Top 5 Moments from the March for Our Lives We Couldn’t Help But Share

Today, as students from all over America and around the world marched, we could not help but share the momentous moments in our history. These young people are showing the true spirit of activism, standing up for their rights for change and doing something about the state of the world they find themselves in.

What started as a group of young survivors from Florida has turned into a national-wide, and worldwide movement to address gun-control laws. Though Washington hosted the main event, more than 800 other marches were held across the world in full support of these students, teachers, parents, and survivors who started the March for Our Lives movement.

Let’s celebrate these amazing, brave, young activists with the 5 best moments from the March for our Lives, March 24, 2018.

1. When Emma Gonzalez stands on stage for 6 minutes, 20 seconds…

When survivor and student Emma Gonzalez decides to stand, in front of a crowd of thousands, silent for exactly 6 minutes and 20 seconds, you can feel the power of this movement.

“Six minutes and about 20 seconds,” she said. “In a little over 6 minutes, 17 of our friends were taken from us, 15 were injured and everyone in the Douglas community was forever altered. Everyone who was there understands. Everyone who has been touched by the cold grip of gun violence understands. For us, long, tearful, chaotic hours in the scorching afternoon sun were spent not knowing. No one understood the extent of what had happened.”

2. When the world decided to join.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you are not enough, that you don’t have a say. Today’s march showed how one, by one, when we decide that change is worth it and band together, we can make a difference. Not only did all the major U. S. cities participate (see below), so did many cities around the world.

March for Our Lives in London

In Montreal

3. When Lady Gaga got involved.


We say #BeKind and Channel Kindness! #Marchforourlives #march4ourlives @chnlkindness

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And, other celebs joined in as well…


Sending love to you from Oberhausen. @marchforourlives

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4. When 11-year-old Naomi Walder speaks out for those lives we don’t always think about.

This young girl’s poise and presence literally sends chills down my spine. Not only did she lead a walk out of her elementary school, Naomi stood up and spoke out for all African-American girls and victims the media often ignores. It is so encouraging to know that this is our future.

5. David Hogg’s Push Back to All Politicians

“The cold grasp of corruption shackles the District of Columbia” says Hogg as he begins this emotional, impassionated speech. It is time to not only question the status-quo of our government, it is time to change. Hogg shows great presence, poise, and dignity through extreme emotional grief as he confronts the government that, he claims, has put a price on kids’ lives.

“If you listen real close, you can hear the people in power shaking,” says Hogg.

We applaud you young activists, right-fighters, out there making the world a better place.

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