How to Overcome Life Challenges and Pursue Your Mission

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Exclusive interview with compassionate social entrepreneur, Iffit Qureshi.

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In this special interview we talk to Iffit Qureshi who was deeply impacted by the terrorist attacks that took place in Oslo, Norway, in addition to life events that would have caused most people to quit.

Iffit’s story is not like others you might have heard. There is pain and inspiration. Fear and courage.

Being a compassionate person, she always had a passion for helping people used to work as a civil servant in the unemployment offices, and held her own courses to help people move their life forward.

In 2006 she had a good paying job but then something terrible happened, she was hit by a car while riding her bike.

The injuries spun her life around as she broke her back, hurt her neck, arm and hip, and sustained a concussion (TBI).

It took her about 3 years to get recover. In 2011 she went back to work again as a civil servant.

Within 5 months her boss gave me more responsibility as he saw what value she offered. Actually, one of her courses received several million kroner in funding.

In 2011 a shock was sent around the world when there was a terrorist attack in Oslo, Norway.

Paying tributes for victims of the Norway’s bomb attack and shooting spree at remembrance ceremony

Iffit used to write columns in the Norwegian media about racism and social injustices, but after terrorist attacks in Oslo she couldn’t write anything. She vowed not write again until Anders Behring Breivik was sentenced. One year later that became truth.

Unfortunately in January 2012 she had another bit of bad luck and sustained a head injury during a work related accident. This time it took much longer to recover. To this day she struggles with the post-concussion symptoms.

After the work related accident in January 2012 I was unable to put sentences together.

How did Iffit overcome such challenges and what is she doing now?

The accidents and the symptoms led her to believe that she would never be able to work again. She could barely function doing simple tasks like cleaning or paying bills. Depression set in.

In July 2012 her friend showed her Humans of New York. It was then she knew what she was going to do.

That’s when Humans of Oslo was started.

Learn how she overcame her challenges and is now pursuing her mission in life.

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