Adam Force & Amy Aitman: How We’re Navigating Covid-19 as Digital Impact Entrepreneurs

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It’s not business as usual right now but this is a good thing for us as leaders and entrepreneurs.

Change Creator cofounders, Adam and Amy, talk about how we’re navigating these changing times and how you can really lean into your business right now as well.

This is the time when our actions are going to change the trajectory of our businesses and our clients for the next six months.

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Transcription of Interview

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Adam G. Force 00:11

Hey, what’s up everybody? Welcome back to the Change Creator podcast show hope everybody is doing amazing. If you missed the last episode was with Allie ball, she is crushing it, turning her intellectual property into a thriving business. So it’s a great interview for you guys to check out lots of good nuggets in there. She’s in the food, retail space, but she’s talking about how she developed her business online from consulting to actual you know, evergreen digital, so lots of good nuggets in there for you guys. So go back and check that out when you get a chance. You know, today we’re going to do something special, and I hope everybody is staying safe. I know we’re going through some very unique, unprecedented times with this virus that is going around. So I hope you’re practicing your social distancing, saying inside and staying safe with your families. This is so important right now for people. And it’s also a great opportunity. Right? So it depends on how we look at everything. And all throughout history, whether it was Einstein or Nikola Tesla, you know, the idea of isolation and solitude is also, you know, the times that you have the most creativity, those epiphanies and aha moments, giving your brain it kind of like gets into this focus. And when you’re alone, these great ideas can surface Okay, so take advantage of that. What can we do to serve more people? How can we pivot our business to adjust to what’s going on today and help others who are struggling, right. So there’s a lot to consider and a lot to think about. So Amy, and I actually did a Facebook Live not too long ago. And we’ll be doing some more. It’s been a little bit crazy here. So we’re trying to pop on as often as we can. And we talked about some of these things. Because we noticed in our Facebook group, the profitable digital impact entrepreneur, how people are feeling. And I know that people’s businesses are taking a hit, or they’re nervous, or they are, you know, faced with some fear and anxiety around the circumstance. And so we wanted to talk about that a little bit. How do we, how should we be thinking about this situation today, and start adapting? And so this is actually a Facebook Live, I wanted to bring it here to the podcast, because I thought it was a good conversation, and that you all would get something out of it. Okay, so we’re gonna dive into this conversation. And Amy and I are going to talk about, you know, how we’re navigating everything with what’s going on today. Right? Like, what does it mean to your business? How should we be thinking, and it’s just, you know, it’s not business as usual, right? So this is the time to step up as a leader. We are entrepreneurs, we are problem solvers. And this is the time when our actions are really going to start shifting the trajectory of our business and our clients over the next six months. So we’re gonna dive into that chat. And this is again the Facebook Live that we did recently. And I wanted to bring it to you guys here on the podcast. I hope you guys enjoy this and you get something out of it. We’ll be doing more live. So join us in our Facebook group, the profitable digital impact entrepreneur and guys, as always stop by change crater comm we have lots of good stuff being published over there for content that you guys will probably find very valuable. Without further ado, let’s jump into this disc. Okay, show me that hey. Hey, everybody. So pretty interesting times. I think these are unprecedented and a lot going on. So Amy and I have been talking a lot amongst ourselves and our team but also with other teams and people in our network. And we wanted to just bring this conversation to you. So I don’t know if you saw our notes in the group yesterday, but there’s a lot that we Want to support you with when it comes to kind of managing how things are changing? And what it means to us as entrepreneurs, especially as entrepreneurs in the social impact space, right? Mm hmm. So there’s a few things we were going to cover off today that we think would be helpful just to kind of like, start things with you. And so, you know, Amy, we had a couple topics that are really important. And I think there’s Miss misconceptions here. And this is kind of a time where we really want to be empathizing and supporting each other. But, you know, we’re looking at what it means to people and their business right now. Right, like we have this virus taking place. And how is it changing your clients lives? How is it changing the customers you have and their lives? I mean, how many of you are hearing comments from clients? You know, we’ve heard about clients wanting to pull ad dollars out. We were part of a summit in May and our Are the person that was running that are one of our coaches had to rejigged the entire thing to become virtual right to support what’s going on in these circumstances? You know, people are, they have brick and mortar style businesses, and they have to figure out how to digitize them and what that means. So we want to talk about a couple key things. What was the first thing on on our lists, Amy that we wanted to cover?

Amy Aitman 05:24

Yeah, before we get through our proper gonna cover I just wanted to say like, many of you out there, you’re probably self isolating right now. We’re here we’re with our families. I just want like one to say that when our if you see our post yesterday, our like, our businesses, and our lives are so intertwined. And right now like I’m home here with my little guy, he might be home off of school for quite a while and I’m just so thankful and grateful. And Adam, Adam has a little one on the way soon.

Adam G. Force 05:57

Yeah, we’re, you know,

Amy Aitman 05:58

we’re dealing with not just are businesses here but our lives and that’s why we really wanted to come and speak to you guys more, we’re going to be coming on live more, we’re going to be speaking to you guys so much more because we really want to support you during this time. And this is why this our first talk. And you can hear my little guide. So it’s gonna happen. And so these are the comp we’ve been having a lot of conversations with our students with our clients with, like Adam said with other entrepreneurs in the space. And one of these is topics that are coming up the most, the most for people and we really want to talk about so today we’re going to talk about is it unethical to sell your products and services during this time right now? I know there’s a lot of things going on. And this is a question that we’ve actually gotten quite a bit so we’re going to talk about that.

Adam G. Force 06:52

Yeah, which is a good question because we all feel just put Coronavirus aside. You know, a lot of times you say Selling and people give you the face like, Oh, yeah, I don’t want to do that right because that’s kind of a gross thing. It’s not like they feel dirty a little bit. And there is some stigma around it. But what happens when you have a situation like today, right the Coronavirus, like should you be out there selling? And the short answer is as entrepreneurs, we are wired to be problem solvers. Right. And when we are solving a problem, we are trying to transform someone’s life. And that means we look for ways to support them and transform their life, which means we’re selling. And so you know, an example of this would just be having a brick and mortar store and having a service that is offline. But then you have a program that can help someone Bring It Online, right, because during this time, they’re not able to run their business, the way they normally Would. So if they’re losing money month over month or right now week over week, and you can help them kind of get set up to get that money back into their pockets for their family, then it’s okay for you to sell a program that will support them and doing that, you know, we still have to run our businesses and we’re lucky right? Me because you have digital businesses now. Put a comment here if you’re if you hear this talk right now, and you know, maybe you’re somebody that is trying to get digital and you need support for being digital. You know, maybe you’re one of those guys because this is happening a lot. And so really understanding Well, what are your your audience and your clients going through? And if there are creative ways as a problem solver for you to help them. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do everything for free is there communities and discussions about things that are free? Yes, but you can definitely be selling and should be selling Because if you are selling, it means you’re out there transforming someone’s life. You’re helping someone solve what they have, and you’re putting money back in their pocket. Right? So that’s our initial instinct as leaders and as entrepreneurs. I don’t know if you have other thoughts around that, Amy,

Amy Aitman 09:15

no, this is the time that we really need to be helping people and we need to be selling. And I think a lot of us, especially as ethical entrepreneurs, we want to we have such empathy for our customers or for clients. But really, all of you that are sitting out there are good people, you we’re not talking about somebody selling, you know, hoards of toilet paper and selling them on the block. Not doing that, like that’s not what we do, the businesses that you guys have and the businesses that like that we have here. I know that we help people in our program, we help our clients build their businesses, we help our clients, you know, supercharge their marketing, and so that’s something that people really need, especially in these times. And I really believe that this is the time that what the decisions that we’re making now as problem solvers, as leaders, as entrepreneurs, that’s going to change the not just the trajectory of our businesses and of our customers lives, but of our communities and the people that we can really help and we’ve been given such privileged to have online like right now, the internet’s not down. The digital space is not here, there is a lot of ways to help people. And so if you are struggling with thinking about like discounting your your service or not selling your service or taking it offline, I really want to encourage you to say, No, you’re helping, you’re helping people and if you don’t have a digital offer, or you don’t have a digital product, there’s so many ways to get creative. I have seen so many of my friends and people come out of the come into the digital space and a new way and show up and be like how do I use zoom and how do I build my community and how can I start a Facebook group tonight I have at seven o’clock I have a digital zoom book class now is simple. Really? Yes, right. I thought it was amazing that she really wants to that my zoom instructor really wants to lean into her community and say, Hey, I know that you guys are all home. And that you’re all we’re all self isolating right now. So why don’t we do zuba one of our colleagues has his has a lot of events and events space. So he brings entrepreneurs, digital entrepreneurs together six, seven figure digital entrepreneurs together. And guess what, a lot of us in those spaces and depends if you’re an e commerce right now, or if you have depends on what niche you are, if you’re in the travel niche, some of us are really struggling with certain digital aspects. So he’s like, how can I build my community around now on Friday mornings, we’re going to have these talks and we’re going to bring that together. And that’s just really what I’m saying. So if you you guys are good people. You have products, you have services you have offers. That are really helping people lean into that. How can you help more people, I would say, lean away from discounting your service or from taking your offer off the table or from not doing your marketing right now. And guess what, there’s more that you can do. You can offer bonus workshops, you can offer bonus lives, you can offer both bonus things to really lean in, if that’s what you want to do and bring more value. That’s what Adam and I are doing. And that’s why we released a statement yesterday, we are offering more help to our current students and helping them say, Hey, are you guys struggling right now? Are you worried about, you know, creating your digital offer and you want to you want to do that a little bit faster. We’re here to help. This is what we live and what we breathe. Right, Adam?

Adam G. Force 12:45

Yeah, absolutely. And it’s been pretty impressive. You know, there’s just been such an incredible amount of community kind of uprising in a sense. I’ve been invited to digital coffee meetups. To meet while we’re all social distancing, right? We can’t get in person. So great conversations happening about these things brainstorming what’s going on. What have you heard from clients? What have you heard from clients? How can you help them? What are the big challenges they’re facing? Because if they’re losing money, you want to help them, figure out how they can solve that. Right? So, you know, seeing all these big conferences and summits go virtual, I mean, this is leadership, right? They’re not just shutting it down. They’re figuring out a way to continue to serve their audiences and their clients one way or the other just like zoombak continue to serve their audience. I think it’s really impressive and you know, we’re just hammering off like a couple you know, scenarios here. But there’s a lot of scenarios out there for different clients when it comes to advertising when it comes to marketing when it comes from brick and mortar to digital, like all these different things have to be taken into account. There may be a little piece of that equation that you have expertise around and that you could support. Let’s say you have a course or something, it might be part of that program that supports it, and you create a workshop out of it. And now you have that for $100 versus your original $500 program, right? So there’s pieces and things that may not even require you to do a ton more work. It’s just a very focused offering, that will help someone with a very new and unique problem that they have because of this global, you know, challenge we’re facing right now.

Amy Aitman 14:36

And as entrepreneurs, I think it’s really exciting for us to have these challenges and to set our businesses up and to be into really help people and get them said, How are we leaning into our customers and saying, Okay, what is your challenges right now? Where are your pain points? What are you guys struggling with right now? And what can I create to really help you write up

Adam G. Force 15:05

And part of that is get involved in the communities. I mean, we had someone in our mastermind group, start a Facebook community and you know, having some of these discussions. I mean, people are hungry for the support. How do you get involved? Learn More. This is about empathizing. This is about connecting with people online, having these conversations. And it’s not just going in there and thinking, selling selling, it’s, it’s how do I help you? And that doesn’t mean you have to give every all your time, energy and expertise away for free. You just help you solve problems. Put the Coronavirus aside, you’re always solving someone’s problem. You’re not taking advantage of them but you’re giving them a solution that transforms their life. So, you know, that’s that’s the entrepreneurial mindset it is how do we solve these problems? And you know, I agree with Amy, you know, we’re not here to just like discount and Do all these kind of crazy offers because of it, it’s a problem. You’re supporting people. It’s no different than any other way. You want to be sensitive and empathetic to their situation and be authentic and genuine in trying to help right?

Amy Aitman 16:14

I mean, make a really good point and honestly like with or without the Coronavirus, these are the things that we need to lean into. We are problem solvers. We need to think about who we’re helping. And one of the things we talk about a lot around here is digital conversations, and building communities. This is not new to us. This is what we do all the time. This is what we help people do. And so if you’re sitting there right now and you’re worried about your business and you’re thinking about I need to solve some new problems, this is something that you need to be doing with or without staying at home for three weeks or these big downturns in the economy. Like we want you to set up your business for a lifetime. We want you to have these systems set up for a lifetime. Yeah, that’s what we’re, I mean, this is what we can help you, you guys do. And I love that. One of the things that we’ve said we’re talking about today is how to really lean in and build stronger communities. And that’s why we’re here today. Right? We’re, you know, we’re leaning into you guys. And we really want you guys to build these strong communities. But I want you guys to think about what you’re doing today to set your business up for the next six months, the next 12 months because guess what this Coronavirus thing Yes, it’s probably going to get a little worse, we’re probably going to have a lot more shutdowns a lot more things, a downturn in the economy, but it’s going to get better before it will get better things are going to get back to normal and for the for us problem solvers. For us leaders here we can this is a really a time that we can really dig in deep now. I’ve talked to a lot of conversations recently with people about how they shut down their businesses to be honest with you, and what and they asked me what was your what’s your Advice like you have your, your setup. Amy, you have a digital online presence. Yeah. I said, Yeah. Because I’ve always been working on this. This is what I’ve done to recession proof my business, resend Yes. You know, so I said, What can you What can you do right now? And my answer to this was like lean into your marketing lean into your customers, you might not have something to actually sell them right now you have a we might have a brick and mortar store that is that’s where they have to come to get your services. But there’s so many things that you can do set up your online systems, you know, talk to people, email your audience, build your audience, this, these things come down in the next three weeks, four weeks, you know, three months. So then long term thinking, which is where we should be thinking as entrepreneurs, we’re set up. So the decisions that we’re making now and that you guys are making now in your businesses, that’s where they’re really going to pay off for us long term and I want you guys 16 I have taught I know many of you personally that are that are out there. And I’ve talked about your businesses and you guys are doing some amazing things. We really want your businesses to succeed, because you guys are here to make a better world. And so that’s why we’re here today.

Adam G. Force 19:17

Yeah, listen, it taught me to go on and on about it. And I think it’s important to recognize there was a great insight. And this is just part of the entrepreneurial mindset, especially during these times that one of our coaches shared, and that is, you know, this is not a time to respond out of a place of fear and anxiety. Right, because as things around us are changing, hey, I have a baby on the way and my wife works in hospital hospitals here in Miami out right? Yeah, like this is not a good situation for us. My wife was at the hospital until midnight last night doing were coming home like it’s chaos and So that makes me nervous. And this is a difference in my life now. Right? So this is how my life has changed. And I’m lucky I work out of the house. And I think Amy made a great point about being recession proof, you know, we have learned to create digital systems online that work for us. And we, it’s it is kind of recession proof, you know, unless the there’s people, if people out there right now can’t get involved with what you offer, that might be a new dynamic of how you need to support them. And that’s kind of what we’ve been talking about here. But you know, there’s a lot that’s to be said for getting set up digitally. Not even just because of this situation, I would look at this situation to say, this is actually giving me the kick in the butt to back it up. So in the future, I am recession proof, right. And this is what we’re so passionate about in the captivate method program because we are that’s what we help with it as well. about building up your brand story, understanding how to set up digital systems, how to get people to love what you do. And once you have those systems running, you’re in good shape during these times, right? So, you know, these are just some of the key points that we wanted to bring up today. And, you know, don’t come at this from a place of fear and reservation, right? You’re not being unethical. You’re a problem solver. You’re here to help people. That’s why you’re an entrepreneur. So get creative, lean in and figure out what communities you can be part of, and help people, right.

Amy Aitman 21:35

Yeah, that’s, I love that, Adam. And you know what, we’re here to help you guys as well. And there’s a lot of topics that are going to better coming up. I mean, like setting up your digital systems, what tools you can use, how to have build digital communities, how do you build a community around your mission, we’re here to help you and give you guys some ideas and inspire that as well. So if there’s any topics or you guys are having a struggle by Want you to leave a comment? Ask a comment, this is the time that you guys can really dig in. I really feel like this situation in the world is actually a really great opportunity for us as entrepreneurs to really lean into our businesses to focus on the things that are going to set us up to build stronger communities digitally. Like it’s really exciting. I feel like this virus is not political. It’s bringing the whole world has to come together. There are some really positive things about it. So I feel like that’s why we’re given this opportunity right now. This is a good

Adam G. Force 22:32

time. Yeah. Active matters. And while it is a terrible thing that’s going on, and it’s kind of like disrupting things. That’s what we are about as entrepreneurs, we disrupt, right? And so we just look at this and we say, all right, what’s going on? How do we solve these problems? How do I help people get through these tough times? Guys, ask questions. If you’re stuck with your business, you’re not sure how to manage it. Like we’re here. Like we’re leaning in. We’re opening up this conversation. And so that you can ask questions. So if you have questions, or you need support with something, we can set up a digital coffee date, we could do group talks, you can jump on live again and cover certain topics. If there’s something you want us to talk about, that you have questions on, you know, just put it out there. You know, we’re here to help in any way. So, I mean, I think me that’s, that’s, I think, covers most of what we want to

Amy Aitman 23:23

Yeah , I think so.

Adam G. Force 23:24

We’ll be back. We have some other things to dig in. But this was just to kick this off, because we’ve noticed some of the fears people have, but also the automatic response of holding back. Right? Well, mine can’t sell, I can’t sell now, like, I don’t want to be the guy profiting off of this. And you know, that’s not the case. So you’re not selling toilet paper and flipping it.

Amy Aitman 23:48

hand sanitizers and I mean,

Adam G. Force 23:50

like Gary Vee came on, he’s like, I don’t want to see anybody out there, you know, buying up all the Purrel and then flipping it that’s shit. You know? Don’t be those guys. But I think there’s a lot of

Amy Aitman 24:04

I don’t think anyone sitting here are those guys right Adam?

Adam G. Force 24:08

no, no, no, this is all about impact entrepreneurs, guys, we’re here to be honest, authentic, genuine, really help people. There’s people out there that need your help. You might have expertise, tools, insights. So just get involved, talk to people set up a virtual coffee group, you know, whatever it is come up with creative ideas. There’s a lot that can be done to help people get through this time.

Amy Aitman 24:32

Yeah, you guys have unique, unique skills and abilities and great ways to help people. So that’s what I would encourage you guys to do and share your comments. Ask your questions. We’ll be back. Awesome. We’re gonna be here. Alright guys, see you later. Okay, Bye, guys.

Adam G. Force 24:50

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