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21 of the Best Leadership Podcasts You’ll Want to Listen To Now

As a leader, the success of your organization greatly depends on your personal qualities. You need to keep improving yourself continuously so that you can be in a position to improve your team as well. Listening to podcasts is a great way to work on yourself even when you are on the go. Here, we list 20 of the best leadership podcasts you’ll want to listen to now! 1. Leadership and loyalty – Dov Baron In this show, Baron seeks to inspire leaders to lead purposeful lives for holistic excellence. He hosts leaders from various spheres of life to...

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5 Things That Will Kill Your Social Enterprise Startup

There are endless articles listing 5 or 10 or 20 things that will kill a startup. But what about those of you who are launching a social enterprise? What’s out there for you? That’s why I want to discuss the things that will kill your social enterprise startup. You are doing important work. Don’t let some of these things sabotage your success! Some might argue that the early stages of business and social startups are essentially the same – that you need a strong vision, a product or service, a market, passion, creativity, and so on. But there are certain...

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The Role of Empathy in Social Enterprise

Empathy is a powerful emotion, allowing us to understand other people, their position, and their needs. For anyone looking to start a social enterprise, empathy will be vital. If you want to make a difference, you need to understand the communities you will be working in and how your efforts will impact them. What is the role of empathy in social enterprise? What about other kinds of business models? Let’s examine this! What is empathy? Why is it so important in social enterprise? In the past, charity and international development agencies had a habit of blindly (and sometimes condescendingly)...

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The Most Sacred Gift You Can Give According to Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins, the unconventional social entrepreneur. With one knock on the door on, Thanksgiving Day, his life changed and his mission to give back started. Now, as a coach, author, businessman, and philanthropist he has changed millions of lives. He could have retired at the age of 26, but he realized there is much more to life than money. In 2016 he personally provided 59 million meals to people in the USA and matched 100 million more through his partnership with Feeding America to honor those who helped his family during tough times. Check out Change Creator Magazine with...

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Want To Change the World? You Need to Read This First!

A lot of people want to change the world and make a difference. Perhaps you’re a recently graduated college student. You’ve had the opportunity to learn about many of the world’s problems and you want to do something about them. Problem is, you’ve got student loans payments, bills, and all the rest. Or maybe you’re in the middle of your career, and you’ve been doing some volunteer work on the side. You love the causes you’re working on as a volunteer and to do it full-time, but you need to cash some checks as well. Dreaming about a better...

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