Wei Houng: Creating The Right Money Mindset

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What if your money mindset is limiting your financial results as an entrepreneur? What can you do to change that? We connect with an expert on that topic, Wei Houng, who is the founder of the 6 Figure Academy and host of the podcast, Money Lab.

About Wei:

Founding Member and 6 Figure Breakthrough Coach, Wei Houng, has made it his passion, purpose, and goal to help people eliminate anxiety around money to achieve financial success and live a 6 Figure Lifestyle.

And it wasn’t because he was always a 6 Figure success.

Despite having his first 6 Figure business at the age of 22, he struggled for years to consistently make 6 Figures AND keep it. When he finally figured it out (along with going broke several times), he vowed to make it his mission to help others avoid as many of the pitfalls as possible to 6 Figure success.

And over the last decade and a half, his desire to help others achieve financial enlightenment has evolved into a symbiotic adventure for both him and his clients. He has worked with celebrities, industry thought leaders, and countless entrepreneurs to re-define the role that money plays in their lives. The results have been life changing.

Success Starts From Within, is his personal mantra. It came as an “ah-ha” moment while working with one of his own mentors. The “ah-ha” was that most of his failures were due to him looking outwards for success instead of within. Soon after, he discovered that to help his clients achieve the results THEY were looking for in money, it was more than just about helping them solely in the area of financial success.

“It is about creating success in ALL areas of life to reach your financial goals. Every one of these areas have an impact on each other: finance, health & fitness, mental & emotional, and spiritual.”

The 6 Figure Academy is literally a physical manifestation of Wei’s life experiences. Its philosophies guide all the life coaches and business coaches in the company. By coaching and guiding individuals to reach a high level of clarity in their lives, all the coaches at the The 6 Figure Academy live by the mantra to educate, empower, and inspire others to what their next steps should be, and how to make it happen.

With a background in Computer Science & Engineering and a cohesive minor in Business Management from UCLA, Wei has infused the rapid problem-solving engineering approach in a holistic way to the strategies at The 6 Figure Academy. The holistic side comes from him being a Certified Life Coach, Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, and Master Practitioner of Mental and Emotional Release® Techniques. He is also an ordained minister in spirituality.

Learn more about Wei Houng and his work at > 6figureacademy.com

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Transcription of Interview

(Transcribed by Otter.ai, there may be errors)

Adam G. Force 00:03

Welcome to the Change Creator podcast where entrepreneurs come to learn how to live their truth, get rich and make a massive difference in the world. I’m your host, Adam force co founder, Change Creator and co creator of the captivate method. Each week we talk to experts about leadership, digital marketing and sales strategies that you can implement in your business and life to go big, visit us at Change Creator comm forward slash go big to grab awesome resources that will help drive your business forward. All right, what’s going on everybody? Welcome back to the Change Creator podcast show, this is your host Devon force. I’m excited today to talk about money. But not just money, specifically, the money mindset. This is a big, big part of not only the entrepreneurial life, but just in life in general, because it’s something that we all have to accumulate and use to get the things we need and all that kind of stuff. And we have a lot of stressors around it from, you know, historical blueprints and all that. So we’re gonna dive into all that stuff and start breaking those things down, which is going to be really helpful for for you guys as entrepreneurs. So we’re gonna be talking with whey, he is the founder of the six figure Academy. And he is all about the money mindset. So we’re gonna, we’re gonna break this stuff down through that conversation, so just hang tight in a minute. We’re gonna get into that stuff. If you missed the last episode, it was with me and Amy. So Amy and I, we spoke about taking a stand with your brand, which is what we’re all about here at Change Creator, and not losing sales. There’s a lot of fear around, you know, the values we have as people and having the same values as a company, expressing them through the business and things like that. So we want to have a conversation about that. Now, this was a Facebook Live that we did last in that episode, and we put it up on the podcast, because it was a great conversation we want to share with you. So yeah, you could check that out. If you missed the last episode. Guys, follow us on Facebook. That’s our primary platform at the moment, we share a lot of content out there and have a lot of conversations on the Facebook platform. You can also from our Facebook page, find our Facebook group, be a Change Creator. And join us there for more in depth conversations around taking a stand with your brand and the businesses that we run. Alright guys, I’m not gonna drag this out any further. Without further ado, we’re just gonna dive into this conversation with Wei and start talking about the money mindset. Hey, Wei, welcome to the Change Creator podcast show how you doing today, man?

Wei Houng 02:38

I’m good. I’m good. Adam, thanks for having me on looking forward to it.

Adam G. Force 02:41

Yeah, absolutely. I’m excited because I always like to talk about money, and especially the mindset around it. So yeah, listen, for anybody that doesn’t know you know, my story a little bit Wei and I connected back in January, when we were able to travel out in California at a summit that we were at together. And He is an expert, he did a great talk on money mindset. So Wei maybe you can jump in and tell us just a little bit about how you got involved in this topic and why it’s so important to you.


Yeah, that’s a great question, Adam. I didn’t actually choose this niche to be in my, my audience actually chose it. Okay, for me, which was always the best way to do it, I guess. Because that way it takes the kind of the guesswork out of like, what should I do? What’s my purpose? What am I here? How am I going to help my audience, right. And one of the things that came up with the work that I do prior to be too special, you know, to me specializing in, you know, the this money mindset piece was, you know, I was always working on people’s potential and working on helping them achieve the lifestyle that they want. And because of the capitalistic world that we live in, inevitably, we were we would always work around something around money, you know, there’s some kind of a blog around money or challenge around money. And mostly it showed up as anxiety and stress and worry around money. And for me because of my own journey around that. I mean, it I just basically said, You know what, let me show you what I did. Let me show you what my teachers teach me or taught me. And over the years, I developed a systematic approach because of my engineering background, from college, to reengineer, bad money stories to the deep core reasons why we create the challenges anxiety and stress that we have around money. And so one day, a few of my clients said, You know what, as they were giving me their testimonials and reviews, they said, you know, you changed my life, there’s a whole whole a whole set of things that you were able to do but one of the most important things one of the most significant things was to was that you helped me eliminate anxiety and stress I had around money which opened up the doors to all that was possible. me as an entrepreneur to make my impact on this planet. And I said, Oh, that’s interesting and not even see it. It took my coach to tell me like, hey, by the way, do you see a trend here? And I said, No. It says, they are talking about your ability to help them to remove their attachment or improve their relationship or limit their anxiety and stress and work around money. I said, Oh, okay. Well, maybe I’ll do that. And ever since then, I haven’t looked back because I realized it was they were right. It was like the keys to the kingdom, that if I help an entrepreneur who is really focused and wanting to make an impact on this planet, and wanting to make a difference, the last thing we want to do is to occupy our days and times, constantly worrying and stressing about money. Once we get that out of the way, what can you do then?

Adam G. Force 05:54

Yeah, I mean, so that that’s, that is a major force of anxiety and doubt. I mean, what’s the scenario, right? You’re, you’re working a job, but you want to become an entrepreneur, you start a business. But now you know, you’re not making enough money. You got got to put food on the table, you got a mortgage, you got these things going on. in there, of course, is anxiety. So there’s some of it is like, so how much do we attribute Wei to… well, some of this is just like, do you have a good product and any business acumen whatsoever? And some of it is going to be business mindset? Or does business mindset trump wall? I mean, money mindset trump all

Wei Houng 06:36

right, money business mindset could kind of go hand in hand. So they’re both are correct. I would say because we live in an era where you can make money literally doing anything. And there’s a part in one of my courses where I talk about shifting the mindset of your internal narrative or rhetoric that your niche won’t work or your product isn’t good enough. And I list out all these ridiculous products out there and are making millions in the world today. Did you know for example, that there is a a plastic wishbone company, that all they’re doing is making these plastic wishbone you know, the wishbones that we did, and we pull it apart and make a wish? Yeah, there’s literally boxes of it. You can buy with like hundreds of wishbones in it that you can just open up and start making wishes on your own. And it’s a multimillion dollar company selling plastic wishbones. Yeah.

Adam G. Force 07:33

So not only are they selling some Bs, but they’re polluting the world with it too.

Wei Houng 07:41

I don’t think they’re eco friendly plastic wishbones. Right. So that’s one of the things that, you know, kind of shift the perspective and again, it becomes a mindset type of a hack, it’s a way so if you have this intention, and in this desire to make a difference with your idea with your product with your service, there is always a way for you to monetize what’s keeping, you know, entrepreneurs with their purpose, or as you like to call social entrepreneurs, from becoming successful is not that their product or service isn’t good enough. I’ve seen enough of that over the last couple of decades of doing this work, that it’s more about the what your mindset is, what your relationship with money is that will allow you to think of the different avenues and channels of monetization, that can happen for your product or service. And also, it lends to that ability for you to truly own the value of what it is that you provide for your audience. So I absolutely think it’s completely a mindset. I mean, it’s the full embodiment of owning that piece. And it’s, it’s it’s almost less about the strategy or I mean, obviously, if you had terrible copying and terrible marketing strategies, and you terrible packaging and stuff like that, then yeah, that might contribute to that. But what then led to you making those decisions to have terrible copy, to have terrible packaging?

Adam G. Force 09:09

Agreed. I was just gonna say, if you have a poor money mindset, then you won’t invest in good copy.

Wei Houng 09:15

Right? Exactly. Or you will unconsciously make decisions that will maintain and validate a bad money mindset.

Adam G. Force 09:26

Yes, I love that. So I’m gonna even write it down. So you unconsciously, this is so important, anybody this thing that because we all do this, and I’m gonna have Wei explain why this happens in a second. But we unconsciously make decisions to undermine what our success could be because of what we’re telling ourselves all the time. Is that do I have that right?

Wei Houng 09:49

Exactly. That’s exactly right.

Adam G. Force 09:51

Yes. It’s like you’re making yourself fit the mold. So if you’re constantly in your mind, like saying things about yourself or How hard it is to make money or that it’s like it’s it takes a lot of time and a lot of effort. And then that’s exactly what you’re going to start creating as your reality. Right?

Wei Houng 10:10

Exactly. That’s exactly right. I mean, prior to me picking this niche, what I specialize in was working with the most powerful part of the human consciousness, which is the unconscious of the consciousness. So many of us focus on the conscious mind, because that’s what we’re aware of. We’re conscious of it. Yeah. However, most of our emotions, our decision making process, everything that runs and governs our entire existence is powered by the unconscious mind, in other words, is done autonomously. Yeah, which includes a lot of the programming and the stories around money that we grew up with. And what happens is, the unconscious mind spends its entire lifetime of you, looking for events and circumstances and truths, so to speak, to validate the existence, or the purpose of keeping those stories alive, because we use those stories to survive when we were younger. But then when even if we outgrow it, we forget to expire those stories. And we keep looking for ways or doing things, to validate its existence to validate as a truth and maintain it as a truth even though they may not be serving you anymore as a appropriate truth.

Adam G. Force 11:25

Yeah. So you’re validating a truth that does not serve you and, and I mean, you know, I’ve noticed this too, and I’ve read a few books with guys like t harv, eker, and things like that. And it’s like, he’ll tell you, like, don’t say bad things about other people who make money. Because even if you’re saying bad things about other people, just the fact that you’re saying it, you’re kind of just programming that into your own mind. Like, it doesn’t matter if it’s about someone else or not, it’s still gonna affect you, it’s like you programming yourself with the same thing. Right?

Wei Houng 11:53

Right. And let’s go even deeper with that and see what t harv. eker is talking about is how to condition yourself out of that, what I what I deal with is, well, how did you know how to use that to begin with? Yeah, because what you’re trying to kind of re hearse yourself out of by doing the affirmations is a deeper programming of learning that you had at a very, very young age, and a much quicker ways to get to well, how did you eat? How do you even know to vilify rich people? How do you even know to make it a bad thing, because that wasn’t something that you were born with. It was something that was trained into you to nurture it was nurtured into you, by a teacher, such as a parent, such as a relatives such as society, such as culture, yeah. And until we get to that route, we can rehearse and sometimes this is what’s so frustrating a lot of people because I believe in t harv, eker. stuff, the millionaire mindset, what people don’t realize is that if you don’t get to the root cause, you may get a little frustrated as to why things are taking so long to work. But if you want it to work faster with those affirmations, you want to get to the root cause you want to get to what, where you learn that to begin with, unpack it there, deconstruct it, let it go. run some forgiveness around it. Then when you run the affirmations, you’ll be running it on an empty canvas. You’re not trying to paint over something that’s already there.

Adam G. Force 13:22

Yeah, I love that you made me Yeah. So it’s, it’s much nicer when you put a tattoo on a blank piece of skin, not when you’re trying to do a cover up.

Wei Houng 13:30

That’s exactly right. Because you have a tattoo, so you get it right. Yeah.

Adam G. Force 13:36

made me think of that. It’s very powerful, very powerful. Now, I’m, I am someone who read the books, and I’ve done affirmations. But for me, I mean, honestly, I get on to a kick for a little bit, but then you like fade back into old habits. And you’re like, oh, why did I stop doing that? And it’s like, you do it and it feels good for a little bit. And as soon as you feel any, like, goodness from it, you’re like, all of a sudden, it’s like you got somewhere with it. And now you just fade back into old habits. Do you see that a lot with people?

Wei Houng 14:09

Yeah. And that’s a function of our culture, educating us or teaching us that the way to success is willpower and your ability to will yourself to success and that is such an arduous process I found over the years because I went through it myself as well. You know, I always talk about look at the salmon and they swim upstream. But we forget that salmon only do that right before they die. They don’t do it all their life. Most of the time they’re swimming with the current they’re not going against it. They’re going against it just so they can reproduce and then they die.

Adam G. Force 14:41

Yeah, it’s true

Wei Houng 14:42

And so what what I you know, through my my journey of understanding why is this so hard, I realized something is that we’ve been trained to use the part of our mind to achieve results. That is the least powerful out of the two aspects there. There are essentially two complete ponents of our mind, there’s the conscious mind and the unconscious mind. And there have been clinical trials done to test the power or the processing capability of each component, the conscious mind processes information, and they say about 7 million bits per second, which sounds like a lot, because that’s 7 million bits. As you’re scanning around looking at the room seeing what’s going on, what we don’t realize is the unconscious mind processes at 70 million bits per second, which is 10 times more powerful, which is why the unconscious mind is capable of continuously running our bodies, our endocrine system, our sweat glands, our ability to breathe, and blink and beat are heart that’s all governed by the unconscious mind because it has the processing power to do that. What we are doing is we’re not allowing the unkind word basically over tasking our conscious mind, we’re willing it to get to a certain point, and then we get burned out. And then we start to slip back into what we let the unconscious mind take over, because it’s more powerful. But the unconscious mind is still running those old programs. And that’s why we will ourselves to somebody Yes. And also, why is this happening again, is because the unconscious mind has yet to buy in to that new teaching that new learning because it’s still trying to run that old operating system, those old bad money stories of how money supposed to be.

Adam G. Force 16:17

Yeah, so tell me, I mean, and that’s, I think everybody right, so like, we all have certain blueprints that are, you know, created as we grow up. And as we get older, some people start to recognize them and others don’t, you know, like others just continue to keep on keepin on. And, you know, as as if you become an entrepreneur, there’s gonna be a point where you’re, you are trying to figure out well, how do I, you know, mature as an entrepreneur, and how do I take myself to that next step? And I think it always finds its way back to a mindset. Because it’s like you said, you have an operating system that’s kind of outdated. It’s kind of served its purpose, but it’s like you need to, you need to download the latest updates.

Wei Houng 17:02


Adam G. Force 17:04

Right? So I just want to ask, though, but tell me a little bit about because you got into that blueprint conversation, the root causes? I mean, how does someone start acknowledging and figuring out what those are? I know, you obviously have supported a lot of people to do this. Maybe you could take me through just a high level of what that looks like.

Wei Houng 17:24

Yeah, absolutely. Great question. Because, you know, here’s the thing. Why I love working with entrepreneurs is because, you know, one of the things as an entrepreneur, entrepreneur, entrepreneurs who have made it will figure out that in order for your business to grow as an entrepreneur, you have to grow. And this is why I love about working with truly dedicated entrepreneurs, because they know that in order for them to grow their business, to scale their business, to take their business to the next level, they have to invest not just in their business, that the highly invest in themselves as well into their own personal growth, because their business, their passion, is going to be an extension of themselves. And so one of the ways to uncover that is to be constantly in the inquiry of, to understanding yourself to Know thyself, as a Greek philosophers would often often say, since the beginning of Greek philosophy times, they would talk about Know thyself. And the reason is, because every human being that I found in the work that I’ve, that I’ve been doing thus far, it has a unique success, and money blueprint, no to humans, will make money the exact same way. Because the way you make money and create money flow, I would often say you have your own unique frequency of money flow. And to understand how to get to the root cause of bad you need to pull the veil back of what you came into this world with, as your unique what I like to call unique money vehicle. What are the behavior patterns that are naturally authentic to you? What are the things that drive you? What are the things that affect your communication style on how you learn and how you communicate with others? What is your alchemy of refinement, right, because if you buy into someone who has a high refinement, and you’re not designed that way, you’re more earthy, more organic, than trying to get those fancy toys and the fancy materialistic gains is not going to drive you however, there are those who can be motivated and driven that way. It’s different for every human being. And that’s why we use this patented human assessment technology that we have to help kind of disconnect people from the matrix so they can finally see themselves get the operating manual for themselves, to understand what it’s going to take to create the unique flow of success and money and prosperity and purpose in their lives. And if they don’t connect to that core part of them that came that they came into the world with. It’s always going to be a struggle because you’re trying to be like somebody else or you’re trying to make money like somebody else. But the thing is, everybody makes money. differently. And they may seem similar, but there’s very unique drivers in place that will distinguish one person from another even though they’re doing this employing the same strategies and tactics.

Adam G. Force 20:13

Yeah, I think that’s interesting, because they’re, it’s very common. And we see this a lot that entrepreneurs look to other companies that are doing well and want to copy them. Obviously, there’s a number of reasons why that’s not the best idea, because you don’t know really what the success is behind what they’re doing. And also, like you said, there’s, it’s like a certain fit for certain people. Right. And so it may not work the same for you. And there’s so many other factors as well. But I, I agree, I mean, that just, I see that happen a lot. And I’ve been down that road where you see and aspire to certain things. And you realize, wait a minute, why is that? So working so well for them? But but not me?


Right? Exactly. Exactly. And a lot of entrepreneurs, especially if they’re investing heavily in their business, will come to a certain point where they say, wait a minute, I think I need to and and this is part of the growth, you know, you, you realize, wait a minute, that my greatest investment and where I should invest most of my time, energy and even money is on myself. Yeah, that is what’s going to grow your business faster than anything else. That is what’s going to make your business more sustainable. And that is what’s going to help you make the greatest unique impact that is in alignment with your passion in alignment with your purpose more than anything else. Because if you just do a paint by numbers, ABC XYZ strategy that someone else did that worked for them. Yeah, what they’re not going to realize is Remember, we talked about most of its unconscious, so what most of what made it work for them worked on an unconscious level. And unless they invested heavily to elicit that from their unconscious mind, you’re only going to get a part of the equation. And the other part requires you to figure out how does that then fit with my unique model with the stories that run underneath? That’s things that are driving me on an unconscious level, both emotionally energetically and mentally. Across the board. Yeah, that’s what’s going to make the difference. That’s why I always tell people yeah, great model, the model, the strategy, model, the tactic, and then when you get a basic fundamental idea of how it works, start to lose your unique essence all over it, because all you got was the sticks and bricks in that moment. Now it’s time to make it yours. And when you do that, that’s when you make a difference in terms of utilizing what anybody else teaches you to take it to the next level.

Adam G. Force 22:33

Yeah, I love that. And that, and that is you get a model. But it’s like any sales funnel or tool or anything. What matters is like what you put in it, right? Like the message is the content and how you use it and stuff like that. So it’s just like, right, you know, it’s like having a car, we can all drive the car very differently. Now. You know, someone’s a wild man’s and then there’s a lady that goes 10 miles an hour.

Wei Houng 22:56

Yeah, totally. My cousin and I, both years ago, bought a Ducati, the same Ducati motorcycle each. And we were the same model, just different color. And then of course, I understood like, you know, these handmade Italian bikes, you’ve got to really drive them because they’re meant to drive hard and drive on a track. And so I did my cousin other hand, he kind of drove it very, like a civilian would drive it. Right. Right. One day, we decided to switch bikes, just to kind of see if there was a difference. And he goes, why is your bike so much faster? And I said, Why is your bike so sluggish? And I realized it was how he was driving it, versus how I was driving my motorcycle. And it created a created this custom experience that was uniquely my signature. And that’s I think what a lot of people are missing when you’re learning something new from you, or from me or from anybody else, is that at some point, you’re going to have to allow the tone, the frequency, the unconscious, unique, beautiful configuration of programs and stories that exist within you to then kind of like imprint it on to the sticks and bricks of what you’ve learned from somebody else.

Adam G. Force 24:06

Right. Right. Yeah, that’s a great little analogy. I liked I should use that a lot. It’s a good one. Yeah, so So tell me I guess what? I’m curious. Like, if someone works with you, what do they expect?

Wei Houng 24:29

It’s it’s pretty straightforward. Over the years, I’ve refined the process. So it’s very, you didn’t used to be that clear, used to be like, just show up and we’ll talk about things and have a breakthrough.

Adam G. Force 24:39

We all start their Wei. So anybody listening, your first iteration of anything, it should and will most likely not be ideal, but it just gets it gets to where Wei is now with starting there first.

Wei Houng 24:53

Right? Well, one of the first things we do is we I make sure every every student every client gets an offer. portunity to finally see themselves for what they are not who we use the word what. So that we could distinguish between what was nurtured into you that may or may not be working for you, versus what you are uniquely designed for. So we utilize our patented human assessment technology. And we basically give them a, an operating manual for themselves so they can see how they authentically are and what feeds them, what helps them thrive in this lifetime. From there we go deeper into really understanding what each of those components are, because it’s, it’s like a whole new language. If you met, if you remember from the movie matrix, when Neil was first disconnected, there was a, there was a little bit of like, what the heck is going on? Right? Yeah, it’s kind of like that. And so we take it step by step, then from there, we go into in the more one on one more intimate type of coaching, we then dive into what we like to call a breakthrough session, which is, I like to call it we take a sledgehammer to all the old programs inside you that no longer serve you get that out of the way, clear the debris, clear the floss and clear the roadway. So that when we take the speed limiter off your vehicle of success, you can go as fast as you want without running into something on the road, or worse yet and running into a wall. Right? Yeah. And then as soon as that’s done, then we then we go through the support of making sure if you’ve never driven 200 miles an hour before, and you’ve only driven by 80 miles per hour, well, there’s a little bit of learning that needs to happen is how do I drive at 200 miles an hour without killing myself? Yeah, and so we would go into the, you know, the ongoing coaching that way. And plus, as we continue to help you understand the intimate details of how to use your operating manual itself, to help you, you know, create success in what it is that you’re trying to do in this lifetime. And so that’s, that’s, that’s the core, you know, steps of the process so that, you know, that we’ve kind of whittled down kind of whittled down over the years as one of the most effective ways to get results. You know, you’re you’re increasing your money flow and optimizing a mindset, but more importantly, what’s happened, what’s, what’s that underlying secret mission is to unlock your unique code of happiness and success in this lifetime. Life Mastery.

Adam G. Force 27:24

Yeah, I mean, I love that. And I think that it’s, it’s, it is such an important part, as we’ve been talking about. So, you know, as you guys listen to two ways, you know, talking about I mean, this is, this is the kind of thing that I’ve been fussing around with for a long time. And I see over and over going, you know, into these like summits we were at in January, or you know, Caitlin’s mastermind program and stuff and right. Everybody’s, this is just something every entrepreneur goes through, because to your point, it’s just how we are historically programmed, we’re not really unless you grow up in an entrepreneurial family, and just like Rich Dad, Poor Dad, you grew up in the family with the Rich Dad, you’re just not programmed this way. And it’s gonna if you want to live your life a certain way, you’re going to have to figure out how to get oriented to where you are now and then figure out how to make the adjustments, right.

Wei Houng 28:17

Yeah, and it’s such an irony, because America was essentially built on entrepreneurship. Yeah, you know, and for some reason, it’s never taught to us really, as children growing up that that would be the way to as a as an adult, you know, as an option or as a venue to create a life for yourself. Now, for a long time, my parents really didn’t understand why I wouldn’t go work for somebody else. Yeah, I know. Yeah. That’s, and if we think about what all the pioneers of, of our country is in us anyway, because I’m sure your podcast reaches people all over the world. But if you think about it, everybody started off. I mean, all the pioneers were had their own business. Nobody, Wednesday, I’m going to go work for you. Right, we brought on help. But for the most part, every human being trying to make their way in the world chose entrepreneurship as a default, because what else were you gonna do?

Adam G. Force 29:15

Yeah, pretty much. And it’s true. And when you said that, we’re not taught that it you know, it made me think about Sir Ken Robinson, who recently passed away it was a big speaker on education, and he’s got the number one TED talk about how schools kill creativity. And you’re right, like he gets very clear on the fact of the matter is, schools were created during a certain time where we needed workers for industry and that is what school is based on. You know,

Wei Houng 29:42

It’s the Rockefellers

Adam G. Force 29:46

The Rockefellers, man. Yeah, I mean, it’s time for change. I mean, are there things like social entrepreneurship classes and entrepreneurial things? Yes, of course, like you can do those things and 90 and 90% of the time you just have professors who’ve never, ever done business before in their life trying to teach you something of a book.

Wei Houng 30:03

Right? Exactly. Theoretical entrepreneurship, right?

Adam G. Force 30:05

Yeah, great. But, you know, even guys like James Wedmore talk about how there’s a total 180 flip from the employee mindset to the entrepreneur mindset. And, you know, I, we had our conversation you and I, for your show. And, you know, we talked about my own issues, and we all go through this guy’s so as you’re listening to this, this is such an, I wanna, I just want everyone to take it very seriously. Because we get so excited right way about, you know, running the business, building the business, seeing it come to life, which gets into very tactical thinking, and like, I got to just build all this stuff. And, you know, like, we we will say, I’ll invest in programs about like myself development and things like that, when I’m successful. And I always look at someone saying, tisk, tisk, tisk, you got the horse? You got the cart before the horse, you know what I mean? Exactly.

Wei Houng 30:58

Yeah. Because the reality is right now, with social media, the way it is, you can literally Google some of the most amazing business tactics and strategies, and piece together everything you need to create a six figure or even seven figure business, what you won’t find in that journey, in a piecemeal format is a way to effectively and consistently get get you to grow on a personal level, which is what your business needs more than anything else, right to create sustainable, long term success and the ability to put your purpose out there and help as many people as possible. That’s it,

Adam G. Force 31:38

man, that’s 100% it, you get the right mindset, you tell the right stories, you’re off to a pretty good start.

Wei Houng 31:45

Yeah, yeah. And though it may not immediately give you that instant gratification, I think that’s the big thing is people are looking for that instant gratification. But that’s where we create the roller coaster effect of results. You know, I think we have to let make sure people understand that when you’re investing in yourself, you’ve got years and layers of stuff to kind of suss through, to reshape and just kind of like get out of the way. And so it may not be kind of an immediate thing. But in the long run, it’s an exponential growth opportunity that you’ll have by investing in yourself first, or maybe concurrently with everything else that you’re doing. Agreed.

Adam G. Force 32:23

I mean, well, that’s that the instant gratification is a factor to consider. Because people get so jacked up on Well, I had to pay the bills next month. And I get that that is like, I just hope people don’t quit their jobs before they are successful with a revenue channel in their business.

Wei Houng 32:40

Exactly. I mean, unless you’ve invested, I mean, we’ve had we’ve had that happen, but they but these are students who have really kind of committed themselves to understanding what it means to shift their but their money stories in a way where just simply allows money to flow in without attachment to how it comes in. And we see a lot of that happening. And they are making able to make that leap because they did that deep internal work around their bad monasteries, reengineering, eliminating the stress and worry so that money has an easier time just to come in. You know, most human beings when they struggle with money flow, it’s not the economy. It’s not politics, it’s not media, it’s literally themselves. They’re literally putting a block and dictating how money should come in. So that actually keeps money from wanting to come in, because money doesn’t care how it comes into your life. It just wants to come in. Yeah. But if we had these mental blocks around it, we’re not gonna let it in.

Adam G. Force 33:35

I still got mental blocks, I got to work out.

Wei Houng 33:38

We all do. I mean, well, as long as you were raised in a capitalistic world, you’re gonna have layers of blocks. Every level of growth, financial growth, but it’s so worth it when you finally get those blocks out of the way. Because when you do it, right, they don’t come back. And then you don’t have this roller coaster effect. And you can enjoy continuous growth every single time you do.

Adam G. Force 34:00

Right, exactly. It’s true. And it’s just and and the other thing and then we’ll wrap up here. It’s like, everything takes time. Like we have to stop thinking and even Gary Vee is out there saying it now he’s like, give it 1011 years and you might have a nice little business. He’s like, stop saying, I’m gonna be a millionaire before I’m 30. And all this other bullcrap. You know, it’s like, everybody wants it right away and breaking down your money mindset and really getting into more of an abundance mindset with money. It’s gonna take time, building a business, trying new ideas, different revenue channels, it all takes time. Like, you know, months go by when you’re testing these things out and doing all this work. And so if people would just give themselves a break, and realize, like, if you think it’s going to take a year, it’s probably going to take two years. I mean, just right, but like, like, I love Alan Watts, and one of my favorite quotes and I’m gonna just abbreviate this, but he talks about how The point of a song is not to get to the end, it’s to dance during the song. This is the dance. So enjoy the journey, right?

Wei Houng 35:07

Exactly. Enjoy the journey, enjoy the dance and just recognize the fact that so what if it takes one or two or three years if you’re doing the work that we’re talking about? that literally translates to 20 to 30? Maybe even a lifetime of struggle? eliminated in just what a handful of years?

Adam G. Force 35:24


Wei Houng 35:26

It’s the perspective that needs to be put in place there. So that way, you know, people don’t really think oh, it’s taking so long. It’s like, really, you just, I have one client, he’s a teenager kid that his mom said I need to work. And he is constantly in a rush because he’s His eyes are open now. He’s been disconnected from the matrix. And he’s getting frustrated five, six months in I said, Dude, you just you just shaved 20 years of guessing and seeking out of your life and you’re only 18 have a little patience with yourself

Adam G. Force 36:01

that’s a man, you see people do it all the time. Like oh, man, just it’s I get it. I do get where they’re coming from, but right.

Wei Houng 36:08

And they’re not dancing, and they’re not realize they’re in the song. The dance is there. I mean, they can dance now. Right? They can enjoy it now. But they’re so hell bent on this results driven society without realizing the results lie within every step of the way.

Adam G. Force 36:22

That’s it, man. You’re right. All right Wei, listen, how do people connect with you? What if they want to work with you and and take that next step in their own life? What do they do?

Wei Houng 36:32

Yeah, there’s a because of the depth of what we do, I always encourage people to there’s so much free content out there, like with my podcasts, or with the YouTube channel with hundreds of videos on there. But one of the best ways to go to the six figure academy.com and or you can go to go dot the six figure academy.com. And there’s an E book that talks about from money anxiety to six figure mastery. And when you go in there, it starts to introduce you into the world as a little e course that comes up, it’s all free to kind of introduce you to how profound this work can be. Because it’s not for everybody. And I’m not for everybody. Because I can get a little intense because I want to help people get results without with a minimal amount of time. And so I think one of the best ways to engage in the free resources and contents out there, there’s a ton of it. I think I even have a free masterclass that gets introduced as soon as you get the E book. So there’s so many different ways. I think that’s one of the best ways to kind of understand what it is that we do to help people not only increase your money flow, but completely change the paradigm of existence of happiness and success and create sustainable lifetime success.

Adam G. Force 37:40

Yeah, sounds amazing. So everybody listening, it’s the and then the number six, figure academy.com. So the six figure academy.com. And you can grab all kinds of good stuff in here. Get Wei’s masterclass is free download stuff like that, just to take those first steps, get acclimated, learn a little bit more about what was doing. And you could basically take it from there right away.

Wei Houng 38:06

Yep, absolutely. There’s so many different ways and all roads lead to me. And, you know, I’m not, I don’t not pay attention to emails and private messages or direct messages. So if you want to just reach out, I’m there I’m really easy to find you just do a google on me. I’m everywhere.

Adam G. Force 38:25

Awesome. Listen, I appreciate your time today and just sharing your insights and your stories. So we will stay connected man have a great rest of your day.

Wei Houng 38:34

Yeah, thank you so much. I appreciate you letting me kind of help you, you know with your purpose and your audience. Really good stuff that you’re doing here. Really appreciate it. Thanks. Appreciate it, man. Take care.

Adam G. Force 38:45

Thanks for tuning into the Change Creator podcast. Visit us at Change creator.com forward slash go big to get access to free downloads and other great resources that will drive your business forward.

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