Joel Solomon: Secrets From an Impact Investor Leading the Clean Money Revolution

Interview with Impact Investor & Author Joel Solomon, Renewal Funds

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This was an invigorating conversation.

Joel is full of wisdom after 30+ years of experience in the impact business space.

Why are things the way they are, where are they going, what can we do to all help, what do impact investors look for from entrepreneurs? Those are just a few of the questions we answer in this discussion.

As the founding partner of Renewal Funds, Joel manages over $98M in assets supporting companies that are shaping a better future.

Renewal Funds is Canada’s leading “mission venture capital” investment firm supporting early growth stage Organics and EnviroTech companies in Canada and the USA.

The Fund has over 150 individual, family, and foundation investors mostly split between Canada and the USA, with several in Europe and Asia. The goal is above market financial returns from a portfolio of companies offering positive societal advances. Renewal Funds dynamic team is led by Paul Richardson, President and CEO, and Joel Solomon, Chair, with crucial backing from Carol Newell.

Renewal Funds has been named a “Best for the World Funds” by B the Change Media, for setting the measurement and management bar for impact investing. It has also been name a B Corp for “Best for the World Company.”

What caught my attention was his book, The Clean Money Revolution. It’s inspiring and very much aligned with my values and led me to meeting Joel.

I would highly recommend checking it out!

Here More From Joel in this Video

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