jennifer Spivak 24:15

Yes, yeah. You know, I mean, we’ve, we’ve even had, like, just small periods of really fast growth where I could see that, like, if we weren’t careful, we would be in that territory of clients suffering. Yeah, yeah. And so I know for me as I’ve grown from just being like a freelancer who happened to do ads, to stepping it, stepping into it, I call it like, stepping into the visionary CEO role, which like, I think I’m still trying to figure out but I know that like having the big picture vision beyond just revenue and I love money, and I have no shame about it. But the big picture vision separate from that has been really, really crucial for us.

Adam G. Force 24:58

Yeah, I can see that and I think that a lot of people don’t realize just how important it is to, to have that in mind like to have some clarity around those things that are important to you. So the more clarity you have there, just, the quicker you’re gonna move forward to becoming that company that you want to be. Right. It just, it’s just makes it easier.

Jennifer Spivak 25:18

I mean, look, if you if you don’t know where you’re going, you’re going to be a yes to everything. And then yeah, like, like actually knowing what to say no to because you have that clear vision, I think it’s so crucial to growing in a way that doesn’t feel crazy and nuts and just like growth at you know, whatever expense necessary.

Adam G. Force 25:36

Yeah, I was at a summit in California just couple weeks ago. And they says one of the speakers said something that kind of just something you always know, but then a jolted the perspective you ever have that happen where you they like you hear it again, you’re like, Oh, now I really get it. You know, oh, they’re doing this talk. And they’re like, Listen, if I’m a multi seven figure business, and I want it to be $100 million business right now, I wouldn’t know what that looks like. Right? Like, you don’t know what that is. So like you it’s very difficult to get there until you someone can help you or you start chipping away and figuring it out. But isn’t that such a powerful thing? It’s like, you’re right, like, you don’t know what these things look like?

Jennifer Spivak 26:17

No, God, not at all. And it’s just, I just, you know, I, my, my word right now is surrender.

Adam G. Force 26:26

Hmm, that’s interesting.

Jennifer Spivak 26:28

Yeah, just like, just consistently kind of leaning back into surrendering. This is in my personal life and professional life of just like, what, what does the universe have in store for me? And like, isn’t it silly that I would think that like, I’m some like, big figure on the planet that I would have all the answers like, No, no, no, we’re like these small little dots. Yeah, like big, colossal universe. And I’m just like, here for the ride. And I’m open to you know, what, whatever is gonna serve me greatest?

Adam G. Force 27:01

Yeah, no, the big perspective is so helpful. It’s, it’s humbling, but also kind of keeps your anxiety down, because you’re kind of like, hey, yeah, I just have that big picture. And then you just do your best because at the end of the day, it’s it’s really about asking the right questions, and just kind of knowing where you want to go, and then just do it.

Jennifer Spivak 27:21

100%, and just like something I’ve been talking about a lot is being like really being in the process. You know what I mean? Like, I think, as so many entrepreneurs were so results oriented, and so results focused. And that’s great about us, by the way, like, it’s usually like what makes us successful to a point. But I’ve been playing more with just like being in the middle and having that almost be like a result in itself. Yeah. And there is absolutely no coincidence that like, this is something that I’ve been very present to for the last month. And suddenly, we had like our by far, best month ever, nothing’s coincidence. And I continue to see as I grow, that it’s not, yes, I’ve got this funnel working, right. But it’s, it’s not just that it’s never just the marketing tactic, or the funnel, that suddenly has me get to the next level. It’s like, who I’m being and the world and how much I’m investing in my own personal growth. And you know, how I’m just dancing for the universe is giving me that all of a sudden, like, has us, you know, break through to a new revenue level, for example.

Adam G. Force 28:25

That’s it, man. And it’s funny, because everybody gets so hung up on like, the tactical stuff. And I think we’re starting to hear more people talk about this. And you know, it’s common, because you don’t really know what the important marketing is yet, and you start realizing it is about yourself. It’s about your thinking, and how you communicate with people and make connections like you talked about, like, you want to, like, have that connection. That’s good business, you know?

Jennifer Spivak 28:49

Absolutely. Yeah.

Adam G. Force 28:50

How did you get your first client?

Jennifer Spivak 28:54

Oh, that’s such a good question. I’m trying to remember, I think it was honestly completely random. So I’ve been like, a huge part of just my like, my life and my practice is I do a lot of money mindset work and manifesting work. And I, you know, a little bit before I had left field agency, I was like, all right, like, I’m going out there, I have no idea what I’m doing and I get clients better start manifesting. So, you know, I just like had these, you know, these things that I would do every single day to get myself in that energy to be the person that like, you know, ran this six, seven figure business, even though it wasn’t there yet. And really, honestly, like, it does feel like clients fell out of the sky and yet I was being visible. I was always you know, very vocal about what I did. But I do think all of this sort of behind the scenes energetic and mindset work is what made this feel so easy. I mean, my first month on my own, I made $10,000 and as a freelancer planning to potentially make nothing, I was like, Oh, well, okay, then

Adam G. Force 30:07

I can do this.

Jennifer Spivak 30:09

Look at that.

Adam G. Force 30:11

Wow, that’s pretty exciting. Yeah.

Jennifer Spivak 30:13

Yeah. So it’s been, you know, the first and I think this is common, I hear this for people all the time, especially in any sort of service based business. But the first, like, three years or so was very much in person stuff going to networking events, speaking at events, word of mouth, and referrals. And it wasn’t really, it wasn’t really till I had that sort of solid foundation, and I think had reached my max with relying solely on word of mouth and referrals that I then sort of expand to, you know, online stuff online funnels, you know, actually using social media for my own business. Yeah. And now, I mean, clients just come from from all over the place. I’ve been really lucky that get, you know, have a decent amount of brand awareness. Yeah. Cool.

Adam G. Force 30:58

Yeah. Very exciting. I love it. It sounds like you have a lot of good stuff going on. And I love the fact that, that cause that’s really great. So I want to be respectful of your time. So we’ll wrap up here and how do people connect with you if they want to work with you or see what you’re up to? Where do they go?

Jennifer Spivak 31:16

So obviously, you know, I’m called the Facebook ads girl, because I live on Facebook. So that’s definitely a great place to connect with me. I’m just Jennifer Spivak on Facebook. And then if anyone’s interested in booking a call to see if we are a good fit to work together, you would want to go to

Adam G. Force 31:36

Awesome. Jennifer, thank you so much for your time today really enjoyed the talk.

Jennifer Spivak 31:40

Likewise, thank you so much.

Adam G. Force 31:47

Thanks for tuning in to the Change Creator podcast visit us at Change forward slash go big to get access to free downloads and other great resources that will drive your business forward.

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